03:34 dhewg: apparently arm users are using this https://github.com/ptitSeb/box86 with wine and nine, and it seems rather succcessful
03:36 dhewg: and if i understand that corrently, they run wine i386 on that
10:29 linkmauve: dhewg, this one has the annoying limitation of only working with ARMv7, no AArch64 support planned.
10:30 linkmauve: While FEX (which I linked earlier) does support both amd64 and (experimentally for now) i686 on AArch64 and more.
12:04 dhewg: ok, i don't know how well each of those work anyway (don't have a use for running x86 code on arm)
12:05 dhewg: but i've seen box86 mentioned a couple of times on the mesa issue tracker
12:06 dhewg: the 32/64bit issue is the same as x86 steam though, you basically need all required 32bit libs
12:06 dhewg: so if you run steam on aarch64 anyway it doesn't seem to be an issue because everything is already there anyway?
22:24 orbea: mannerov: this seems to have fixed itself https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/issues/2991
22:36 orbea: graphicsal issues in hat in time seem gone too
23:43 iive: that's great news.