00:03 orbea: interesting, unplugging the controller makes the issue worse
00:28 iive: orbea, what is the bug?
00:31 orbea: in the game zero no kiseki (trails from zero) the graphics entirely break with nine in some rare rooms if a controller is not plugged in, but when entering a battle in that room the graphics break anyways even when the controller is plugged in.
00:32 orbea: they fix themselves if blindly exiting the room/finishing the battle
00:32 orbea: break as in some kind of effect that looks like a music visualizer.
00:33 orbea: wined3d runs worse and makes a single cpu run at 100%+ so that is not good and d9vk just crashes.
00:42 iive: orbea, have you tried disabling nine threading?
00:42 orbea: no *looks at the wiki*
00:44 orbea: csmt_force=0 right?
00:44 iive: yes
00:45 orbea: doesn't help
00:48 orbea: tried: radeonsi_enable_sisched=true AMD_DEBUG=mono csmt_force=0
00:48 orbea: still no luck
00:49 iive: bummer... it was nice guess, since apitrace might serialize the calls.
00:49 iive: I guess you are with radeonsi/gcn card.
00:49 orbea: rx vega 56
00:49 iive: that sounds nice...
00:53 orbea: i rather like it, certainly overkill for this old game
00:57 iive: :)
00:58 iive: have you tried other AMD_DEBUG options?
00:58 orbea: not yet, need to find the list again
00:58 iive: try AMD_DEBUG=help glxgears
00:58 orbea: thanks :)
01:03 orbea: can I set multiple variables deliminated by commas?
01:05 orbea: actually this works: export AMD_DEBUG=nodcc
01:08 orbea: the other nodcc* options don't help
01:39 iive: do you mean that nodcc fixes the problem with nine?
01:42 iive: that would be great news.
01:42 iive: sorry gtg
01:42 iive: good luck
02:11 orbea: he's gone, but yes, nodcc seems to entirely fix it
02:11 orbea: now i wonder why and if there is a better fix
04:07 dhewg: fixed the wiki link, thanks