00:45 orbea: double free just means its freeing something that has already been freed, no?
00:47 iive: yes. this is why i thought of a thread problem, a pointer might be passed from one thread to another and then freed by both.
00:48 iive: free and malloc are glibc functions. there are some debuggers that implement their own version, specifically to track such errors. now glibc has some tracking too.
09:42 mannerov: the problem iive is that such things like valgrind or fsanitize=address don't work with wine
09:42 mannerov: I managed to have them work with XNine though and I ran wine tests with it
09:42 mannerov: fixed a few things but didn't notice double free
14:29 orbea: given that this is the only nine game I noticed to do this, must be an edge case
14:30 orbea: although I read similar nine reports for later games in the series that went quiet as soon as it was suggested to try csmt_force=0
14:45 orbea: (also gotta appreciate how nine doesn't take out my whole system when it crashes like dxvk/vkd3d)
14:57 orbea: maybe the same bug? https://github.com/iXit/Mesa-3D/issues/279
14:58 orbea: if it is, NINE_DEBUG=all and debug builds might slow it down enough to not crash....