04:32 ascent12: I'm trying to port the udl driver (usb displaylink) to atomic modesetting using all of the drm helpers. I also am trying to use drm_gem_shmem_helper instead of the custom thing it was doing before. Does anybody know why the performance gets significantly worse from this commit: https://github.com/ascent12/linux/commit/a1ce8535ffb6dc2a4cafd30fa7626da2bfded6a5 ? I can't seem to figure out what it's doing different previously that the shmem helper is not.
08:38 sravn: ascent12: Thomas Zimmermann has done a ton of work on udl lately. I dunno if he is on irc. Maybe try asking on dri-devel and copy Thomas on the Q
08:47 ascent12: sravn: Oh cool, I can see he's already done patches for a bunch of stuff I wanted to do.
09:00 daniels: ascent12: different cache flags?
15:26 FurretUber: Hi, there are some bugs with Intel GPUs on the Ubuntu's Linux kernel which are fixed on drm-tip. How could I find which commit(s) were the responsible for fixing the bugs? Bisecting drm-tip would work?
21:01 airlied: Lyude: a oled backlight patch for dc on amdgfx might be useful to look at if you havent seen it