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  All 6303/8142 6393/8144
  bugs 17/19 17/19
  crash-cubemap-order pass pass
  crash-texparameter-before-teximage pass pass
  drawbuffer-modes pass pass
  fdo10370 pass pass
  fdo14575 pass pass
  fdo20701 fail fail
  fdo22540 pass pass
  fdo23489 pass pass
  fdo23670-depth_test pass pass
  fdo23670-drawpix_stencil pass pass
  fdo24066 pass pass
  fdo25614-genmipmap skip skip
  fdo28551 fail fail
  fdo31934 pass pass
  fdo9833 pass pass
  point-sprite pass pass
  r300-readcache pass pass
  tex1d-2dborder pass pass
  tri-tex-crash pass pass
  vbo-buffer-unmap pass pass
  fbo 57/71 59/71
  FBO blit from missing attachment fail fail
  FBO blit to missing attachment pass pass
  fbo-1d pass pass
  fbo-3d pass pass
  fbo-alpha pass pass
  fbo-alphatest-formats fail fail
  fbo-alphatest-nocolor pass pass
  fbo-alphatest-nocolor-ff pass pass
  fbo-array pass pass
  fbo-bind-renderbuffer fail fail
  fbo-blending-formats fail fail
  fbo-blit pass pass
  fbo-blit-d24s8 pass pass
  fbo-clear-formats pass pass
  fbo-clearmipmap pass pass
  fbo-copypix pass pass
  fbo-copyteximage pass pass
  fbo-copyteximage-simple pass pass
  fbo-cubemap pass pass
  fbo-depth-array pass pass
  fbo-depth-sample-compare pass pass
  fbo-depthtex pass pass
  fbo-draw-buffers-blend fail fail
  fbo-drawbuffers pass pass
  fbo-drawbuffers-arbfp pass pass
  fbo-drawbuffers-blend-add pass pass
  fbo-drawbuffers-fragcolor pass pass
  fbo-drawbuffers-maxtargets pass pass
  fbo-drawbuffers2-blend pass pass
  fbo-drawbuffers2-colormask pass pass
  fbo-finish-deleted pass pass
  fbo-flushing pass pass
  fbo-flushing-2 pass pass
  fbo-fragcoord pass pass
  fbo-fragcoord2 fail pass
  fbo-generatemipmap pass pass
  fbo-generatemipmap-filtering pass pass
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats pass pass
  fbo-generatemipmap-nonsquare pass pass
  fbo-generatemipmap-npot pass pass
  fbo-generatemipmap-scissor pass pass
  fbo-generatemipmap-viewport pass pass
  fbo-getframebufferattachmentparameter-01 fail fail
  fbo-gl_pointcoord fail pass
  fbo-incomplete-texture-01 pass pass
  fbo-incomplete-texture-02 pass pass
  fbo-incomplete-texture-03 pass pass
  fbo-incomplete-texture-04 crash crash
  fbo-integer fail fail
  fbo-luminance-alpha fail fail
  fbo-maxsize pass pass
  fbo-mipmap-copypix pass pass
  fbo-nodepth-test pass pass
  fbo-nostencil-test pass pass
  fbo-pbo-readpixels-small pass pass
  fbo-readdrawpix pass pass
  fbo-readpixels fail fail
  fbo-readpixels-depth-formats pass pass
  fbo-rg-GL_R16 pass pass
  fbo-rg-GL_R8 pass pass
  fbo-rg-GL_RED pass pass
  fbo-rg-GL_RG pass pass
  fbo-rg-GL_RG16 pass pass
  fbo-rg-GL_RG8 pass pass
  fbo-scissor-bitmap pass pass
  fbo-srgb pass pass
  fbo-srgb-blit pass pass
  fbo-storage-completeness fail fail
  fbo-storage-formats fail fail
  fbo-sys-blit pass pass
  fbo-sys-sub-blit pass pass
  general 86/101 88/101
  GL_SELECT - alpha-test enabled pass pass
  GL_SELECT - depth-test enabled pass pass
  GL_SELECT - no test function pass pass
  GL_SELECT - scissor-test enabled pass pass
  GL_SELECT - stencil-test enabled pass pass
  array-stride pass pass
  bgra-sec-color-pointer pass pass
  bgra-vert-attrib-pointer pass pass
  blendminmax pass pass
  blendsquare pass pass
  clear-accum pass pass
  clear-varray-2.0 pass pass
  copy-pixels pass pass
  copypixels-draw-sync pass pass
  copypixels-sync pass pass
  depth-clamp-range pass pass
  depth_clamp fail fail
  depthfunc pass pass
  depthrange-clear pass pass
  depthstencil-default_fb-blit fail pass
  depthstencil-default_fb-clear pass pass
  depthstencil-default_fb-copypixels pass pass
  depthstencil-default_fb-drawpixels-24_8 fail fail
  depthstencil-default_fb-drawpixels-32F_24_8_REV fail fail
  depthstencil-default_fb-drawpixels-FLOAT-and-USHORT fail fail
  depthstencil-default_fb-readpixels-24_8 pass pass
  depthstencil-default_fb-readpixels-32F_24_8_REV pass pass
  depthstencil-default_fb-readpixels-FLOAT-and-USHORT pass pass
  dlist-clear pass pass
  dlist-fdo3129-01 pass pass
  dlist-fdo3129-02 pass pass
  dlist-fdo31590 pass pass
  draw-arrays-colormaterial pass pass
  draw-batch pass pass
  draw-copypixels-sync pass pass
  draw-elements pass pass
  draw-elements-user pass pass
  draw-elements-vs-inputs pass pass
  draw-instanced pass pass
  draw-instanced-divisor pass pass
  draw-pixel-with-texture fail fail
  draw-pixels fail fail
  draw-vertices fail pass
  draw-vertices-half-float pass pass
  draw-vertices-half-float-user pass pass
  draw-vertices-user pass pass
  early-z pass pass
  fog-modes pass pass
  fragment-center pass pass
  framebuffer-srgb pass pass
  geterror-inside-begin pass pass
  geterror-invalid-enum pass pass
  gl30basic fail fail
  hiz pass pass
  infinite-spot-light pass pass
  isbufferobj pass pass
  line-aa-width pass pass
  linestipple pass pass
  longprim pass pass
  object_purgeable-api-pbo skip skip
  object_purgeable-api-texture skip skip
  object_purgeable-api-vbo skip skip
  occlusion-query-discard pass pass
  occlusion_query pass pass
  oes-read-format skip skip
  pbo-drawpixels pass pass
  pbo-read-argb8888 fail fail
  pbo-readpixels-small fail fail
  pbo-teximage pass pass
  pbo-teximage-tiling pass pass
  pbo-teximage-tiling-2 pass pass
  point-line-no-cull pass pass
  polygon-mode pass pass
  pos-array fail fail
  primitive-restart fail fail
  provoking-vertex pass pass
  quad-invariance pass pass
  read-front pass pass
  roundmode-getintegerv pass pass
  roundmode-pixelstore pass pass
  scissor-bitmap fail fail
  scissor-clear pass pass
  scissor-copypixels pass pass
  scissor-depth-clear pass pass
  scissor-many pass pass
  scissor-offscreen pass pass
  scissor-stencil-clear pass pass
  stencil-drawpixels pass pass
  stencil-twoside pass pass
  stencil-wrap pass pass
  sync_api pass pass
  texgen pass pass
  texunits pass pass
  timer_query fail fail
  two-sided-lighting pass pass
  two-sided-lighting-separate-specular pass pass
  user-clip pass pass
  vao-01 skip skip
  vao-02 skip skip
  vao-element-array-buffer pass pass
  varray-disabled pass pass
  vbo-bufferdata pass pass
  vbo-map-remap pass pass
  vbo-subdata-sync pass pass
  vbo-subdata-zero pass pass
  vs-point_size-zero pass pass
  windowoverlap pass pass
  glean 377/390 377/390
  api2 pass pass
  basic pass pass
  blendFunc pass pass
  bufferObject pass pass
  clipFlat pass pass
  depthStencil pass pass
  fbo fail fail
  fp1-ABS test pass pass
  fp1-ADD an immediate pass pass
  fp1-ADD negative immediate pass pass
  fp1-ADD negative immediate (2) pass pass
  fp1-ADD test pass pass
  fp1-ADD with saturation pass pass
  fp1-ARB_fog_exp test pass pass
  fp1-ARB_fog_exp2 test pass pass
  fp1-ARB_fog_linear test pass pass
  fp1-CMP test pass pass
  fp1-COS test pass pass
  fp1-COS test 2 pass pass
  fp1-Computed fog exp test pass pass
  fp1-Computed fog exp2 test pass pass
  fp1-Computed fog linear test pass pass
  fp1-DP3 test pass pass
  fp1-DP3 test (2) pass pass
  fp1-DP4 test pass pass
  fp1-DPH test pass pass
  fp1-DST test pass pass
  fp1-Divide by zero test pass pass
  fp1-EX2 test pass pass
  fp1-FLR test pass pass
  fp1-FRC test pass pass
  fp1-Infinity and nan test pass pass
  fp1-LG2 test pass pass
  fp1-LIT test 1 pass pass
