01:04 orbea: iive left, but yes, that helped
18:16 mannerov: orbea: is it when loading stuff ? or during gae play
18:17 orbea: mannerov: during gameplay, just random crashes maybe 5-30 mins
18:17 orbea: its stable without csmt
18:21 mannerov: which mesa
18:24 mannerov: have you more info ?
18:52 mannerov: also it's dxvk now, d9vk is the old branch
21:01 orbea: mannerov: mesa git as of yesterday and I am using the latest dxvk release, but I said d9vk since that is the d3d9 related code
21:04 mannerov: what can you tell me about the crash report
21:08 orbea: wine doesn't give one
21:08 orbea: just double free and terminated
23:22 iive: maybe there is more information in the system log files. (syslog or journalctl)
23:23 iive: iirc double free is glibc error. you might try to start the game with `winedbg`, instead of `wine`