00:08 dungeon007: He, he, assumption was actually correct, as they were talking about 0-4% difference... on OpenGL.
00:09 dungeon007: And that is true, as there is no difference SDMA on and off even on Rove bench if i run it on OpenGL or Vulkan.
00:09 dungeon007: Only NINE shows the difference there ;)
00:09 dungeon007: Now, do they care about this? I dont think so. So, i wont open a bug on this, it is better that way.
00:10 dungeon007: I mean "better", as i would likely run Rove bench at 320x200 resolution to show them even up to 30% difference, just on SDMA on or off 不
00:11 dungeon007: 320x200, just because they dont go into detail when advertised these 0-4%, was that at 8K or what? 不 So i wont too.
00:12 dungeon007: That is how friendhip works... as when someone behave like a cow, then i behave like double cow 不
00:23 iive: they do care
00:24 iive: I do remember that sdma was used to fix a speed slowdown on starcraft2 over thunderbolt connection, or something...
00:24 iive: using nine.
00:46 dungeon007: Tell them to run Rove bench on 8K, i dont have such monitor to prove scalability... who knows, could be that perf dissapears with SDMA on somewhere up there in the sky 不
04:50 dungeon007: "they do care" Believe me, when it comes to performance - they dont 不
04:50 dungeon007: And not only about SDMA and not just only on mesa... and not only them 不
04:53 dungeon007: I have to file bugs in all projects, mesa, kernel, wine... and how about - no thanks 不
04:55 dungeon007: Regeression bugs constantly and everywhere, that is too much for me 不 They dont care, that is how it is.
05:10 dungeon007: Fun for developers, PITA for users as always was 不
05:13 dungeon007: Where developers have too much fun, i can be sure in one thing - PITA is on the other side 不
05:19 dungeon007: And for the matter of fact - SDMA is not a bug, it is removed 不 That is how you fix things, just remove it, add FC16, break SSE, remove, add... and now i am crazzy to go after that, how about no 不
05:21 dungeon007: Add whatever you want, remove whatever you want, cos who cares? No one! And they dont among the first 不
05:35 dungeon007: Jump first on SSE enablemant, on something that does not really work most of the time during development... all that is fun, that is why i laugh so much 不
05:36 dungeon007: And if it is working right everybody would move away from it, cos there is no fun in it anymore 不
05:40 dungeon007: You had to have bugs comming, otherwise there wont be fun 不
05:45 dungeon007: And the best thing one can do to make sure bugs are comming is to relase crap, many times and more often, constant crap 不
06:14 dungeon007: Even this covid19 reminds me on Windows viruses, constant crap about that to keep you interested 不
06:30 dungeon007: Bugs have to come to get us, dead or alive. Instead to want less bugs, we wont more. That is incredible nature, crazy and beutuful at the same time 不
06:41 dungeon007: Not sure why i am finding bugs all the time, probably cos this distro is rolling bugs somewhat or what 不
06:44 dungeon007: Yep, it rolls bugs 不 But it is not quilty of such nature, i wanted to install it.
