22:29 linkmauve: Hi, following some gcc issue, I ended up disabling swrast from my gallium drivers, and to my surprise nine couldn’t build without it.
22:29 linkmauve: So I removed the check in meson.build, and it built perfectly fine.
22:32 linkmauve: Now, before submitting a MR disabling the check and the error, I’d like to make sure wine is indeed using nine (ninewinecfg.exe tells me I am), how would I make sure it is indeed used?
22:33 linkmauve: I’ve tested Touhou, but it works perfectly also without nine so it doesn’t tell me anything.
22:40 linkmauve: Found it, I was running a d3d8 Touhou, the d3d9 ones do run under nine, and I found a bug. ^^
22:52 linkmauve: Bug reported: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/issues/3263