11:34 LiquidAcid: more news about my ninewinecfg problem, i had a look at the backtrace wine has given me, and the address where the fault happens seems to be located in d3dadapter9.so
11:34 LiquidAcid: so now back to mesa
11:36 LiquidAcid: currently building a debug build so that i can get a better backtrace
11:54 LiquidAcid: i don't understand this, now it seems to have moved to llvm
11:54 LiquidAcid: 0x78dc137f: movzbl 0x0(%eax),%eax
11:54 LiquidAcid: 778d4000-77904000 r--p 00000000 00:2d 2105692 /usr/lib/llvm/9/lib/libLLVMObject.so.9
21:24 LiquidAcid: i vaguely remember there being a test application that can use nine without wine inbetween (hence calling nine from native code), but i can't seem to find it
21:24 LiquidAcid: does anyone know where this test application vanished to?
21:28 LiquidAcid: anyway, i did a bit of manual tracing and this is the last bit in wine space:
21:28 LiquidAcid: https://github.com/iXit/wine-nine-standalone/blob/master/d3d9-nine/present.c#L1682
21:29 LiquidAcid: so the segfault does happen in mesa, or llvm (which mesa calls), but i'm not getting any good backtraces with winedbg
21:29 LiquidAcid: so i rather try to avoid wine for now
21:38 Venemo: LiquidAcid: the test is called xnine
21:38 Venemo: which version of llvm do you have brw?
21:38 Venemo: btw?
21:40 LiquidAcid: Venemo, llvm-9.0.1
21:40 Venemo: should work without issue
21:41 Venemo: have you opened a bug report for us yet?
21:41 LiquidAcid: well, that's what everyone keeps telling me :D
21:41 LiquidAcid: no, still analysing
21:42 LiquidAcid: i'm going to give xnine a go tomorrow, thanks for the hint