14:56 orbea: anyone getting these build failures in the mesa master in nine's state_tracker? http://dpaste.com/024MDPE.txt
14:57 orbea: more complete paste: http://dpaste.com/2NW7KE1.txt
15:02 orbea: hmm, didn't spot the -Werror at first
15:04 orbea: which should be off by default according to mesa
15:04 orbea: *meson
15:04 orbea: and mesa turns it back on: with an expression of type 'const void *' discards qualifiers
15:05 orbea: oops, bad paste
15:05 orbea: -Werror=incompatible-pointer-types
15:14 orbea: this seems to help https://termbin.com/qm6s
15:17 orbea:wonders how this got past CI?
15:51 orbea: in #radeon it was explained that nine is not tested in CI with clang
16:52 iive: it's warning that is treated like error
16:56 Venemo: the people who add more serious c flags usually don't bother to fix the nine build before they push that
16:59 iive: the funny thing is that in the CLI I do not see the option to make this warning into error. something else is triggering it.
17:00 iive: maybe it is -Wformat-security?
19:10 orbea: iive: mesa is literally hardcoding '-Werror=incompatible-pointer-types' unless you are using msvc
19:10 orbea: (in meson.build)
19:10 iive: i don't see it in the clang invocation.
19:11 orbea: i see it in this paste http://dpaste.com/2NW7KE1.txt
19:11 orbea: -Werror=empty-body -Werror=incompatible-pointer-types -Werror=int-conversion
19:11 orbea: Venemo: i think the only reason this passed CI is because nine is not tested with clang
19:12 orbea: not sure how feasible it would be to add that
19:13 iive: orbea, i see. I was looking for "discards-qualifiers" as this is the exact warning.
19:13 iive: and the exact Werror given in the error message.
19:13 orbea: yea, I just noticed now that the exact warning is more specific
19:39 Venemo: orbea: yeah, nine is quite neglected in the ci