16:51 pcercuei: sravn: want to hear something funny?
16:52 pcercuei: echo 1 > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/blank
16:52 pcercuei: disables my panel's backlight
16:52 pcercuei: but drm_panel_disable() is never called
17:16 sravn: pcercuei: yeah, but I think this is also what we want.
17:16 sravn: When we blank a panel we do not want to disable it - disable may be something else
17:17 sravn: The panel will see backlight_update_status() called and backlight_get_brightness() returs 0 which will cause some panels to do something special to blank
17:20 pcercuei: for years now I've been blanking the screen thinking that it'd power off the display
17:22 sravn: pcercuei: re the patch posted, should ingenic_drm_resume not return the return value from drm_mode_config_helper_resume()?
17:25 pcercuei: I copied that from another driver, I guess that other driver was wrong too
17:26 pcercuei: I can fix inplace when I apply :)
17:26 pcercuei: btw - there's another patchset on ingenic-drm waiting for review
17:52 sravn: Yeah, together with a few others. Escaped from all that and did some W=1 warnings removal patches - nice to produce some patches. They could use a review - hint!
17:53 sravn: Will get back to the ingenic-drm stuff in a few days
17:53 sravn: Unless someone beats me, which would be nice