01:56 orbea: anyone test wine-nine-standalone with the gentoo package?
01:57 orbea: doesn't seem to work with my nouveau, I know this card worked on slackware...
01:57 orbea: ninewinecfg gets to teh last step and then complains that no compatible gpu was found
01:59 orbea: err:d3d9nine:present_has_d3dadapter No available backends.
06:38 dhewg: there was some funky gentoo patch that their maintainer applies to the package
06:39 dhewg: that made it depend on wine's standard z:\ drive connection
06:39 dhewg: dunno if that patch is used anymore though
06:57 orbea: dhewg: i figured it out, its broken when starting xorg as DRI2
06:57 orbea: works with DRI3 even when using LIBGL_DRI3_DISABLE=true
06:57 orbea:shrugs
06:58 orbea: maybe telling gentoo to use a newer mesa will help
06:59 orbea: rather portage
06:59 orbea:compiles 9999
07:09 dhewg: hm, but nine should detect and use dri2 then, no?
07:10 dhewg: or was dri2 not compiled in for your nine package?
07:14 orbea: dhewg: its only broken with DRI2 + the nouvea ddx
07:14 orbea: *nouveau
07:15 orbea: DRI3 + nouveau/modesetting and DRI2 + modesetting work
07:15 orbea: and its only wine-nine-standalone, xnine works everywhere
07:22 dhewg: hm, still weird
07:22 dhewg: does it work if you skip the dri3/2 auto detection and use D3D_BACKEND=dri2?
07:23 orbea: let me tryS
07:24 orbea: dhewg: no
07:25 dhewg: hm ok
07:26 dhewg: that's half good, we had a bug where the an attempt to use the dri3 backend broke dri2 afterwards
07:26 dhewg: so it didn't work at all if dri3 was unavailable ;)
07:26 orbea: heh, yea, doesn't seem to be the same as that
07:27 orbea: it probably wouldn't only be the nouveau ddx i think in that case
07:27 orbea: my guess this is something a nouveau dev should investigate, but no replies in their channel yet not that it has been very long :)
07:28 dhewg: but still, if xnine works it's probably something standalone could improve
07:28 orbea: possibly
07:28 dhewg: im not sure anymore what the differences are, way too long since i looked at the code :\
07:28 orbea: I imagine xnine simply might not be exposing the bug by doing less
20:55 orbea: one more nouveau nine bug, I start the game with xinit /path/to/game.sh -- :1 vt2 and if I change back to my main xorg session and back, the video freezes, but not input
20:55 orbea: happens with DRI3 + the nouveau ddx
20:56 orbea: not with DRI3 + modesetting
20:56 orbea:shrugs, I'll just use modesetting