06:42 sravn: pinchartl: Thanks for the review. One of my spelling errors made my day (s/bride/bridge) :-)
06:42 sravn: Will re-spin all patches and adress all your good feedback
09:53 karolherbst: I thought I saw it all, but this is something.. comparing ints: 0 != memcmp(result, &max_textures, sizeof(max_textures)
13:59 pinchartl: sravn: up to you, but for me kernel development is easier than wedding planning services :-)
15:38 sravn: pinchartl: right - :-)
15:50 MrCooper: dcbaker[m]: that's the thing — according to meson configure, valid values for dri3 are auto/true/false, so trying to set it to "enabled" as suggested fails
15:52 dcbaker[m]: MrCooper: enabled and disabled are in meson_options.txt, maybe meson --reconfigure?
15:53 dcbaker[m]: Actually, come to think of it, I think this is a bug that suggestions reported recently
15:54 dcbaker[m]: New options are picked up on reconfigure, but new values to existing options are not
15:57 dcbaker[m]: Wow autocorrect butchered that, there an opened issue about this, you have to use --wipe for the new choices to be picked up
16:03 MrCooper: that did the trick, thanks!
16:04 MrCooper: might be better to wait for that meson issue to be fixed before completely dropping the old supported values
16:07 dcbaker[m]: MrCooper: when we drop the old values we'll change the type to a feature, i wonder if changing the type gets picked up
16:08 MrCooper: fingers crossed :)
17:50 pcercuei: What's the place to report bugs on libdrm?
17:51 pcercuei: Nevermind. It's Mesa's gitlab repo.
17:51 pcercuei: I thought it was separate
17:52 mattst88: pcercuei: yeah, in https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/drm/
22:02 linkmauve: Hi, current master fails to build in softpipe, it seems to trigger an ICE in gcc.
22:02 linkmauve: Do you know if it’s been reported already?
22:03 linkmauve: Uh, why does Nine require softpipe? :/
22:04 linkmauve: Hmm… “OSMesa gallium requires gallium softpipe or llvmpipe.”
22:05 imirkin: i saw robclark report it in #freedreno...
22:05 dcbaker[m]: Nine has always required those AFAIK
22:05 linkmauve: I guess I didn’t need a software backend anyway, nor d3d9 support or osmesa. :-°
22:06 linkmauve: “Net Upgrade Size: -120.27 MiB”, woah!
22:06 linkmauve: dcbaker[m], do you know why?
22:06 robclark: fwiw, the softpipe build crashing gcc thing, only seems to happen w/ release builds.. debug builds are ok.. (and this is on fedora rawhid, so maybe slightly bleeding edge gcc)
22:07 airlied: robclark: also f32
22:07 linkmauve: Also ArchLinux (btw I use Arch).
22:07 robclark: ahh, ok.. so I'm in good company
22:07 linkmauve: ^^
22:07 dcbaker[m]: linkmauve: no idea, I just ported it from autotools to meson
22:08 airlied: someone bisected to a mesa commit
22:08 airlied: we should revert that for now of someone can locate
22:08 robclark: I didn't try to bisect.. but couldn't have been more than ~1wk window since I last rebase
22:09 airlied: gcc fixes can take a week or two
22:09 robclark: yeah, revert sgtm
22:09 airlied: robclark: pretty sure someone mentioned it in here
22:09 airlied: but im not in a spot to find it
22:09 airlied: but maybe it was on a gitlab issue
22:10 airlied: i was going to deal with it tomorrow when i get to work
22:10 robclark: could be.. I tend to read like 10% of #dri-devel scrollback
22:11 robclark: anyways, debug build isn't a problem for now, so I'm not blocked
22:11 linkmauve: dcbaker[m], I just built nine without swrast gallium, it didn’t fail to build or anything, now I’ll try to run it.
