00:49 orbea: i think i can reproduce this, even with csmt disabled https://github.com/iXit/Mesa-3D/issues/279
00:49 orbea: will see if I can with NINE_DEBUG=all too
01:23 iive: orbea, the issue you link seems a lot older. is it the same game? could you reproduce it with the benchmark?
01:24 orbea: iive: that is the second game in the, the game from the other day is the first. Seems like a similar issue, but not sure its the same
01:24 iive: which is the first game?
01:25 orbea: arkham asylum
01:25 orbea: the second is arkham city
01:26 orbea: idk what the benchmark is and I can run the game again without issues after it crashes, but otherwise seems similar/same
01:28 iive: are you running vanilla mesa, or ixit branch?
01:28 orbea: vanilla git
01:29 orbea: the game only crashes after a while so its not readily reproducible unfortunately
01:29 iive: do you get any debug info? any crash reports from wine, or it just vanishes?
01:30 orbea: just vanishes, hopefully next crash when I actually have more debug info enabled will be informative
01:30 iive: good luck.
01:38 iive: if the game has benchmark, see if it could be used to reproduce the issue.
02:27 orbea: mannerov: does this NINE_DEBUG=all log help at all tell why its crashing with batman arkham city as described above? http://slackless.raccoons.tech/logs/BatmanArkhamCity-nine.log.xz
19:21 mannerov: orbea: sorry it doesn't help
19:21 mannerov: the log is incomplete
19:21 mannerov: maybe your build missed a flag
19:21 mannerov: the log doesn't contain any calls, only the shaders
19:25 orbea: i'll have to try again
19:25 orbea: i confirmed it works fine with dxvk (d9vk)