  fp1-LIT test 2 (degenerate case: 0 ^ 0 -> 1) fail fail
  fp1-LIT test 3 (case x < 0) pass pass
  fp1-MAD test pass pass
  fp1-MAX test pass pass
  fp1-MIN test pass pass
  fp1-MOV test pass pass
  fp1-MUL test pass pass
  fp1-POW test (exponentiation) pass pass
  fp1-RCP test (reciprocal) pass pass
  fp1-RCP test 2 (reciprocal) pass pass
  fp1-RSQ test 1 (reciprocal square root) pass pass
  fp1-RSQ test 2 (reciprocal square root of negative value) pass pass
  fp1-SCS test pass pass
  fp1-SGE test pass pass
  fp1-SIN test pass pass
  fp1-SIN test 2 pass pass
  fp1-SLT test pass pass
  fp1-SUB test (with swizzle) pass pass
  fp1-SUB with saturation pass pass
  fp1-SWZ test pass pass
  fp1-XPD test 1 pass pass
  fp1-Z-write test pass pass
  fp1-masked MUL test pass pass
  fp1-swizzled add test pass pass
  fp1-swizzled move test pass pass
  fpexceptions pass pass
  getString pass pass
  glsl1-! (not) operator (1, fail) pass pass
  glsl1-! (not) operator (1, pass) pass pass
  glsl1-! (not) operator (2, fail) pass pass
  glsl1-! (not) operator (2, pass) pass pass
  glsl1-&& operator (1) pass pass
  glsl1-&& operator (2) pass pass
  glsl1-&& operator, short-circuit pass pass
  glsl1-2D Texture lookup with explicit lod (Vertex shader) pass pass
  glsl1-Addition pass pass
  glsl1-Comment test (1) pass pass
  glsl1-Comment test (2) pass pass
  glsl1-Comment test (3) pass pass
  glsl1-Comment test (4) pass pass
  glsl1-Comment test (5) pass pass
  glsl1-Directly set fragment color pass pass
  glsl1-Directly set vertex color pass pass
  glsl1-Divide by zero pass pass
  glsl1-Empty blocks ({}), nil (;) statements pass pass
  glsl1-Float Literals pass pass
  glsl1-GL state variable reference (diffuse product) pass pass
  glsl1-GL state variable reference (gl_FrontMaterial.ambient) pass pass
  glsl1-GL state variable reference (gl_LightSource[0].diffuse) pass pass
  glsl1-GL state variable reference (point attenuation) pass pass
  glsl1-GL state variable reference (point size) pass pass
  glsl1-GLSL 1.20 array constructor 1 pass pass
  glsl1-GLSL 1.20 array constructor 2 pass pass
  glsl1-GLSL 1.20 array constructor 3 pass pass
  glsl1-GLSL 1.20 array constructor 4 pass pass
  glsl1-GLSL 1.20 array constructor 5 pass pass
  glsl1-GLSL 1.20 array constructor 6 pass pass
  glsl1-GLSL 1.20 array constructor 7 pass pass
  glsl1-GLSL 1.20 array constructor 8 pass pass
  glsl1-GLSL 1.20 array error check pass pass
  glsl1-GLSL 1.20 array.length() pass pass
  glsl1-GLSL 1.20 arrays pass pass
  glsl1-GLSL 1.20 const array constructor 1 pass pass
  glsl1-GLSL 1.20 const array constructor 2 pass pass
  glsl1-GLSL 1.20 invariant, centroid qualifiers pass pass
  glsl1-GLSL 1.20 uniform array constructor pass pass
  glsl1-GLSL 1.30 precision qualifiers pass pass
  glsl1-Global vars and initializers pass pass
  glsl1-Global vars and initializers (2) pass pass
  glsl1-Integer Literals pass pass
  glsl1-Negation pass pass
  glsl1-Negation2 pass pass
  glsl1-Pass-through vertex color pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test (11) pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test (extension test 1) pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test (extension test 2) pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test (extension test 3) pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test 1 (#if 0) pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test 10 (#if defined()) pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test 11 (#elif) pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test 12 (#elif) pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test 13 (nested #if) pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test 14 (nested #if) pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test 15 (nested #if, #elif) pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test 2 (#if 1) pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test 3 (#if ==) pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test 4 (#if 1, #define macro) pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test 5 (#if 1, #define macro) pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test 6 (#if 0, #define macro) pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test 7 (multi-line #define) pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test 8 (#ifdef) pass pass
  glsl1-Preprocessor test 9 (#ifndef) pass pass
  glsl1-Primary plus secondary color pass pass
  glsl1-Swizzle pass pass
  glsl1-Swizzle (rgba) pass pass
  glsl1-Swizzle (stpq) pass pass
  glsl1-Swizzle in-place pass pass
  glsl1-Swizzled expression pass pass
  glsl1-Swizzled swizzle pass pass
  glsl1-Swizzled swizzled swizzle pass pass
  glsl1-Swizzled writemask pass pass
  glsl1-Swizzled writemask (2) pass pass
  glsl1-Swizzled writemask (rgba) pass pass
  glsl1-Swizzled writemask (stpq) pass pass
  glsl1-TIntermediate::addUnaryMath pass pass
  glsl1-TPPStreamCompiler::assignOperands pass pass
  glsl1-Writemask pass pass
  glsl1-^^ operator (1) pass pass
  glsl1-^^ operator (2) pass pass
  glsl1-abs() function pass pass
  glsl1-acos(vec4) function pass pass
  glsl1-all() function pass pass
  glsl1-any() function pass pass
  glsl1-asin(vec4) function pass pass
  glsl1-assignment operators pass pass
  glsl1-atan(vec4) function pass pass
  glsl1-break with no loop pass pass
  glsl1-built-in constants pass pass
  glsl1-ceil() function pass pass
  glsl1-chained assignment pass pass
  glsl1-clamp() function pass pass
  glsl1-clamp() function, vec4 pass pass
  glsl1-conditional expression pass pass
  glsl1-conditional expression (2) pass pass
  glsl1-constant array of vec4 with variable indexing, vertex shader pass pass
  glsl1-constant array with constant indexing, fragment shader pass pass
  glsl1-constant array with constant indexing, vertex shader pass pass
  glsl1-constant array with variable indexing, vertex shader pass pass
  glsl1-constant array with variable indexing, vertex shader (2) pass pass
  glsl1-continue with no loop pass pass
  glsl1-cos(vec4) function pass pass
  glsl1-cross() function pass pass
  glsl1-cross() function, in-place pass pass
  glsl1-discard statement (1) pass pass
  glsl1-discard statement (2) pass pass
  glsl1-discard statement in for loop pass pass
  glsl1-do-loop pass pass
  glsl1-do-loop with break pass pass
  glsl1-do-loop with continue and break pass pass
  glsl1-dot product pass pass
  glsl1-equality (float, fail) pass pass
  glsl1-equality (float, pass) pass pass
  glsl1-equality (vec2, fail) pass pass
  glsl1-equality (vec2, pass) pass pass
  glsl1-equality (vec3, fail) pass pass
  glsl1-equality (vec3, pass) pass pass
  glsl1-equality (vec4, fail) pass pass
  glsl1-equality (vec4, pass) pass pass
  glsl1-exp(vec4) function pass pass
  glsl1-exp2(vec4) function pass pass
  glsl1-floor() function pass pass
  glsl1-for-loop pass pass
  glsl1-for-loop with continue pass pass
  glsl1-fract() function pass pass
  glsl1-function call with in, out params pass pass
  glsl1-function call with inout params pass pass
  glsl1-function prototype pass pass
  glsl1-function with early return (1) pass pass
  glsl1-function with early return (2) pass pass
  glsl1-function with early return (3) pass pass
  glsl1-function with early return (4) pass pass
  glsl1-gl_FragDepth writing pass pass
