08:24 AndrewR: while compiling today's mesa: "../src/intel/vulkan/anv_gem.c:31:10: fatal error: 'linux/sync_file.h' file not found" Looks like my kernel headers are outdated .... (found this in google: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/wayland/weston/commit/e39eb8f896f9640cf731715ccba64bad26556f4d - "libweston: Add check and fallback for linux/sync_file.h")
08:48 AndrewR: https://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/commit/?id=abf8aed68047c1fa4d28e92a1aa2ccf74e0be5dc - mystery solved (anyway, I think 5.4 headers from slackware -current fixed my build problem - previous package was with 4.4 headers)
12:10 mripard_: airlied: no, I just sent it as usual :/
12:11 mripard_: is it just patchwork that doesn't have it ?
12:11 mripard_: (did you receive it still?)
14:13 MrCooper: bnieuwen1uizen: always check the "Allow [...] with access to the target branch" box in MRs
14:36 bnieuwenhuizen: MrCooper: hmm, where did I forget?
14:36 MrCooper: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/merge_requests/4859
14:37 bnieuwenhuizen: weird, marge-bot seemed to work
14:49 MrCooper: maybe you have access to your Mesa project branches to Marge specifically, or Mesa maintainers in general?
14:49 MrCooper: s/have/gave/
14:59 bnieuwenhuizen: no
15:19 MrCooper: bnieuwenhuizen: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/merge_requests/4816 shows it as checked, and correspondingly I'm able to manipulate CI jobs there
15:20 MrCooper: both in contrast to the former
15:21 MrCooper: (FWIW, it can always be checked / changed in the MR's settings by clicking the Edit button)
15:30 bnieuwenhuizen: MrCooper: I'm fully aware of the preference and tend to set it (clearly forgot in that MR ....), just surprised that there were no errors with Marge
15:46 anholt: marge is a gitlab admin, fwiw
16:25 MrCooper: ah, that would explain it :)
19:36 airlied: mripard_: yeah wierdly I got it, adn intel-gfx patchwork had it
19:39 pcercuei: modetest doesn't support 3-plane YUV modes?
19:44 imirkin: probably not - easy enough to add though
19:45 imirkin: is there hw which supports 3-plane YUV formats?
19:46 pcercuei: I'm adding support for one, yes
19:50 pcercuei: Looks like it does support DRM_FORMAT_YUV420, I can test with that in the meantime
19:50 imirkin: you see all those pack functions, right? just add whatever other ones you need
19:53 dj-death: where is dri_interface.h maintained?
19:54 imirkin: mesa, i believe
19:54 dj-death: I would like to add a capability flag saying that gem handles extracted from the underlying driver are the responsability of the upper layer (i.e. GBM/DRI code should make sure to close them when the associated GBM_BO is destroyed
19:55 dj-death: imirkin: cool, thanks
19:55 imirkin: (which is also where gbm lives)
19:55 dj-death: nice
20:59 Vanfanel: A question: Is it a "secure" to call drmModePageFlip() several times without waiting for vsync? (I mean, without waiting for confirmation of the flips)
21:18 MrBIOS: imirkin you around by chance?
22:15 dankcushions: hi! is this v3d issue with the saving of uniform/attributes known? https://github.com/libretro/flycast/blob/master/core/rend/gles/gles.cpp#L381-L394 - am not knowledgeable enough to locate/write a sensible issue!
22:52 imirkin: MrBIOS: i am now, but you're not. in the future, you can just say whatever and i'll read it later.