15:59 dhewg: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/merge_requests/3282
16:04 mannerov: well nir seems to work well so that's understandable
16:04 dhewg: right, but what does that mean for us?
16:19 mannerov: isn't nir support more or less ok ?
16:20 orbea: mannerov: isn't there still that giant mem leak?
16:21 mannerov: Venemo would know best what's the status
16:22 orbea: i asked him recently:
16:22 orbea: 05:55 <orbea> Venemo: did you ever make progress on that hat in time/nir issue?
16:22 orbea: 11:09 <Venemo> orbea: not yet, sorry. I've been on vacation for most of the month
16:35 mannerov: I have some stuff to work on before looking at that
16:36 orbea: no rush, I just hope it can be fixed before tgsi goes
16:38 mannerov: Anyone knows how to make steam work ok again under wine ?
16:38 mannerov: since the update it is horrible mess
16:39 mannerov: I lost a lot of time a few weeks ago trying to get Magicka running again, with failure at the end
16:45 Venemo: mannerov: I use the steam linux client, but enable proton for all games. you can then use that as if it were a standard wine prefix, and install nine on it
16:46 Venemo: orbea: sorry, the holiday period is always crazy around here, I just barely managed to start to catch up with some work yesterday and the day before
16:46 orbea: no worries
16:50 Venemo: I didn't think Marek will be this fast with this stuff
16:50 mannerov: I never managed to make Proton work
16:50 Venemo: mannerov: the steam client should be able to make it work for you
16:50 mannerov: yeah I used it
16:51 Venemo: what's the problem?
16:51 mannerov: it's just proton didn't work for the games I tried
16:51 Venemo: interesting
16:52 Venemo: it worked for me when I was testing A Hat in Time
16:52 Venemo: though it wasn't easy to figure out how to interact with it outside of the steam client
16:54 Venemo: it needs a lot of environment variables, due to the steam client packing its own set of libraries
16:54 mannerov: can you use the same env for several games ?
16:54 mannerov: or is it separate wineprefix ?
16:57 Venemo: it makes separate prefixes for each game
16:57 mannerov: Thus I much prefer not using it
16:58 mannerov: installing every libs on all prefixes, etc is a huge waste of space
16:59 Venemo: actually that's not the case anymore afaik
16:59 Venemo: the prefixes can share a lot of stuff
16:59 mannerov: sounds complicated
17:00 Venemo: anyway, here is how I used it. I made a shell script like this: https://paste.centos.org/view/9ea72972 and just used it with 'source', and then I ran the game from there
17:00 Venemo: there might be better ways to do it, Plagman might know more about it