  glsl1-gl_FrontFacing var (1) pass pass
  glsl1-gl_FrontFacing var (2) pass pass
  glsl1-gl_Position not written check fail fail
  glsl1-if (boolean-scalar) check pass pass
  glsl1-illegal assignment pass pass
  glsl1-inequality (float, fail) pass pass
  glsl1-inequality (float, pass) pass pass
  glsl1-inequality (vec2, fail) pass pass
  glsl1-inequality (vec2, pass) pass pass
  glsl1-inequality (vec3, fail) pass pass
  glsl1-inequality (vec3, pass) pass pass
  glsl1-inequality (vec4, fail) pass pass
  glsl1-inequality (vec4, pass) pass pass
  glsl1-integer division pass pass
  glsl1-integer division with uniform var pass pass
  glsl1-integer, float arithmetic pass pass
  glsl1-length() function pass pass
  glsl1-length() functions pass pass
  glsl1-linear fog pass pass
  glsl1-log(vec4) function pass pass
  glsl1-log2(vec4) function pass pass
  glsl1-mat2x3 construct pass pass
  glsl1-mat2x4 construct pass pass
  glsl1-mat3x2 construct pass pass
  glsl1-mat3x4 construct pass pass
  glsl1-mat4x2 * mat2x4 pass pass
  glsl1-mat4x2 * vec4 pass pass
  glsl1-mat4x2 construct pass pass
  glsl1-mat4x3 construct pass pass
  glsl1-matrix column check (1) pass pass
  glsl1-matrix column check (2) pass pass
  glsl1-matrix, vector multiply (1) pass pass
  glsl1-matrix, vector multiply (2) pass pass
  glsl1-matrix, vector multiply (3) pass pass
  glsl1-max() function pass pass
  glsl1-min() function pass pass
  glsl1-mix(float) function pass pass
  glsl1-mix(vec4) function pass pass
  glsl1-mod() function pass pass
  glsl1-nested function calls (1) pass pass
  glsl1-nested function calls (2) pass pass
  glsl1-nested function calls (3) pass pass
  glsl1-normalize(vec3) function pass pass
  glsl1-post decrement (x--) pass pass
  glsl1-post increment (x++) pass pass
  glsl1-pow(vec4) function pass pass
  glsl1-pre decrement (--x) fail fail
  glsl1-pre increment (++x) pass pass
  glsl1-precision exp2 pass pass
  glsl1-precision log2 pass pass
  glsl1-sequence (comma) operator pass pass
  glsl1-shadow2D(): 1 pass pass
  glsl1-shadow2D(): 2 pass pass
  glsl1-shadow2D(): 3 pass pass
  glsl1-shadow2D(): 4 pass pass
  glsl1-sign() function pass pass
  glsl1-simple function call pass pass
  glsl1-simple if statement (scalar test) pass pass
  glsl1-simple if statement, fragment shader pass pass
  glsl1-simple if statement, vertex shader pass pass
  glsl1-simple if-else statement, fragment shader pass pass
  glsl1-simple if-else statement, vertex shader pass pass
  glsl1-sin(vec4) function pass pass
  glsl1-smoothstep() function pass pass
  glsl1-sqrt(vec2) function pass pass
  glsl1-sqrt(vec4) function pass pass
  glsl1-step() function pass pass
  glsl1-struct (1) pass pass
  glsl1-struct (2) pass pass
  glsl1-struct (3) pass pass
  glsl1-struct (4) pass pass
  glsl1-syntax error check (1) pass pass
  glsl1-syntax error check (2) pass pass
  glsl1-syntax error check (3) pass pass
  glsl1-temp array with constant indexing, fragment shader pass pass
  glsl1-temp array with constant indexing, vertex shader pass pass
  glsl1-temp array with swizzled variable indexing pass pass
  glsl1-temp array with variable indexing, fragment shader pass pass
  glsl1-temp array with variable indexing, vertex shader pass pass
  glsl1-texcoord varying pass pass
  glsl1-texture1D() pass pass
  glsl1-texture2D() pass pass
  glsl1-texture2D(), computed coordinate pass pass
  glsl1-texture2D(), with bias pass pass
  glsl1-texture2DProj() pass pass
  glsl1-texture3D() pass pass
  glsl1-texture3D(), computed coord pass pass
  glsl1-unary negation pass pass
  glsl1-undefined variable pass pass
  glsl1-uniform matrix pass pass
  glsl1-uniform matrix 2x4 pass pass
  glsl1-uniform matrix 2x4, transposed pass pass
  glsl1-uniform matrix 4x3 pass pass
  glsl1-uniform matrix 4x3, transposed pass pass
  glsl1-uniform matrix, transposed pass pass
  glsl1-uniform variable (fragment shader) pass pass
  glsl1-uniform variable (vertex shader) pass pass
  glsl1-varying read but not written fail fail
  glsl1-varying var mismatch fail fail
  glsl1-varying variable pass pass
  glsl1-varying variable read-write pass pass
  glsl1-vec2 * mat4x2 multiply pass pass
  glsl1-vec3 * mat4x3 multiply pass pass
  glsl1-vec4 * mat3x4 multiply pass pass
  glsl1-vec4, scalar arithmetic pass pass
  glsl1-vector relational (bvec2 <,<=) pass pass
  glsl1-vector relational (bvec2 ==,!=) pass pass
  glsl1-vector relational (bvec2 >,>=) pass pass
  glsl1-vector relational (vec4 !=) pass pass
  glsl1-vector relational (vec4 <) pass pass
  glsl1-vector relational (vec4 <=) pass pass
  glsl1-vector relational (vec4 ==) pass pass
  glsl1-vector relational (vec4 >) pass pass
  glsl1-vector relational (vec4 >=) pass pass
  glsl1-vector subscript *= pass pass
  glsl1-while-loop pass pass
  glsl1-while-loop with continue pass pass
  glsl1-|| operator (1) pass pass
  glsl1-|| operator (2) pass pass
  glsl1-|| operator, short-circuit pass pass
  logicOp pass pass
  makeCurrent pass pass
  maskedClear pass pass
  occluquery pass pass
  orthoPosHLines pass pass
  orthoPosPoints pass pass
  orthoPosRandRects pass pass
  orthoPosRandTris pass pass
  orthoPosTinyQuads pass pass
  orthoPosVLines pass pass
  paths pass pass
  pbo pass pass
  pixelFormats crash fail
  pointSprite fail fail
  polygonOffset pass pass
  readPixSanity pass pass
  rgbTriStrip pass pass
  scissor fail fail
  shaderAPI fail fail
  stencil2 pass pass
  teapot pass pass
  texCombine fail fail
  texCombine4 pass pass
  texCube pass pass
  texEnv pass pass
  texRect pass pass
  texSwizzle pass pass
  texUnits pass pass
  texgen pass pass
  texture_srgb pass pass
  vertArrayBGRA fail fail
  vertattrib pass pass
  vp1-ABS test pass pass
  vp1-ADD test pass pass
  vp1-ARL test pass pass
  vp1-DP3 test pass pass
  vp1-DP4 test pass pass
  vp1-DPH test pass pass
  vp1-DST test pass pass
  vp1-Divide by zero test pass pass
  vp1-EX2 test pass pass
  vp1-EXP test pass pass
  vp1-FLR test pass pass
  vp1-FRC test pass pass
  vp1-Infinity and nan test pass pass
  vp1-LG2 test pass pass
  vp1-LIT test 1 pass pass
  vp1-LIT test 2 (degenerate case: 0 ^ 0 -> 1) fail fail
  vp1-LIT test 3 (case x < 0) pass pass
  vp1-LOG test pass pass
  vp1-MAD test pass pass
  vp1-MAX test pass pass
  vp1-MIN test pass pass
  vp1-MOV test (with swizzle) pass pass
  vp1-MUL test (with swizzle and masking) pass pass
  vp1-POW test (exponentiation) pass pass
  vp1-Position write test (compute position from texcoord) pass pass
  vp1-RCP test (reciprocal) pass pass
  vp1-RSQ test 1 (reciprocal square root) pass pass
  vp1-RSQ test 2 (reciprocal square root of negative value) pass pass
  vp1-SGE test pass pass
  vp1-SLT test pass pass
  vp1-SUB test (with swizzle) pass pass
  vp1-SWZ test 1 pass pass
  vp1-SWZ test 2 pass pass
  vp1-SWZ test 3 pass pass
  vp1-SWZ test 4 pass pass
  vp1-SWZ test 5 pass pass
  vp1-State reference test 1 (material ambient) pass pass
  vp1-State reference test 2 (light products) pass pass
  vp1-State reference test 3 (fog params) pass pass
  vp1-XPD test 1 pass pass
  vp1-XPD test 2 (same src and dst arg) pass pass
  vp1-Z-write test pass pass
  glx 24/48 24/48
  GLX_ARB_create_context 5/11 5/11
  NULL attribute list pass pass
  color-index render type with 3.0 fail fail
  default major version pass pass
