19:29 mannerov: iive: it is known
19:29 mannerov: there is a workaround
19:29 mannerov: probably it is on the winehq database, I don't remember it
19:41 iive: nah... it is known, but none of the workarounds worked.
19:42 iive: I did found a working workaround. you need -no-cef-sandbox -cef-disable-d3d11 and using Gallium Nine.
19:43 iive: recoding with apitrace creates a trace that plays fine with wined3d, so it is not 3d rendering issue. likely winex11 (as they said) or something similar to the ddraw & Nine DC related thing.
19:44 iive: recording an apitrace...
19:46 iive: mannerov, i wonder, instead of Nine, could you workaround it with dxva ?
19:47 iive: dxvk
19:53 mannerov: it is a steam issue that they are working on as far as I know
19:53 mannerov: I hope they get the fix not in years
20:00 iive: nope
20:00 iive: it is wine issue
20:01 iive: chromium is patching the kernel directly and it uses different patch for different windows version. it does this for "sandbox"ing
20:01 iive: the first parameter disables this.
20:01 iive: the proper fix is to add special case for wine and send it upstream to chrome... nobody is doing that.
20:05 mannerov: well If that's that it is sad indeed
20:06 iive: I think another workaround used to be using winxp cef, but steam is dropping winxp stuff. the winapi prologue is winxp one, iirc
20:08 iive: it's kind of false advertising that winehq has steam on the front page, but it doesn't work anymore.
20:08 mannerov: there is another workaround, but I forgot the command
20:08 mannerov: Plagman had given me the command
20:10 mannerov: I think it was on the winehq steam page somewhere, or almost the same command
20:12 iive: it is likely the -no-cef-sandbox
20:12 mannerov: I think it was something else
20:12 iive: it used to "kind of" work until wine-5.9
20:13 mannerov: the new one works with last wine
20:13 iive: and now with wine-5.13 i get steam crashing. I bisected it and filled bugreport
20:13 iive: then went on to bisect the wine-5.9 one.
20:14 iive: it turned out that there was an sqrt function that was not implemented and had a "stub". the stub calls abort.
20:15 iive: so the cef browser was dying. steam handles the crash and disables the gpu rendering.
20:18 iive: I told all this to #winehackers, let's see if they fix any of these bugs.
20:30 iive: if you find the command, tell me.