00:52 dungeon007: With all this must say unsure in perf of nine... maybe to backport as much as possible to 20.2.x or something like that, cos like this it does not looks fine anymore 不
02:36 dungeon007: mannerov: By this comment https://www.phoronix.com/forums/forum/linux-graphics-x-org-drivers/open-source-amd-linux/1224907-radeon-sdma-support-is-deemed-too-buggy-that-it-s-dropped-from-open-source-driver/page2#post1239029
02:37 dungeon007: SDMA probably raises bandwidth, as APUs are bandwidth constrained devices that helps a lot here and there.
02:44 dungeon007: If that happens to be so true, this the last thing i will buy from AMD. Would revert back to 19.2.x drivers, pre covid19 times and just backporting some fixes 不
03:12 dungeon007: I was likely stupid to believe that breakage in WINE 4.6 was for nothing, that gave me idea as a point in time i should stop too... anything pre Navi. 不
03:42 dungeon007: Well, would revert and stay with Debian 10 i think 不, i am in doubt that even kernels newer than that time are fine anymore.
03:53 dungeon007: Yep, that is what i am thinking... decision maded, there will be reinstall again 不... good bye
16:17 mannerov: dungeon007: the gallium interface hasn't that many changes, It's doable to make your own mesa with recent nine and old radeonsi
19:00 dungeon007: Sure thing, sounds completely doable to backport everything from nine to 19.2 without losing anything too much
19:01 dungeon007: And for VK... well, just plug in AMDVLK and that is it 不
19:02 dungeon007: I still dont think AMD had to remove SDMA, at least not for GCN 1.0 and 1.1... maybe for 1.2 or later, as these have at least DCC engine for speed up there
19:03 dungeon007: What to say, AMD was better to really start a new driver since Navi, as radeonsi is for GCNs... they should just do new one named RDNA or whatever 不
22:33 mannerov: well you can always open a bug report illustrated by benchmarks on your system to show the impact of SDMA
22:33 mannerov: to show the assumption the removal didn't hurt perf much is false