  default minor version pass pass
  empty attribute list pass pass
  forward-compatible flag with 3.0 pass pass
  forward-compatible flag with pre-3.0 fail fail
  invalid OpenGL version fail fail
  invalid attribute fail fail
  invalid flag fail fail
  invalid render type fail fail
  GLX_EXT_import_context 1/9 2/9
  free context crash crash
  get context ID crash crash
  get current display pass pass
  import context, multi process fail fail
  import context, single process crash crash
  imported context has same context ID crash pass
  make current, multi process fail fail
  make current, single process fail fail
  query context info crash crash
  glx-close-display pass pass
  glx-copy-sub-buffer skip skip
  glx-destroycontext-1 pass pass
  glx-destroycontext-2 pass pass
  glx-dont-care-mask pass pass
  glx-fbconfig-compliance pass pass
  glx-fbconfig-sanity fail fail
  glx-fbo-binding pass fail
  glx-make-current pass pass
  glx-make-glxdrawable-current pass pass
  glx-multi-context-ib-1 pass pass
  glx-multithread fail fail
  glx-multithread-makecurrent-1 skip skip
  glx-multithread-makecurrent-2 skip skip
  glx-multithread-makecurrent-3 skip skip
  glx-multithread-makecurrent-4 skip skip
  glx-pixmap-crosscheck pass pass
  glx-pixmap-life pass pass
  glx-pixmap-multi pass pass
  glx-pixmap13-life pass pass
  glx-query-drawable-GLXBadDrawable fail fail
  glx-query-drawable-GLX_HEIGHT pass pass
  glx-query-drawable-GLX_WIDTH pass pass
  glx-shader-sharing pass pass
  glx-swap-event_async skip skip
  glx-swap-event_event skip skip
  glx-swap-event_interval skip skip
  glx-swap-exchange skip skip
  glx-swap-pixmap fail crash
  glx-swap-pixmap-bad pass pass
  glx-swap-singlebuffer fail fail
  glx-tfp fail fail
  glx-visuals-depth fail fail
  glx-visuals-depth -pixmap fail fail
  glx-visuals-stencil fail fail
  glx-visuals-stencil -pixmap fail fail
  glx-window-life pass pass
  hiz 18/19 18/19
  hiz-depth-read-fbo-d24-s0 pass pass
  hiz-depth-read-fbo-d24-s8 skip skip
  hiz-depth-read-fbo-d24s8 pass pass
  hiz-depth-read-window-stencil0 pass pass
  hiz-depth-read-window-stencil1 pass pass
  hiz-depth-stencil-test-fbo-d0-s8 fail fail
  hiz-depth-stencil-test-fbo-d24-s0 pass pass
  hiz-depth-stencil-test-fbo-d24-s8 skip skip
  hiz-depth-stencil-test-fbo-d24s8 pass pass
  hiz-depth-test-fbo-d24-s0 pass pass
  hiz-depth-test-fbo-d24-s8 skip skip
  hiz-depth-test-fbo-d24s8 pass pass
  hiz-depth-test-window-stencil0 pass pass
  hiz-depth-test-window-stencil1 pass pass
  hiz-stencil-read-fbo-d0-s8 pass pass
  hiz-stencil-read-fbo-d24-s8 skip skip
  hiz-stencil-read-fbo-d24s8 pass pass
  hiz-stencil-read-window-depth0 pass pass
  hiz-stencil-read-window-depth1 pass pass
  hiz-stencil-test-fbo-d0-s8 pass pass
  hiz-stencil-test-fbo-d24-s8 skip skip
  hiz-stencil-test-fbo-d24s8 pass pass
  hiz-stencil-test-window-depth0 pass pass
  hiz-stencil-test-window-depth1 pass pass
  mesa 1/1 1/1
  crossbar pass pass
  shaders 524/574 531/574
  GLSL link array-of-struct-of-array pass pass
  GLSL link matched global initializer expression fail fail
  GLSL link matched global initializer, 2 shaders pass pass
  GLSL link mismatched centroid fail fail
  GLSL link mismatched global const initializer fail fail
  GLSL link mismatched global initializer expression fail fail
  GLSL link mismatched global initializer, 2 shaders pass pass
  GLSL link mismatched global initializer, 3 shaders pass pass
  GLSL link mismatched invariant fail fail
  GLSL link single global initializer, 2 shaders pass pass
  GLSL link two programs, global initializer pass pass
  activeprogram-bad-program skip skip
  activeprogram-get skip skip
  ati-fs-bad-delete pass pass
  attribute0 pass pass
  createshaderprogram-attached-shaders skip skip
  createshaderprogram-bad-type skip skip
  fp-abs-01 pass pass
  fp-abs-02 skip skip
  fp-condition_codes-01 skip skip
  fp-fog pass pass
  fp-formats pass pass
  fp-fragment-position fail pass
  fp-incomplete-tex fail fail
  fp-indirections fail fail
  fp-indirections2 pass pass
  fp-kil fail pass
  fp-lit-mask pass pass
  fp-lit-src-equals-dst pass pass
  fp-long-alu pass pass
  fp-rfl skip skip
  fp-set-01 pass pass
  fp-set-02 skip skip
  fp-unpack-01 skip skip
  fragcoord_w pass pass
  getuniform-01 pass pass
  getuniform-02 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-add-add-1 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-add-add-2 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-add-add-3 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-add-add-4 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-add-sub-1 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-add-sub-2 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-add-zero pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-add-zero-2 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-div-one pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-div-one-2 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-logicand-false pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-logicand-false-2 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-logicand-true pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-logicand-true-2 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-logicor-false pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-logicor-false-2 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-logicor-true pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-logicor-true-2 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-logicxor-false pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-logicxor-true pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-mul-mul-1 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-mul-one pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-mul-one-2 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-mul-zero pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-neg-neg pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-not-equals pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-not-notequals pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-pow-two pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-rcp-rcp pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-rcp-rsq pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-rcp-sqrt pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-rcp-sqrt-2 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-sub-sub-1 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-sub-zero pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-sub-zero-2 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-sub-zero-3 pass pass
  glsl-algebraic-sub-zero-4 pass pass
  glsl-arb-fragment-coord-conventions pass pass
  glsl-arb-fragment-coord-conventions-define pass pass
  glsl-array-bounds-01 pass pass
  glsl-array-bounds-02 pass pass
  glsl-array-bounds-03 pass pass
  glsl-array-bounds-04 pass pass
  glsl-array-bounds-05 pass pass
  glsl-array-bounds-06 pass pass
  glsl-array-bounds-07 pass pass
  glsl-array-bounds-08 pass pass
  glsl-array-compare pass pass
  glsl-array-compare-02 pass pass
  glsl-array-length pass pass
  glsl-array-uniform pass pass
  glsl-array-uniform-length pass pass
  glsl-array-varying-01 pass pass
  glsl-bindattriblocation fail fail
  glsl-bug-22603 pass pass
