14:34 orbea: mannerov: you ever look at the pmap results i posted above?
17:10 mannerov: orbea: yes I did look. There seems to be a lot of small allocations (16KB) and some fragmentation (48kb pieces)
17:10 mannerov: I assume what's taking this place is shaders
17:14 mannerov: maybe playing with radeonsi env vars could help
17:15 mannerov: like number of threads for shader compilation
17:27 orbea: I vaguely recall doing that in the past, it just made it slower, not less
17:28 orbea: but yea, it happens when the game is compiling shaders which happens when starting the game and then again when starting a level
17:28 orbea: some levels do it much more than others
17:29 orbea: takes a few mins with d9vk to start the DLC areas...
17:39 mannerov: What would work for you is to delete shaders not used for a long time if new shaders come in
17:41 orbea: I think it might be some kind of ubershader?
17:42 mannerov: not sure what to think except the game compiles so many shaders it gets several GBs of them
17:42 orbea: any idea how d9vk avoids this problem?
17:43 mannerov: radeonsi keeps more data internally for shader compilation since it switched to nir
17:46 orbea: i recall some shader compiler option in the game's config, should test it
20:02 mannerov: siro__: hey still there ,
20:02 mannerov: ?