04:35 buckley310: alright, so the two days i spent debugging this mesa crash issue seem to have been pointless because when i deleted my ~/.cache/ folder the issue disappeared O_o
04:36 buckley310: So im not that knowlegable about shaders, but is this a known phenomenon where shaders compiled for one version of mesa crash later versions?
04:36 imirkin: no
04:37 imirkin: the mesa build version is part of the cache key
04:37 buckley310: huh.
04:37 imirkin: unless you're building mesa weird somehow
04:37 buckley310: can i inspect the shader cache to see what the cache keys look like?
04:38 buckley310: my distro is doing the heavy lifting, so im not sure if its "weird" or not
04:39 buckley310: i mean they do lots of stuff weird, so i wouldnt be surprised ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
04:42 buckley310: actually you know what, i know theres some issue with it... because i compiled mesa 20.0.8 and 20.0.7 and they both crashed, but after deleting the cache folder 20.0.7 works
04:50 jpark: bnieuwenhuizen: is RADV_SECURE_COMPILE_THREADS supposed to be stable? seems to assert/crash if set to nonzero.
13:00 EdB: jvesely: Thanks for the clover/opencl tagging on mesa issues
13:26 jekstrand: Is there a way to tell meson to parse CMake config files? I've got a library that's already packaged for a lot of Linux distros but which only installs CMake dependency files, not pkg-config. :-(
13:31 EdB: jekstrand: I think mesa did that. Not sure but there is this comment : In meson 0.51.0 we can use cmake to find LLVM in addittion to meson's
13:32 jekstrand: Hrm... Looks like maybe just using dependency() is enough?
13:33 jekstrand: I'll give it a try, I guess.
13:54 any1: anyone know about a header file somewhere with mapping between pixman pixel format and fourcc?
14:14 daniels: jekstrand: yes, dependency() does CMake
14:15 daniels: any1: https://github.com/afrantzis/pixel-format-guide has a CLI tool and there's also an attached online page
14:16 jekstrand: daniels: Looks like it doesn't handle some cases
14:16 jekstrand: In particular, projects that fail to find unless you specify a version
14:16 jekstrand: Or maybe I haven't figured out the right invocation yet
14:16 any1: daniels: thanks!
14:17 daniels: it very much doesn't handle all cases. you might have more luck by explicitly forcing a version and perhaps also using configtool variable queries rather than looking for libs etc
14:17 daniels: or just submitting a patch to make whatever it is install a pkg-config file
14:18 jekstrand: daniels: Yeah, the last option might be a good choice, honestly
14:18 jekstrand: The problem is that find_package(thing 3.0 REQUIRED) works in cmake but not find_package(thing REQUIRED)
14:18 jekstrand: That seems like a case meson ought to be able to handle
14:21 daniels: probably - it's pretty much only been made to work case by case, not with full generality for everything - but CMake is so YOLO freeform that the latter is more or less impossible
14:21 jekstrand: Yup
14:21 daniels: you're trying to divine fixed meaning from random chunks of Turing-complete misc
14:22 jekstrand: Let's see what happens if I ask for pkg-config
14:22 jekstrand: I mean, it shouldn't be *that* hard for meson to plumb through the version. I could probably write that code
14:22 jekstrand: But, also, cmake is dumb
14:25 daniels: this isn't spv is it?
14:25 jekstrand: no
14:25 jekstrand: Don't get me started on the spirv-tools build system!
14:25 daniels: hopefully they might even ship a shared library soon
14:25 daniels: haha
14:26 daniels: if it's any consolation, I had to build the CL CTS recently; worse, also run it
14:28 jekstrand: Ok, hacky line of meson written. Time to think about how to do it non-hackily
14:48 jekstrand:also made a meson PR: https://github.com/mesonbuild/meson/pull/7361
14:48 gitbot: mesonbuild issue (Pull request) 7361 in meson "Handle cmake dependencies which require a specified version" [Open]
14:48 jekstrand: We'll see which one happens first. :-)
16:13 linkmauve: q66, are you aware of this btw? https://github.com/afrantzis/pixel-format-guide
16:14 linkmauve: It might help you with BE stuff.
20:52 bnieuwenhuizen: jpark: it is only supported with stuff like fossilize that only does compiles
23:02 jpark: bnieuwenhuizen: ah, that makes sense. i was using vkcube.
23:31 bnieuwenhuizen: jpark: yeah don't expect pipelines that have been compiled to be usable. It primarily primes the cache