22:12 dcbaker[m]: It may well be a legacy restriction that wasn't removed
22:12 linkmauve: robclark, how do I know whether I’m using a release or a debug build? (I guess the former if I encountered this bug.)
22:12 linkmauve: dcbaker[m], I’ll make a MR if it works fine.
22:12 robclark: linkmauve: the --buildtype arg to meson
22:13 linkmauve: robclark, hmm, the AUR package is passing plain to it.
22:13 airlied: linkmauve: i thunk d3d9 has a swrast path
22:14 robclark:finally go all the way through a skia skqp on linux run.. which was more painful than expected when I started a couple days ago
22:15 linkmauve: How do I know whether I’m using nine or not? It seems to work.
22:16 linkmauve: airlied, that should be fine if it’s optional.
22:23 orbea: linkmauve: this might help https://github.com/axeldavy/Xnine
22:24 linkmauve: Hmm, it segfaults in 0x00007ffff713577e in iris_bo_map (dbg=dbg@entry=0x0, bo=0x0, flags=flags@entry=2) at ../src/gallium/drivers/iris/iris_bufmgr.c:1209
22:25 linkmauve: From NineDevice9_ctor().
22:25 orbea: huh, maybe it was never fixed for iris...
22:25 orbea: with wine it should print its using nine in stdout with wine-nine-standalone
22:26 orbea: the dialog to enable it should also test if it works, but I'm not sure to what level.
22:27 linkmauve: Hmm, this codepath in iris can only ever trigger a segfault. oO
22:27 linkmauve: pool->bo is initialised to NULL, and never changed before being dereferenced.
22:28 linkmauve: orbea, ninewinecfg.exe does tell me that it’s enabled, but I see no change in-game (as expected), and I don’t think I have any d3d9 game that would be CPU-limited here, to really see a change.
22:32 orbea: tales of zestiria uses nine and is very slow in some of the mid game field maps, I'm not sure where the bottleneck is though
22:32 orbea: but most nine games are older than that.
22:33 linkmauve: I tested Touhou and it runs.
22:34 linkmauve: Hmm, actually it uses /usr/lib32/wine/d3d8.dll.so and not d3d9.
22:35 linkmauve: #fail
22:35 orbea: you could try d3d8to9...
22:35 orbea: https://github.com/crosire/d3d8to9
22:35 linkmauve: Touhou 11 does work, and it gets rendered off-canvas. :D
22:35 orbea: stdout will print its using gallium nine rather conspicously
22:37 linkmauve: Works fine when I disable nine, and it doesn’t print the green message you’re talking about anymore, so I can confirm I was running it, thanks!
22:39 linkmauve: https://linkmauve.fr/files/wayland-screenshot-2020-07-12_00-36-08.png
22:52 linkmauve: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/issues/3263
22:57 orbea: this may help with the debugging https://github.com/iXit/wine-nine-standalone/wiki/apitrace
22:58 linkmauve: Oh, Xnine’s triangle_c and triangle_cpp examples segfault just after “nine:drm_create_adapter Couldn't wrap drm screen to swrast screen. Software devices will be unavailable.”
22:58 linkmauve: It *might* be related. :)
22:59 orbea: heh
22:59 ccr: the plot thickens.
22:59 linkmauve: alloc_fresh_bo() is where the allocation fails.
23:00 bnieuwenhuizen: robclark: how did you get skqp to compile and run on linux?
23:02 linkmauve: gen_ioctl(bufmgr->fd, DRM_IOCTL_I915_GEM_CREATE, &create) != 0 is what fails.
23:03 linkmauve: bufmgr->fd is 0 at this point, but that’s stdin according to lsof. :/
23:04 linkmauve: Its refcount is 0 too.
23:06 robclark: bnieuwenhuizen: by hitting it with a hammer repeatedly.. I put some notes in https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/issues/3262
23:07 robclark: I'm a bit skeptical about some of the things it claims are 'Pass'.. so I might have hit it too hard with the hammer