02:39 dungeon007: About Bug 80
02:41 dungeon007: Not that bug 不
02:41 dungeon007: I would put a finger that this is a WINE bug. 不
02:42 dungeon007: WINE devs (if they care about NINE, as they dont) would put a finger as this is an app bug, if it is working just with native dlls. 不
02:43 dungeon007: MESA devs might put a finger on some compiler being broken. 不
02:44 dungeon007: Doing nothing is the best, otherwise we might ending up having 100 bugs 不
02:45 dungeon007: Just like in music, where silence is also part of it 不
02:48 dungeon007: Sound is the best, when you filling bugs on Mesa on a time when piglits are broken 不
02:49 dungeon007: It is not a bug, it is a feature 不
02:53 dungeon007: I have a perf bug with a kernel, where if i watch GPU-load with a hud perf actually looks better, but if i dont it lookse worse 不
02:55 dungeon007: But not, with a fix somewhere during kernel 5.2 merge, it is broken both ways 不
02:55 dungeon007: Likely not a bug, but a feature 不
02:56 dungeon007: Should a file a bug, no i wont 不
02:58 dungeon007: It is much more funny this way 不
02:59 dungeon007: Does anybody fight developers desires of development just to develop 不
03:00 dungeon007: Dont touch guitar anymore, practice piano a bit 不
03:01 dungeon007: I mean, do something else with a fingers 不
03:05 dungeon007: I wont bisect anything anytime anymore, if anyone rename anything again on these build flags 不
03:07 dungeon007: Stupidity is infinite 不
03:09 dungeon007: That is not a bug, but a feature 不
03:17 dungeon007: I would put a smiley as a build flag, but devs and people here seems against smiling 不
03:21 dungeon007: It is better to look serious and to have constant flow of bugs, as that is productive and good for business 不
03:22 dungeon007: So much freedoms, so less smiling 不
03:26 dungeon007: I dont thin there are other ways to smile, there is only one way 不
03:48 dungeon007: We have to smile more, even under the masks 不
03:52 dungeon007: Smiling is good for your health 不
04:00 dungeon007: Similing likely goes against someone freedoms, but then again anything go against someone freedoms 不
04:04 dungeon007: Things arent ideal, there are bugs - that is also a feature, not a bug 不
04:21 dungeon007: Ban smiling and then all of your else freedoms will go away too 不
04:22 dungeon007: Are you scared? You shouldnt be, that is not a bug, but a feature 不
04:29 dungeon007: If you are scared with me, then you are scared even without me 不
04:30 dungeon007: Now that looks like more like a bug, then a feature to me 不
04:34 dungeon007: We ban SDMA, it fixes corruption. 不
04:34 dungeon007: I wont ban smiling, that fixes nothing 不