10:06 dhewg: siro_: that failure is 3 months old, but is that something you need to fix on your account? https://travis-ci.com/github/iXit/wine-nine-standalone/jobs/337371095
10:08 siro_: dhewg: yes, you need to renew the API key every 6 month
10:08 siro_: looks like I didn't update travis-ci.
10:11 dhewg: ok nice
10:13 dhewg: btw, there's this issue https://github.com/iXit/wine-nine-standalone/issues/83 See my patch on the last comment, i guess those device_name+adapter args is something you coded once? i'm not sure that ever worked as intended, but more importantly it now breaks with a recent wine. does that patch look okay to you or do you remember if that might regress anything?
10:14 dhewg: bbl
10:33 siro_: dhewg: it was intended for multi monitor/multi adapter support. I never tested it on such a platform as I only had one nine enabled adapter and one monitor
12:01 dhewg: yup, i had that sort of impression just by reading the code
12:02 dhewg: that EnumDisplaySettingsExW(NULL...) then EnumDisplaySettingsExW(name...) thing is documented on msdn
12:03 dhewg: outer loop: get all adapters, inner: get all monitors for each adapter
12:03 dhewg: but i dont think that EnumDisplaySettingsExW on each adaper/monitor combi ever worked as intended
12:04 dhewg: so i guess that my patch won't regress, but yeah, it's just a guess...
12:25 iive: dhewg, theoretically speaking, EnumDisplaySettings makes more sense to be performed on Monitor, as video modes are monitor dependent.
12:26 dhewg: yeah i know, but msdn only talks about adapters, and wine specifically tests that it's just called for adapters, and not monitors (and wine unit tests run on native windows too)
12:27 iive: From what I've read, it seems that the windows may be a bit of a mess. Some device drivers might expose different heads as standalone adapters.
12:28 dhewg: so dunno, i wouldnt haved touched that code, if it wouldnt break on a recent wine
12:28 iive: so instead of having 1 adapter with 2 montiors, you get 2 adapters.
12:28 dhewg: sounds like a mess indeed
12:29 dhewg: but anyway, we need a fix, i just don't want to regress for older wine versions
12:29 iive: yes, we do need quick fix.
23:07 iive: dhewg, I tested your patch on my single monitor system. it works.