03:19 orbea: mannerov: was the patch to fix hat in time supposed to be merged in the mesa git now?
03:19 orbea: still seems very broken here
10:07 mannerov: yes it is merged
10:07 mannerov: the trace replays fine now
13:07 mannerov: orbea: how many cores do you have
13:08 mannerov: we have just found with an user than llvmpipe (which we initialize always) happens to be very VA consuming on > 4 cores
15:40 orbea: mannerov: 4 cores
15:47 orbea: i closed it when it was at 12 GB+ ram consumed
15:50 orbea: by comparrison, d9vk consumes around 5-6 GB
17:35 mannerov: 12GB !
17:35 mannerov: Well the main difference are the shaders
17:35 mannerov: but there might be something else too
17:36 mannerov: How fast do you get those 12GB ram
17:36 mannerov: virtual memory or resources ?
17:40 orbea: mannerov: within 1 - 2 mins max
17:40 orbea: not sure, about the second question
17:40 orbea: i dont actually get into game
18:06 mannerov: with htop you can see the two
18:07 orbea: ah, I see
18:07 orbea: will try in a bit and tell you what is fillin up more specifically
22:11 orbea: mannerov: https://i.imgur.com/SCKwIpd.png
22:12 orbea: after killing it my used ram went down to 1.14G
22:14 orbea: i dont want to see when it stops growing...
23:54 mannerov: orbea: 11G RES
23:54 mannerov: That's just enormouse
23:54 mannerov: Well on 64bits, the in-memory shader cache is limited to 1GB
23:55 mannerov: but just having the shaders around might consume
23:55 mannerov: we'd need to add some debug info to know for sure