11:57 mannerov: dhewg: I think here it should be top and left twice, not right and bottom https://github.com/iXit/wine-nine-standalone/blob/master/d3d9-nine/present.c#L1028 Do you want me to send a PR .
12:02 mannerov: there seems to be a problem with Valve fullscreen hack
12:02 mannerov: Mass Effect cannot render at my native resolution
12:02 mannerov: I am forced to request a lower one
12:03 mannerov: and somehow our support for the Valve fullscreen hack make it detect a bigger window, which is quite problematic
12:03 mannerov: I do not see a way to fix it without disabling support for Valve fullscreen hacj
12:03 mannerov: if only wine devs had allowed us to access dc_rect... It would be so much more reliable
12:05 mannerov: I guess wine ninewinecfg should have a cross for the Valve fullscreen hack