18:21 iive: mannerov, you might want to register this channel in liberta.chat too.
18:22 orbea: iive: mannerov: all of the mesa chanels moved to oftc
18:22 orbea: probably good to mirror their choice
18:23 orbea: all or most*
18:23 iive: there is some commotion with freenode ownership and the old admins left and created new irc network.
18:23 iive: orbea, what is oftc?
18:24 orbea: https://www.oftc.net/
18:24 orbea: #dri-devel, #radeon, #nouveau, #xorg-devel are all there
18:24 orbea: i imagine more too ofc
18:24 orbea: llvm has already been there too
18:28 iive: that's... such a headache... now they are in all 3 different networks at the same time
18:30 orbea: yea, its a pain