14:50 orbea:notes that picom fixes screen tearing in ao no kiseki with nine much better than compton.
15:58 mannerov:has no idea what orbea is talking about
16:10 orbea: mannerov: ao no kiseki = sequal to zero no kiski (which I made that nodcc/notiling issue about. picom is a compton fork
16:10 orbea: https://github.com/yshui/picom
16:11 orbea: i was just noting it apparently fixes screen tearing issues in that game much better than compton
16:11 orbea: might be applicable elsewhere too
16:20 mannerov: well you are supposed to have no tearing with nine with the right options
16:20 mannerov: I don't remember the default
16:22 mannerov: discard_delayed_release
16:22 mannerov: tearfree_discard
16:22 mannerov: the former is true
16:22 mannerov: the latter seems false by default
16:22 mannerov: just set it to true
16:26 orbea: export tearfree_discard = true ?
16:31 orbea: doesnt help at all
16:31 orbea: from the issue tracker I found: WINEESYNC=1 thread_submit=true tearfree_discard=true vblank_mode=3 mesa_glthread=true
16:31 mannerov: there should be no space
16:31 orbea: that helps more, but not as well as picom
16:31 orbea: yea, space was just a typo in irc, not my luanch script...
16:32 orbea: this game was originally for psp, then ported to windows in chinese, then ported back to japanese and then translated to english. I suspect the d3d9 code is kind of bad
16:34 orbea: combining them with picom seems to be the best result yet
16:36 orbea: i'm yet to see if it has the same issue as the first game with needing nodcc/notiling
16:51 mannerov: I wonder what api uses psp
17:00 iive: mannerov, do you have the memfd code in public repository?
17:00 mannerov: no, I'm cleaning and refactoring it
17:01 mannerov: it has a lot of dirty stuff to try to understand what is interesting or not in the code
17:01 mannerov: in order to have only what's needed in the end
17:02 iive: ok.
17:45 mannerov: iive: you wanted to test on some game ?
17:45 iive: nothing specific