00:50 iive: linkmauve, can you record an apitrace that reproduces the issue. It would help if developers can reproduce it on their machines
00:50 linkmauve: Does apitrace also capture nine calls?
00:50 iive: yes, it has d3d windows support
00:51 iive: you need win32 apitrace
00:52 iive: my preferred method is to place the apitrace wrapper (properly renamed d3d9.dll) into the game directory and to use winecfg to set d3d9 to native (win32)
00:52 linkmauve: iive, alternatively a demo of the game is available here: https://www16.big.or.jp/~zun/html/th11dl.html
00:52 linkmauve: I’ll check if it also exhibits the issue.
00:53 iive: then just start the game. old apitrace version put the trace in same directory. new version may put it in Documents/
00:53 iive: do you see the same problem with software render or different kind of video card?
00:54 linkmauve: Wut, I reproduce the issue, but now the offset is towards the top-left instead of towards the bottom right. oO
00:55 linkmauve: I only have an Intel card in this laptop.
00:55 linkmauve: I also compiled nine without swrast support, because of an ICE when building softpipe, which is what led to me try to see if I was running nine, and to discovering this bug. ^^'
00:56 iive: try with D3D_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1
00:57 iive: i'm not sure if llvmpipe is separate from these. there are some redundancy..
00:58 linkmauve: iive, it crashes when starting a game with this in the environment. :(
00:58 linkmauve: Are you interested in wine’s stack trace?
00:58 iive: no
00:58 linkmauve: But prior to that, in the menu, it does run.
00:59 linkmauve: Alright, apitrace is downloaded.
00:59 iive: sorry, I have to leave.
01:01 linkmauve: iive, it puts them in ~/.wine/drive_c/users/$USER/Desktop/ actually.
01:01 iive: oh, I remembered it wrong...
01:02 linkmauve: Oh, qapitrace abort()s when trying to take thumbnails from these. :(
01:02 iive: d3dretrace should do the job
01:02 linkmauve: Anyway, https://linkmauve.fr/files/th11.trace.xz
01:04 linkmauve: There, posted the trace on the bug.
01:11 iive: did you test the trace?
01:11 iive: it seems too small and I don't see anything when playing it back.
01:11 linkmauve: It renders black on both nine and wined3d here. :/
01:11 linkmauve: Maybe I need to go in-game.
01:12 iive: if that doesn't help. disable nine, try recording with wined3d, then test replay with both wined3d and nine.
01:12 iive: sorry, I really have to leave.
01:13 orbea: i thought traces should always be made with wined3d and then replayed with nine
01:13 linkmauve: Ugh, and now it’s working, without any offset…
01:14 iive: linkmauve, the offset may be random
01:14 iive: and uninitialized parameter somewhere...
01:15 iive: good luck. I'll be back tomorrow
01:15 linkmauve: Uh, and now I don’t have any trace being generated anymore, under wined3d.
01:16 iive: Venemo usually handles intel problems, he might be back after the weekend.
01:16 iive: cu
01:18 linkmauve: I have a new trace, 6.6 MiB this time.
01:19 linkmauve: Still not seeing anything being rendered.
01:20 orbea: fwiw apitrace sometimes doesn't work out...last nine bug I tried to trace replays without the bug showing...
01:21 linkmauve: I could only trace under nine, not under wined3d.
01:21 orbea: yea, i got a black screen when tracing under wine in that game too
01:22 orbea: are you sure you have the right apitrace version?
01:22 linkmauve: I have the win32 one.
01:23 linkmauve: It generated “something” (hands waiving in the air) containing d3d9 calls, containing 678 frames in my latest run, so I guess it works at least somewhat.
01:23 orbea: i believe it needs to be the msvc version
01:23 orbea: https://apitrace.github.io/#download
01:24 orbea: and these instructions in case you missed something https://github.com/iXit/wine-nine-standalone/wiki/apitrace
01:24 linkmauve: The “Windows 32-bits” link is what I downloaded.
01:24 orbea: that should be fine then
01:24 linkmauve: Oh, no, I didn’t follow this guide at all.
01:25 linkmauve: I used my normal Linux way of doing it, LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 wine apitrace trace -a d3d9 ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/上海アリス幻樂団/東方地霊殿体験版/th11.exe
01:26 linkmauve: Alright, I’ll continue to debug that tomorrow, thanks both for your help!
01:26 orbea: gl :)
01:26 linkmauve: At 3:30am it’s probably too late to play with wine stuff.
01:27 orbea: lol, yea