17:24 okias: Nice, nine is still alive :)
17:24 okias: Does anyone use it time to time?
17:30 okias: Also Hi sarnex and iive
17:57 orbea: okias: yes i use it for d3d9 when i can
18:03 okias: cool, do anyone has idea what I (or who wrote that) meant by we have dedicated apitrace server space? :D
18:08 orbea: i think there is a place to store apitrace traces for testing d3d9 issues
18:08 orbea: maybe dhewg knows more?
21:36 iive: there was an ftp server
21:37 iive: let me check if it still works
21:38 iive: the password might have been changed.
21:39 iive: I think the server was hosted by sarnex , so you should ask him.
21:39 sarnex: glad to hear from you guys again
21:40 sarnex: yeah it was a ftp server i ran to store d3d traces
21:40 sarnex: i dont think its up anymore