13:34 ishitatsuyuki: I looked at how DRI permissions work and it seems the current master system is pretty much flawed? Are there proposals to fix it?
13:40 imirkin: maybe try to understand what it was trying to achieve before declaring it flawed?
13:41 ishitatsuyuki: Primary issues are that it's racy (first come first served) and implicit gained masters cannot be dropped
13:42 ishitatsuyuki: It doesn't really provide safety nets and a malfunctioning compositor will directly result in unresponsive system
13:50 pq: ishitatsuyuki, racy and cannot drop, yes, but what do you mean by safety nets or unresponsive?
13:52 ishitatsuyuki: As dropping master is the compositor's job, if it locks up you won't be able to switch VTs AFAIK
13:52 pq: ishitatsuyuki, first open becoming automatically master was maybe a mistake in hindsight, but that cannot be taken away now as there are programs/setups depending on it.
13:52 pq: ishitatsuyuki, no, DRM master is irrelevant to VT switching.
13:53 ishitatsuyuki: Switching a VT still implies a mode switch, so does the kernel have priority in those cases?
13:53 bnieuwenhuizen: pq: how does input work for VT switching? I thought the compositor generally takes over input to the point you might not be able to trigger a switch?
13:54 ishitatsuyuki: maybe I was dumb and forgot that X also take over the input mode
13:54 pq: bnieuwenhuizen, that's correct. The compositors disabled the kernel/tty VT-switch hotkeys.
13:54 ishitatsuyuki: OK I see.
13:54 bnieuwenhuizen: in which case it is hard to get out of a broken compositor :)
13:55 ascent12: The joys of crashing your compositor to the point input doesn't work, and you can't even VT switch away to fix it.
13:55 pq: ishitatsuyuki, if you VT-switch to a VT where fbcon is active and in control, then kernel will probably reset KMS state. How stuck DRM-master affects that, I don't know.
13:56 ishitatsuyuki: thanks, I guess I'll dig source for it
13:56 pq: yeah, all compositor devs pretty much have some kind of remote access to rescue.
13:57 imirkin: another fun mistake to avoid - attaching with gdb to X from an xterm in said X server...
13:58 pq: heh, yup, works with any display server
15:10 bl4ckb0ne: is shader compilation supported for GLES2?
15:10 bl4ckb0ne: I have this error `Mesa: User error: GL_INVALID_OPERATION in unsupported function called (unsupported extension or deprecated function?)`
15:11 bl4ckb0ne: when I call `glCompileShader`
15:17 imirkin: sounds like you're doing something wrong -- glCompileShader should be in ES2
15:18 bl4ckb0ne: GL_COMPILE_STATUS is GL_FALSE
15:18 bl4ckb0ne: but the error log is 0
15:21 imirkin: i mean you're doing something wrong when you're selecting the context or something
15:22 bl4ckb0ne: my code is here https://git.sr.ht/~bl4ckb0ne/egl_playground/tree/master/framebuffer/framebuffer.c
15:26 bl4ckb0ne: might be a leftover from the SDL2, it makes an EGL context before I hijack it
15:27 imirkin: EGL_OPENGL_ES_BIT -- is that right?
15:27 imirkin: i would have imagined there'd be a ES2_BIT
15:27 imirkin: ah no, apparently ES_BIT is right. weird.
15:29 bl4ckb0ne: https://www.khronos.org/registry/EGL/sdk/docs/man/html/eglChooseConfig.xhtml
15:29 bl4ckb0ne: it is ES2_BIT
15:29 imirkin: aha - no - you are supposed to use ES2_BIT
15:29 bl4ckb0ne: but no change
15:30 imirkin: what does it print for GL_VERSION?
15:30 bl4ckb0ne: > OpenGL ES-CM 1.1 Mesa 19.3.2
15:30 imirkin: aha - so you do get ES 1.1
15:30 imirkin: you need ES2
15:31 bl4ckb0ne: maybe im missing a context attribute
15:31 imirkin: until that prints a version like 2.x or 3.x, glCompileShader won't work
15:32 bl4ckb0ne: that explains so many things
15:33 imirkin: i think EGL_CONFORMATN is wrong
15:33 imirkin: you want like EGL_CONTEXT_MAJOR_VERSION
15:34 imirkin: er, probably not the latter. that's for compat vs core
16:34 bl4ckb0ne: > OpenGL ES 3.0 Mesa 19.3.2
16:34 bl4ckb0ne: imirkin: got it to work
16:34 bl4ckb0ne: > 0:1(1): error: syntax error, unexpected NEW_IDENTIFIER
16:34 bl4ckb0ne: and a proper shader error
16:34 bl4ckb0ne: thanks!
16:53 imirkin: yay!
21:30 airlied: anyone wanna throw a trivial ack at https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/merge_requests/3571
21:30 gitbot: Mesa issue (Merge request) 3571 in mesa "gallivm/nir: add missing break for isub." [Gallium, Llvmpipe, Opened]