  glsl-clamp-vertex-color fail fail
  glsl-complex-subscript fail fail
  glsl-const-builtin-abs pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-acos pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-all fail fail
  glsl-const-builtin-any pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-asin pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-atan pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-ceil pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-clamp pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-cos pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-cosh pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-cross pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-degrees fail fail
  glsl-const-builtin-derivatives pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-distance pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-dot pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-equal pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-equal-02 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-equal-03 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-equal-04 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-equal-05 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-equal-06 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-equal-07 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-equal-08 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-equal-09 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-equal-10 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-equal-bool pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-exp pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-exp2 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-faceforward pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-floor pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-fract pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-greaterThan pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-greaterThanEqual pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-inversesqrt pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-length pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-lessThan pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-lessThanEqual pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-log pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-log2 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-matrixCompMult pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-max pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-min pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-mix pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-mod pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-normalize pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-not pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-notEqual pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-notEqual-02 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-notEqual-03 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-notEqual-04 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-notEqual-05 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-notEqual-06 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-notEqual-07 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-notEqual-08 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-notEqual-09 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-notEqual-10 pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-notEqual-bool pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-outerProduct pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-pow pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-radians pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-reflect pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-refract pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-sign pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-sin pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-smoothstep pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-sqrt pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-step pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-tan pass pass
  glsl-const-builtin-transpose pass pass
  glsl-const-folding-01 pass fail
  glsl-const-initializer-01 pass pass
  glsl-const-initializer-02 pass pass
  glsl-const-initializer-03 pass pass
  glsl-constant-folding-call-1 pass pass
  glsl-copy-propagation-if-1 pass pass
  glsl-copy-propagation-if-2 pass pass
  glsl-copy-propagation-if-3 pass pass
  glsl-copy-propagation-loop-1 pass pass
  glsl-copy-propagation-loop-2 pass pass
  glsl-copy-propagation-self-1 pass pass
  glsl-copy-propagation-self-2 pass pass
  glsl-copy-propagation-vector-indexing pass pass
  glsl-cos pass pass
  glsl-deadcode-call pass pass
  glsl-deadcode-self-assign pass pass
  glsl-deadcode-varying pass pass
  glsl-deriv-varyings pass pass
  glsl-derivs pass pass
  glsl-derivs-swizzle pass pass
  glsl-dlist-getattriblocation pass pass
  glsl-empty-vs-no-fs pass pass
  glsl-floating-constant-120 fail fail
  glsl-fs-abs-01 pass pass
  glsl-fs-abs-02 pass pass
  glsl-fs-abs-03 pass pass
  glsl-fs-abs-04 pass pass
  glsl-fs-abs-neg pass pass
  glsl-fs-abs-neg-with-intermediate pass pass
  glsl-fs-add-masked pass pass
  glsl-fs-all-01 pass pass
  glsl-fs-all-02 pass pass
  glsl-fs-any pass pass
  glsl-fs-array-redeclaration pass pass
  glsl-fs-asin pass pass
  glsl-fs-atan-1 pass pass
  glsl-fs-atan-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-atan-3 pass pass
  glsl-fs-bit-01 crash pass
  glsl-fs-bit-02 fail pass
  glsl-fs-bug25902 pass pass
  glsl-fs-ceil pass pass
  glsl-fs-clamp-1 pass pass
  glsl-fs-clamp-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-clamp-3 pass pass
  glsl-fs-clamp-4 pass pass
  glsl-fs-color-matrix pass pass
  glsl-fs-conditional-output-write pass pass
  glsl-fs-convolution-1 pass pass
  glsl-fs-convolution-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-copy-propagation-texcoords-1 pass pass
  glsl-fs-copy-propagation-texcoords-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-cross pass pass
  glsl-fs-cross-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-cross-3 pass pass
  glsl-fs-discard-01 pass pass
  glsl-fs-discard-02 pass pass
  glsl-fs-discard-03 pass pass
  glsl-fs-discard-04 pass pass
  glsl-fs-dot-vec2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-dot-vec2-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-double-negative-copy-propagation pass pass
  glsl-fs-exp pass pass
  glsl-fs-exp2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-f2b pass pass
  glsl-fs-flat-color pass pass
  glsl-fs-floor pass pass
  glsl-fs-fogcolor-statechange pass pass
  glsl-fs-fragcoord pass pass
  glsl-fs-fragcoord-zw-ortho pass pass
  glsl-fs-fragcoord-zw-perspective pass pass
  glsl-fs-fragdata-1 pass pass
  glsl-fs-frontfacing pass pass
  glsl-fs-functions-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-functions-3 pass pass
  glsl-fs-functions-4 pass pass
  glsl-fs-functions-5 pass pass
  glsl-fs-functions-6 pass pass
  glsl-fs-functions-samplers pass pass
  glsl-fs-i2b pass pass
  glsl-fs-if-greater pass pass
  glsl-fs-if-greater-equal pass pass
  glsl-fs-if-less pass pass
