15:37 siro__: mannerov: I just saw the article about memory pressure on 32bit. Nice to see that you finally fixed it.
15:47 orbea: siro__: what article?
15:50 siro__: on phoronix about the latest mesa release
15:51 orbea: neat, I wonder if hat in time is better now
15:56 orbea: hmm, that is only 32-bit so maybe not
15:56 orbea: ?
16:09 orbea: phoronix does check facts, " albeit making use of "Nine" requires a patched version of Wine."
16:09 orbea: *doesn't
17:11 mannerov: Hat in Time is unaffected
17:11 mannerov: it's issue is the shader memory cache
17:11 mannerov: but you can use the patch in the ixit tree to disable it
17:12 mannerov: siro__: it fixes it for some cases
17:12 mannerov: still some cases remaining