00:15 iive: mannerov, I'm still around for testing stuff on windwos. But I probably can't handle writing the test.
06:04 mannerov: iive: For now I would rather need a test writer
15:33 mannerov: iive: I have plenty of ideas of things to test :-) Just not any motivation to write them
15:37 iive: mannerov, well, I thought that the test might be related to some of the issues XenoPL has been having.
15:37 mannerov: I have plenty of things to test related to memory management, and that includes XenoPL's issue
17:42 mannerov: siro__: Venemo: No volunteers to make tests ?
17:42 Venemo: no time at the moment
17:42 Venemo: sorry
17:43 mannerov: At least I tried :-)
17:52 siro__: no. I'm sorry
17:54 mannerov: no problem
18:36 mannerov: I think we might be handling a few things wrong about memory failures
18:36 mannerov: has anyone on top of their head names for open source engines with d3d9 which should he handling for lack of memory
19:40 Venemo: I don't know. haven't played with that many D3D9 games recently.
19:41 Venemo: what occours to me are SC2 and Witcher 1-2 but I haven't seen memory problems in either of those
19:41 Venemo: SC2 is 64-bit do that should be no problem
19:41 Venemo: so* that should be no problem
20:46 mannerov: I find it hard that a game like MassEffect 2 which is AA doesn't do ANY memory failure check
20:47 mannerov: I tried to fail to allocate textures after significant number is allocated
20:47 mannerov: it doesn't care of the error
20:47 mannerov: it just continues as is
20:47 mannerov: even for the subfunctions it doesn't care for errors
20:47 mannerov: this is especially weird because the game seems to have a secondary thread to update high res textures with the first low res used to load fast
20:48 mannerov: I would have expected it to keep the low res if there is a memory failure for the high res, but no
20:57 mannerov: (and it doesn't care if anything we pass him is a NULL pointer)
22:07 Venemo: hehe
22:44 orbea: can someone fix the dead apitrace download link here https://github.com/iXit/wine-nine-standalone/wiki/apitrace
22:44 orbea: https://people.freedesktop.org/~jrfonseca/apitrace/apitrace-msvc-latest.7z
22:56 orbea: what do I do if when playing a game nine results in a game breaking bug while wined3d doesn't, but when making an apitrace with wined3d and then replaying it with nine the bug is not present?