  glsl-fs-if-less-equal pass pass
  glsl-fs-if-nested-loop pass pass
  glsl-fs-if-texture2d-discard pass pass
  glsl-fs-implicit-array-size-01 fail fail
  glsl-fs-implicit-array-size-02 fail fail
  glsl-fs-implicit-array-size-03 fail fail
  glsl-fs-log pass pass
  glsl-fs-log2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop-300 pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop-break pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop-const-decr pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop-const-incr pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop-continue pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop-diagonal-break pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop-ge pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop-gt pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop-le pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop-lt pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop-nested pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop-nested-if pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop-redundant-condition pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop-two-counter-01 pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop-two-counter-02 pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop-two-counter-03 pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop-two-counter-04 pass pass
  glsl-fs-loop-zero-iter pass pass
  glsl-fs-lots-of-tex pass pass
  glsl-fs-main-return pass pass
  glsl-fs-max pass pass
  glsl-fs-max-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-max-3 pass pass
  glsl-fs-min pass pass
  glsl-fs-min-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-min-3 pass pass
  glsl-fs-mix pass pass
  glsl-fs-mix-constant pass pass
  glsl-fs-mod pass pass
  glsl-fs-mov-masked pass pass
  glsl-fs-neg pass pass
  glsl-fs-neg-abs pass pass
  glsl-fs-neg-dot pass pass
  glsl-fs-normalmatrix fail fail
  glsl-fs-pointcoord pass pass
  glsl-fs-post-increment-01 pass pass
  glsl-fs-raytrace-bug27060 pass pass
  glsl-fs-reflect pass pass
  glsl-fs-roundEven pass pass
  glsl-fs-sampler-numbering pass pass
  glsl-fs-sampler-numbering-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-sampler-numbering-3 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shader-stencil-export pass pass
  glsl-fs-sign pass pass
  glsl-fs-sqrt-branch pass pass
  glsl-fs-sqrt-zero pass pass
  glsl-fs-statevar-call pass pass
  glsl-fs-step pass pass
  glsl-fs-struct-equal fail fail
  glsl-fs-struct-notequal pass pass
  glsl-fs-swizzle-1 pass pass
  glsl-fs-tan-1 pass pass
  glsl-fs-tan-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2d pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2d-bias pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2d-branching pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2d-dependent-1 pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2d-dependent-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2d-dependent-3 pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2d-dependent-4 pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2d-dependent-5 pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2d-masked pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2d-masked-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2d-masked-3 pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2d-masked-4 pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2dproj pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2dproj-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2dproj-bias pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2dproj-bias-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2drect pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2drect-proj3 pass pass
  glsl-fs-texture2drect-proj4 pass pass
  glsl-fs-texturecube pass pass
  glsl-fs-texturecube-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-texturecube-2-bias pass pass
  glsl-fs-texturecube-bias pass pass
  glsl-fs-textureenvcolor-statechange pass pass
  glsl-fs-texturelod-01 pass pass
  glsl-fs-trunc pass pass
  glsl-fs-uniform-array-1 pass pass
  glsl-fs-uniform-array-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-uniform-array-3 pass pass
  glsl-fs-uniform-array-4 pass pass
  glsl-fs-uniform-array-5 pass pass
  glsl-fs-uniform-array-6 pass pass
  glsl-fs-uniform-array-7 pass pass
  glsl-fs-uniform-bool-1 pass pass
  glsl-fs-uniform-bool-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-uniform-sampler-array pass pass
  glsl-fs-unroll-out-param pass pass
  glsl-fs-unroll-side-effect fail fail
  glsl-fs-user-varying-ff pass pass
  glsl-fs-varying-array pass pass
  glsl-fs-vec4-indexing-1 pass pass
  glsl-fs-vec4-indexing-2 pass pass
  glsl-fs-vec4-indexing-3 pass pass
  glsl-fs-vec4-indexing-4 pass pass
  glsl-fs-vec4-indexing-5 pass pass
  glsl-fs-vec4-indexing-6 pass pass
  glsl-fs-vec4-indexing-7 pass pass
  glsl-fs-vec4-indexing-temp-dst fail fail
  glsl-fs-vec4-indexing-temp-dst-in-loop pass pass
  glsl-fs-vec4-indexing-temp-dst-in-nested-loop-combined pass pass
  glsl-fs-vec4-indexing-temp-src pass pass
  glsl-fs-vec4-indexing-temp-src-in-loop pass pass
  glsl-fs-vec4-indexing-temp-src-in-nested-loop-combined pass pass
  glsl-fs-vec4-indexing-temp-src-in-nested-loop-inner pass pass
  glsl-fs-vec4-indexing-temp-src-in-nested-loop-outer pass pass
  glsl-fs-vec4-operator-equal fail fail
  glsl-fs-vec4-operator-notequal pass pass
  glsl-function-chain16 pass pass
  glsl-function-prototype pass pass
  glsl-fwidth pass pass
  glsl-getactiveuniform-array-size pass pass
  glsl-getactiveuniform-count: glsl-getactiveuniform-ftransform pass pass
  glsl-getactiveuniform-count: glsl-getactiveuniform-length pass pass
  glsl-getactiveuniform-count: glsl-getactiveuniform-mvp pass pass
  glsl-getactiveuniform-length fail fail
  glsl-getattriblocation pass pass
  glsl-gnome-shell-dim-window pass pass
  glsl-if-assign-call pass pass
  glsl-implicit-conversion-01 pass pass
  glsl-implicit-conversion-02 pass pass
  glsl-inexact-overloads pass pass
  glsl-inout-struct-01 pass pass
  glsl-inout-struct-02 pass pass
  glsl-invalid-asm-01 pass pass
  glsl-invalid-asm-02 pass pass
  glsl-invariant-pragma pass pass
  glsl-kwin-blur-1 pass pass
  glsl-kwin-blur-2 pass pass
  glsl-light-model pass pass
  glsl-link-array-01 fail fail
  glsl-link-bug30552 pass pass
  glsl-link-bug38015 pass pass
  glsl-link-empty-prog-01 pass pass
  glsl-link-empty-prog-02 pass pass
  glsl-link-varying-TexCoord pass pass
  glsl-link-varyings-1 pass pass
  glsl-link-varyings-2 pass pass
  glsl-link-varyings-3 pass pass
  glsl-lod-bias pass pass
  glsl-mat-110 fail fail
  glsl-mat-attribute pass pass
  glsl-mat-from-int-ctor-01 pass pass
  glsl-mat-from-int-ctor-02 pass pass
  glsl-mat-from-int-ctor-03 pass pass
  glsl-mat-from-vec-ctor-01 pass pass
  glsl-mat-mul-1 pass pass
  glsl-max-varyings pass pass
  glsl-max-vertex-attrib pass pass
  glsl-novertexdata fail fail
  glsl-octal pass pass
  glsl-orangebook-ch06-bump pass pass
  glsl-override-builtin pass pass
  glsl-override-builtin-2 fail fail
  glsl-pp-elif-no-expression-1 pass pass
  glsl-precision-110 fail fail
  glsl-preprocessor-comments pass pass
  glsl-reload-source pass pass
  glsl-routing pass pass
