02:01 MaxLeiter: hi, ninja install w/ a destdir doesn't properly change the custom install scripts
02:01 MaxLeiter: is there a different method for creating packages?
02:01 MaxLeiter: nvm, it was my fault
02:03 imirkin: you can have a look at how the gentoo ebuild does it
02:03 imirkin: gentoo normally "installs" to a random destdir, and then moves it into place on the system later.
02:10 MaxLeiter: thanks imirkin ill check it out
03:19 heftig: drm-tip contains a commit (ad5f2fce844e4fc42c58e67662ec9e30e24115af) from 2017 that's also marked for stable but not in linus tree
03:19 heftig: was that one resubmitted?
16:27 MrCooper: anholt robclark: looks like there are no mesa-cheza runners active ATM?