06:45 dungeon007: Either there are no bugs or i am the one with the bug... now that is interesting. 不
06:48 dungeon007: But i searched for the bugs, so that must be it, that is why i find them 不
06:56 dungeon007: Bugs, bugzilla... that zilla is what? 不 Bug tracking system, ah. So it tracking me, as a bug or what 不
06:57 dungeon007: I am the bug, that is it. 不
06:58 dungeon007: And dont have bug and dont have to file bug, i am the bug, yes 不
07:00 dungeon007: Or maybe just my system have a bug 不
07:00 dungeon007: Not sure if i am born with it or it just comes from somewhere 不
07:02 dhewg: sorry for the monologue breaker, I just wanted to add that there's more than one unicode smiley
07:05 dungeon007: Sure, there is not only one bug there are many bugs 不
07:08 dungeon007: I mean smiley, but that is also a bug that have to be fixed too. Cos it is never just one, there are always more 不
07:09 dungeon007: I think i will keep just one, that is enogh for me at the time 不
07:15 dungeon007: One bug per bug file, please 不
07:16 dungeon007: Keep only one bug and keep your mind only on it 不
07:18 dungeon007: Bug can be fixed in various ways, but usually it disappear or get removed or transform into another one just like virus 不
07:24 dungeon007: Nope, bugs have viruses also, so we are the bugs 不
07:25 dungeon007: There are no bugs, we are the bugs 不
07:26 dungeon007: If every commit is a potentional bug, then every commit is a bug 不
07:28 dungeon007: Every single one is a bug, that comes from a bug... and then some bug file bug, for a bug, for the bug, to the bug... 不
07:32 dungeon007: And when i thinking in 4:3 bugs, then someone come to tell me that is obsolete, i should think more wide... screen bug 不
07:33 dungeon007: That is how bugs transforming. it is not this bug it is that bug 不
07:35 dungeon007: There is not just one, there are more 不
07:38 dungeon007: It is boring to have one bug, more interesting is more interesting is more bugs 不
07:42 dungeon007: Stable bug, establihed bug... no, more bugs are better, it keeps mine bug stable 不
07:43 dungeon007: Happy New Bug 不
07:45 dungeon007: It is not Bug 1. it is Bug 17. today 不
07:46 dungeon007: Seem i triggered some buggy automatism bug 不
07:47 dungeon007: That is from where zilla comes from 不
07:49 dungeon007: Bug 999, Bug 666, Bug 0
07:50 dungeon007: They all working, cannot believe it how much there are 不
07:52 dungeon007: Constant bugs, just put a number on it... there wont be less, there will be more 不
07:56 dungeon007: There are more than one bug out there, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship 不
08:05 dungeon007: Monologue bug, surround stereo bug, hm 不
08:06 dungeon007: Crossfire bug, multihead bug, hmm 不
08:09 dungeon007: Not sure if more is better or that is just so called freedoms that made us belive that more is more freedom 不
08:10 dungeon007: Meanwhile these freedom lovers are actually worse on freedoms, that is the main bug nowdays 不
08:11 dungeon007: No, no, you are the bug, not me 不
08:15 dungeon007: I am a bug, i am not a bug 不
08:19 dungeon007: Zilla i am... no, just a bug.
08:24 dungeon007: Serious Bug get fixed at YUY2 going to more practical 不
08:28 dungeon007: Happy user of GNS v0.8.0.385-release 不
08:31 dungeon007: But nope, i would do that backporting new to old, didnt joked there, as they dont care about us 不
08:33 dungeon007: Well, neither about 32bit apps in general 不
08:36 dungeon007: Well, much better than Apple, so i cannot complain 不
08:40 dungeon007: More sooner we switch to 128bit the world will be a much better place 不
08:41 dungeon007: 64bit is full of bugs and it is not wide enough 不
08:43 dungeon007: Sure, limits will be reached much sooner than we think 不
08:50 dungeon007: I am even optimized for slowdown on newer Mesa 不
08:52 dungeon007: Make that 128bit CPU, so we can switch on time. That should be faster, even when slower 不
08:59 dungeon007: X will reach limit on 16K, isnt it. So, focus on 128but and 32K screens now 不
09:02 dungeon007: Text will be more crisp on that, regardless of more and more people wear eyeglasses worldwide 不
09:05 dungeon007: That is "improvement" as more is better 不
09:13 dungeon007: Thank you for such optimization, i cannot believe how slow i am 不
09:16 dungeon007: I wont file a bug as i am a bug, but you are the main bug, so file it for youself and declar perecnatage at res you like more 不