  glsl-sin pass pass
  glsl-struct-constructor-01 pass pass
  glsl-texcoord-array fail pass
  glsl-texcoord-array-2 pass pass
  glsl-uniform-initializer-1 pass pass
  glsl-uniform-initializer-2 pass pass
  glsl-uniform-initializer-3 crash crash
  glsl-uniform-initializer-4 pass pass
  glsl-uniform-initializer-5 fail fail
  glsl-uniform-initializer-6 pass pass
  glsl-uniform-initializer-7 pass pass
  glsl-uniform-linking-1 pass pass
  glsl-uniform-non-uniform-array-compare pass pass
  glsl-uniform-out-of-bounds fail fail
  glsl-uniform-struct pass pass
  glsl-uniform-update pass pass
  glsl-unused-varying pass pass
  glsl-useprogram-displaylist pass pass
  glsl-varying-mat3x2 pass pass
  glsl-varying-read pass pass
  glsl-vec-array fail fail
  glsl-version-define fail pass
  glsl-version-define-110 fail pass
  glsl-version-define-120 fail pass
  glsl-vs-abs-attribute pass pass
  glsl-vs-abs-neg pass pass
  glsl-vs-abs-neg-with-intermediate pass pass
  glsl-vs-all-01 pass pass
  glsl-vs-all-02 pass pass
  glsl-vs-array-redeclaration pass pass
  glsl-vs-arrays fail fail
  glsl-vs-arrays-2 pass pass
  glsl-vs-arrays-3 pass pass
  glsl-vs-clamp-1 pass pass
  glsl-vs-constructor-call pass pass
  glsl-vs-copy-propagation-1 pass pass
  glsl-vs-cross pass pass
  glsl-vs-cross-2 pass pass
  glsl-vs-cross-3 pass pass
  glsl-vs-deadcode-1 pass pass
  glsl-vs-deadcode-2 pass pass
  glsl-vs-dot-vec2 pass pass
  glsl-vs-double-negative-copy-propagation pass pass
  glsl-vs-f2b pass pass
  glsl-vs-ff-frag pass pass
  glsl-vs-functions pass pass
  glsl-vs-functions-2 pass pass
  glsl-vs-functions-3 pass pass
  glsl-vs-if-bool pass pass
  glsl-vs-if-greater pass pass
  glsl-vs-if-greater-equal pass pass
  glsl-vs-if-less pass pass
  glsl-vs-if-less-equal pass pass
  glsl-vs-if-nested pass pass
  glsl-vs-if-nested-loop pass pass
  glsl-vs-large-uniform-array pass pass
  glsl-vs-loop pass pass
  glsl-vs-loop-300 pass pass
  glsl-vs-loop-break pass pass
  glsl-vs-loop-continue pass pass
  glsl-vs-loop-nested pass pass
  glsl-vs-loop-redundant-condition pass pass
  glsl-vs-main-return pass pass
  glsl-vs-masked-cos pass pass
  glsl-vs-masked-dot pass pass
  glsl-vs-mat-add-1 pass pass
  glsl-vs-mat-div-1 pass pass
  glsl-vs-mat-div-2 pass pass
  glsl-vs-mat-mul-1 pass pass
  glsl-vs-mat-mul-2 pass pass
  glsl-vs-mat-mul-3 pass pass
  glsl-vs-mat-sub-1 pass pass
  glsl-vs-mov-after-deref pass pass
  glsl-vs-mvp-statechange pass pass
  glsl-vs-neg-abs pass pass
  glsl-vs-neg-attribute pass pass
  glsl-vs-normalscale fail fail
  glsl-vs-point-size pass pass
  glsl-vs-position-outval pass pass
  glsl-vs-post-increment-01 pass pass
  glsl-vs-raytrace-bug26691 pass pass
  glsl-vs-sign pass pass
  glsl-vs-sqrt-zero pass pass
  glsl-vs-statechange-1 pass pass
  glsl-vs-swizzle-swizzle-lhs pass pass
  glsl-vs-swizzle-swizzle-rhs pass pass
  glsl-vs-texturematrix-1 pass pass
  glsl-vs-texturematrix-2 pass pass
  glsl-vs-uniform-array-1 pass pass
  glsl-vs-uniform-array-2 pass pass
  glsl-vs-uniform-array-3 pass pass
  glsl-vs-uniform-array-4 pass pass
  glsl-vs-user-varying-ff pass pass
  glsl-vs-varying-array pass pass
  glsl-vs-vec4-indexing-1 pass pass
  glsl-vs-vec4-indexing-2 pass pass
  glsl-vs-vec4-indexing-3 pass pass
  glsl-vs-vec4-indexing-4 pass pass
  glsl-vs-vec4-indexing-5 pass pass
  glsl-vs-vec4-indexing-6 pass pass
  glsl-vs-vec4-indexing-temp-dst fail fail
  glsl-vs-vec4-indexing-temp-dst-in-loop pass pass
  glsl-vs-vec4-indexing-temp-dst-in-nested-loop-combined pass pass
  glsl-vs-vec4-indexing-temp-src pass pass
  glsl-vs-vec4-indexing-temp-src-in-loop pass pass
  glsl-vs-vec4-indexing-temp-src-in-nested-loop-combined pass pass
  glsl-vs-vec4-indexing-temp-src-in-nested-loop-inner pass pass
  glsl-vs-vec4-indexing-temp-src-in-nested-loop-outer pass pass
  glsl-vs-vec4-operator-equal fail fail
  glsl-vs-vec4-operator-notequal pass pass
  gpu_shader4_attribs fail fail
  link-mismatch-layout-01 pass pass
  link-mismatch-layout-02 fail fail
  link-mismatch-layout-03 pass pass
  link-struct-usage pass pass
  link-uniform-array-size pass pass
  link-unresolved-function pass pass
  loopfunc pass pass
  sso-simple skip skip
  sso-uniforms-01 skip skip
  sso-uniforms-02 skip skip
  sso-user-varying-01 skip skip
  sso-user-varying-02 skip skip
  trinity-fp1 pass pass
  useprogram-flushverts-1 pass pass
  useprogram-flushverts-2 pass pass
  useprogram-inside-begin pass pass
  useprogram-refcount-1 pass pass
  useshaderprogram-bad-program skip skip
  useshaderprogram-bad-type skip skip
  useshaderprogram-flushverts-1 skip skip
  vbo 3/3 3/3
  vbo-generic-float pass pass
  vbo-generic-int pass pass
  vbo-generic-uint pass pass
  vp-address-01 crash crash
  vp-address-02 skip skip
  vp-address-03 skip skip
  vp-address-04 skip skip
  vp-address-05 skip skip
  vp-address-06 skip skip
  vp-bad-program pass pass
  vp-clipdistance-01 skip skip
  vp-clipdistance-02 skip skip
  vp-clipdistance-03 skip skip
  vp-clipdistance-04 skip skip
  vp-combined-image-units pass pass
  vp-ignore-input pass pass
  vp-max-array fail fail
  vpfp-generic 33/36 33/36
  arl pass pass
  big-param fail fail
  dataflow-bug pass pass
  fdo30337a pass pass
  fdo30337b pass pass
  fdo38145 pass pass
  fogcoord-dp3 pass pass
  fogcoord-dp4 pass pass
  fogcoord-dph pass pass
  fp-arb-fragment-coord-conventions-integer pass pass
  fp-arb-fragment-coord-conventions-none pass pass
  fp-cmp pass pass
  fp-dst-aliasing-1 pass pass
  fp-dst-aliasing-2 pass pass
  fp-ex2-sat pass pass
  fp-two-constants pass pass
  nv-add skip skip
  nv-arl skip skip
  nv-init-zero-addr skip skip
  nv-init-zero-reg skip skip
  nv-mov skip skip
  vp-arl-constant-array pass pass
  vp-arl-constant-array-huge pass pass
  vp-arl-constant-array-huge-offset pass pass
  vp-arl-constant-array-huge-offset-neg crash fail
  vp-arl-constant-array-huge-overwritten pass pass
  vp-arl-constant-array-huge-relative-offset pass pass
  vp-arl-constant-array-huge-varying pass pass
  vp-arl-constant-array-varying pass pass
  vp-arl-env-array pass pass
  vp-arl-local-array pass pass
  vp-arl-neg-array crash crash
  vp-arl-neg-array-2 pass pass
  vp-constant-array pass pass
  vp-constant-array-huge pass pass
  vp-constant-negate pass pass
  vp-exp-alias pass pass
  vp-max pass pass
  vp-min pass pass
  vp-sge-alias pass pass
  vp-two-constants pass pass
  spec 5156/6859 5234/6861
  !OpenGL 1.1 53/70 53/70
  texwrap-1D pass pass
  texwrap-1D-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-1D-proj pass pass
