01:08 Lightsword: anyone know what might be causing "[drm:vc4_hdmi_bind] *ERROR* Failed to get pixel clock" on a raspberry pi 3 in dmesg?
05:34 arora: jekstrand: Can you share the invite link for khronosdevs slack workspace?
05:50 arora: Hey airlied, are you part of the khronosdevs slack?
07:25 arora: jekstrand: Can you share the invite link for khronosdevs slack workspace?
16:44 arora: jekstrand: Hey, what's the slack invite link for khronosdevs?
16:49 pendingchaos: arora: I think this is what you want: https://www.khronos.org/news/permalink/khronos-developer-slack-5bfc62eb261764.20435008 ?
16:58 arora: Thanks pendingchaos
17:50 Venemo: arora: I recommend you to either set up an IRC bouncer, or just keep your IRC client connected. usually IRC is very asynchronous so it is possible that the people you are asking only reply a half a day later, or more if they are in a different timezone. also, IRC traffic is usually lower during the weekend.
17:52 imirkin: also logs are available at https://people.freedesktop.org/~cbrill/dri-log/index.php
17:55 arora: imirkin: oh wow, thanks for the logs.
17:56 arora: Venemo: Ok, I will look into setting up an IRC bouncer.
17:58 Venemo: arora: if you can't be always connected, sometimes it's worth to check the log to see if you got a reply while ypu were offline :P
17:59 arora: Oh yeah, reading the logs made me realize I missed so much of the chats xD ... in my defence, I didn't know logs existed until now
18:00 imirkin: yeah, iirc it was in the chan topic
18:00 imirkin: maybe never in this chan though
18:01 imirkin: (definitely not there now)
18:01 arora: haha, I rechecked
19:45 sravn: mripard_: can we rebase drm-misc-next to drm-misc-next-fixes? Needed to apply fix to panel-dpi.yaml
19:59 pinchartl: sravn: do you mean merge ?
20:12 sravn: pinchartl, mripard_ : yep, merge ofc.
20:19 mauz555: hello I installed 'mesa' but a specific header is missing when Im compiling my program: <EGL/eglmesaext.h> any idea ?
20:36 kisak: hi mauz555, https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/mutter/issues/876 may help
20:36 gitbot: GNOME issue 876 in mutter "Missing include of eglmesaext.h" [Closed]
20:36 imirkin: mauz555: is that a published header?
20:36 imirkin: huh, so it is.
20:50 emersion: tbh maybe it shouldn't
20:51 orbea: mauz555: does your mesa package even contain that header?
21:12 mauz555: orbea: im using yocto to build an image. Im now sure its not directly related to mesa but to the build system messing with header files
21:17 orbea: idk anything about yocto, but I think either you are missing the header or the include path.
22:56 mareko: anholt`: freedreno fails CI too often: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mareko/mesa/-/jobs/2009941
22:56 mareko: robclark: ^
22:58 robclark: we should maybe FD_MESA_DEBUG=noubwc for CI, I think..
23:09 chrisf: what's the current position on symbol leakage out of the llvm-using drivers? i remember a big fuss about this back in ~2012
23:13 mareko: chrisf: indifference