18:12 dhewg: mannerov: nice patchbomb! :P
18:12 dhewg: what about standalone, is there anything you want to fix? do we want to do a release?
18:42 orbea: patch bomb? :)
18:48 mannerov: orbea: only 40, most of them very small things
18:48 mannerov: far from the > 100 I had sometimes
18:49 mannerov: dhewg: I don't not plan to fix the remaining multi display thing we discussed, at least not for the moment
18:49 mannerov: so yes I'm for a release, unless you want to fix more stuffs
18:51 orbea: mannerov: was this in wine-nine-standalone or in mesa?
19:02 mannerov: mesa
19:05 orbea: should rebuild and see if anything is fixed
19:06 mannerov: did you have issues
19:07 orbea: trails in the sky doesn't start with d3d9, batman arkham crashes, hat in time...
19:07 orbea: i learned taht hat in time even crashes my entire system using wine vanilla with no mesa nine or d9vk...
19:08 mannerov: well
19:08 orbea: I think that is unrelated to the memory usage problems
19:08 mannerov: there are many things should reduce virtual memory usage
19:09 mannerov: last patch series removed llvmpipe
19:44 orbea: mannerov: you fixed trails in the sky, thanks :)
19:45 orbea: assuming it wasn't magically fixed elsewhere recently
20:25 mannerov: I fixed a few things, maybe it got fixed by that