18:58 orbea: can anyone confirm if its just me or does nine load shaders in hat in time a lot slower than wined3d? (But then gameplay is a lot faster)
19:00 Venemo: orbea: there is some weird regression, I didn't try A Hat in Time but SC2 basically freezes for a minute after launch
19:00 Venemo: I'll need to find the time to bisect it
19:00 orbea: im also seeing graphical corruption with some things in hat in time
19:00 orbea: the life bar for instance
19:00 orbea: top right half is visible, bottom left half flickers on/off
19:01 Venemo: can you reproduce that on latest mesa master?
19:01 orbea: as of a few days ago, yes, I'll need to recompile to test the latest as of today
19:02 orbea: i'm on mesa commit 2020.10.15_922384
19:02 orbea: (that is the commit date and hash)
19:02 Venemo: sounds like a regression to me
19:03 orbea: bisecint hat in time is hard for me givin how long that nir issue was around...
19:03 orbea: barely have enough ram to even play the game
19:04 Venemo: was there a point where the ram issue was fixed but this issue wasn't there yet?
19:04 orbea: not sure, the ram issue was merged recently
19:05 Venemo: it was months ago, wasn't it?
19:07 orbea: wow, 5 months already...
19:07 orbea: let me compile this older mesa
19:13 orbea: *sigh*
19:14 orbea: meson.build:21:0: ERROR: Value "enabled" for combo option "Build with LLVM support." is not one of the choices. Possible choices are: "auto", "true", "false".
19:22 Venemo: mhm
19:22 Venemo: if you want I can try to bisect this week
19:23 Venemo: I just don't have the pc here with me
19:23 Venemo: right now I mean
19:23 orbea: i'll at least see if it happens with that commit
19:23 orbea: just annoyed meson is getting in the way
19:27 Venemo: :(
19:27 Venemo: sorry
19:43 orbea: Venemo: sorry, cant debug that far back, llvm11 is too new
19:44 orbea: *bisect
19:56 Venemo: okay, np