09:20 dungeon007: I prefer 320x200 resolution and you? On what res that comparion was is ENGIMA 不
09:21 dungeon007: Not ENIGMA, not a bug, that is DNO DNA ENGIMA 不
09:23 dungeon007: DAN DNO DNA 不
09:24 dungeon007: DNO DNA RDNA 不
09:29 dungeon007: Cow wont file a bug 不
09:31 dungeon007: 320x200 is beauty, i prefer even less 不
09:36 dungeon007: There is no bug, i am the bug, file bug for yourself as you are the bug too 不
09:38 dungeon007: COW BUG ENGIMA 不
09:39 dungeon007: DNO DNA 不
09:40 dungeon007: 不 THE END 不
18:00 dungeon007: Took 7 years for nVidia to implement XRandR, took 7 years to close a bug https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33290
18:02 dungeon007: Where to file a bug and not to lose 14 years for a fix 不
18:05 dungeon007: I could file bugs, but mine expectance of a fix is very low 不
18:07 dungeon007: And now i am using funky WM 不 It was a standard, now it is a new standard... invent standards every day seems like a way to go 不
18:08 dungeon007: Cos more is better in any sense 不
18:13 dungeon007: Fix it by using something else, he, he 不
18:17 dungeon007: How about i dont use something else and i dont file a bug? 不
18:18 dungeon007: Should bugs disappear? Nope, there will be more. 不
18:20 dungeon007: It is not a bug, it is a feature 不
18:28 dungeon007: More and more unusable to me, but if someoen is happy than sun shines better i guess 不
18:36 dungeon007: And again, how about i dont file a bug? 不
18:38 dungeon007: I stop at some point and say THE END 不
18:39 dungeon007: Am i funky like that or not? 不
18:40 dungeon007: Or maybe funky is something opposite of that 不
18:45 dungeon007: Should we roll or not 不
18:46 dungeon007: How about, i say No to both 不
18:47 dungeon007: What happens with No, that is just opposite of Yes 不
18:49 dungeon007: Next>Next> and then instead of Finish, you close the window 不
18:52 dungeon007: No Finish, please, bugs have to come 不
18:56 dungeon007: I cant file a bug, it is against my religion 不
19:05 dungeon007: Interesting thing, thing of interest 不
19:10 dungeon007: Happens when you use STOP distro, otherwise you are in constant flow of dealing with new bugs 不
19:12 dungeon007: You have more time for monologues that way, otherwise dealing with new bugs introduced by Service Packs 不
19:14 dungeon007: New standards, by new packs 不
19:18 dungeon007: No, it is better to reimplement everything of that, bugs have to come 不
19:25 dungeon007: Just make sure, bugs are comming and everything is OK 不
19:28 linkmauve: Wth, why are you spamming like that?
19:29 dungeon007: Cos, new standards might introduce something better 不
19:30 linkmauve: Ok, I’m out.
19:33 dungeon007: We have to have new standard and more bugs, that is a feature - not a bug. 不
19:35 dungeon007: If you dont have bugs, that is not good 不
19:38 dungeon007: "Ok, I’m out." That is expected, on stable things interest is low 不
19:40 dungeon007: Do partybreaking a bit, to raise interests... by new bugs tryout introduced by new standards 不
19:43 orbea: dungeon007: please stop scaring people away
19:47 dungeon007: Vocabulary in not for Everbody i agree, maybe ESRB 18+... thare are more scary games than i am 不
19:50 dungeon007: Maybe i should imagine talking to the 5 years old child, if that is requirement here? 不
19:53 orbea: its not what you are saying, its the quantity of what you are saying. I really suggest some self moderation. :)
19:54 dungeon007: Well, i could pretend to be 5 years old... dungeon007 - the laughing monster 不 He scares somebody, i dont think so 不
19:56 dungeon007: Are maybe the quantity of smiles scary to you? 不
19:58 dungeon007: Or philosophy scares somebody? 不
20:01 dungeon007: I will reduce myself, once i see bugs are reduced, otherwise i am DOUBLE COW 不
20:06 dungeon007: And for that to happen, i will do nothing 不 Cos previosly i tried to do something for many years to no avail, but that still grows 不
20:08 dungeon007: Doing nothing is greatest contribution to the matter 不
20:18 dungeon007: Working on something is better than doing nothing 不
20:19 dungeon007: But working on nothing is stable for everybody 不
20:22 dungeon007: Smart people will introduce new standards, proving how stupid they are 不
20:23 dungeon007: Anyway, we should aim to look at a bright future and new bugs 不
20:29 dungeon007: That is called freedom for everybody, just not for the scaring laughing monster such as dungeon007 不
20:34 dungeon007: Ban him, he is smiling 不