09:38 dhewg: orbea: hm, any idea why? I haven't followed wine in a while
11:25 dhewg: orbea: bisected the wine commit https://github.com/iXit/wine-nine-standalone/issues/96
12:12 dhewg: attached a patch there, looks like a wine bug to me
13:30 orbea: dhewg: thanks, I was planning to bisect if it wasn't obvious, but it was too late when I noticed
13:33 orbea: for me just switching back to the 6.2 slot was enough, even acter recompiling wine-nine-standalone with 6.3
15:29 dhewg: yeah, i try to recompile with and against rececent versions as well, but that didn't help in this case
15:29 dhewg: bisecting wine is a last resort, it's just painful
15:29 orbea: yea...
15:29 dhewg: in this case I even had to skip quite a commits
15:30 orbea: i have to bisect an opengl game later, but it only crashes after 5-20 mins...its going to be painful
15:30 dhewg: hehe yeah, one step on wine is like a +5min compile run here, that's not fast either
15:31 dhewg: this time quite a few steps yielded invalid opcodes
15:31 dhewg: no idea what happened there, but wine wasn't useable at all, even without nine
15:31 orbea: heh...
15:32 orbea: someone merged without reading/reviewing
15:33 dhewg: or a dirty build didn't rebuild everything that was required to be rebuild, dunno
15:34 dhewg: but I got lucky, even with skipping those commits the bisect was successful
15:35 orbea: yea, its horrible when the bisect fails due to skipped bisects
16:34 orbea: dhewg: tested your patch here, it works, thanks :)
16:56 dhewg: nice :)