  texwrap-1D-proj-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_ALPHA12 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_ALPHA12-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_ALPHA16 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_ALPHA16-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_ALPHA4 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_ALPHA4-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_ALPHA8 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_ALPHA8-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_INTENSITY12 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_INTENSITY12-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_INTENSITY16 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_INTENSITY16-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_INTENSITY4 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_INTENSITY4-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_INTENSITY8 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_INTENSITY8-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE12 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE12-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE12_ALPHA12 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE12_ALPHA12-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE12_ALPHA4 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE12_ALPHA4-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE16 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE16-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE16_ALPHA16 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE16_ALPHA16-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE4 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE4-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE4_ALPHA4 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE4_ALPHA4-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE6_ALPHA2 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE6_ALPHA2-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE8 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE8-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE8_ALPHA8 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE8_ALPHA8-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_R3_G3_B2 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_R3_G3_B2-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB10 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB10-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB10_A2 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB10_A2-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB12 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB12-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB16 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB16-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB4 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB4-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB5 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB5-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB5_A1 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB5_A1-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB8 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB8-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGBA12 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGBA12-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGBA16 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGBA16-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGBA2 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGBA2-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGBA4 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGBA4-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGBA8 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGBA8-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-proj pass pass
  texwrap-2D-proj-bordercolor fail fail
  !OpenGL 1.2 2/4 2/4
  texwrap-3D pass pass
  texwrap-3D-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-3D-proj pass pass
  texwrap-3D-proj-bordercolor fail fail
  !OpenGL 2.0 40/46 40/46
  clip-flag-behavior pass pass
  getattriblocation-conventional pass pass
  texwrap-1D-npot pass pass
  texwrap-1D-npot-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-1D-npot-proj pass pass
  texwrap-1D-npot-proj-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-npot pass pass
  texwrap-2D-npot-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-npot-proj pass pass
  texwrap-2D-npot-proj-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-3D-npot pass pass
  texwrap-3D-npot-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-3D-npot-proj pass pass
  texwrap-3D-npot-proj-bordercolor fail fail
  vertex-program-two-side pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side back pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side back back2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side back front2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side back front2 back2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side back2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side enabled pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side enabled back pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side enabled back back2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side enabled back front2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side enabled back front2 back2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side enabled back2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side enabled front pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side enabled front back pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side enabled front back back2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side enabled front back front2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side enabled front back front2 back2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side enabled front back2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side enabled front front2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side enabled front front2 back2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side enabled front2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side enabled front2 back2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side front pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side front back pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side front back back2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side front back front2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side front back front2 back2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side front back2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side front front2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side front front2 back2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side front2 pass pass
  vertex-program-two-side front2 back2 pass pass
  !OpenGL 2.1 1/1 1/1
  minmax pass pass
  !OpenGL 3.0 10/15 10/15
  bindfragdata-invalid-parameters pass pass
  bindfragdata-link-error fail fail
  bindfragdata-nonexistent-variable pass pass
  clearbuffer-depth pass pass
  clearbuffer-depth-stencil pass pass
  clearbuffer-display-lists fail fail
  clearbuffer-invalid-buffer pass pass
  clearbuffer-invalid-drawbuffer pass pass
  clearbuffer-mixed-format fail fail
  clearbuffer-stencil pass pass
  getfragdatalocation pass pass
  gl-3.0-required-renderbuffer-attachment-formats fail fail
  gl-3.0-required-sized-texture-formats fail fail
  gl-3.0-required-texture-attachment-formats pass pass
  minmax pass pass
  !OpenGL 3.1 0/1 0/1
  minmax fail fail
  3DFX_texture_compression_FXT1 1/1 1/1
  compressedteximage GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA_FXT1_3DFX skip skip
  compressedteximage GL_COMPRESSED_RGB_FXT1_3DFX skip skip
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats skip skip
  invalid formats pass pass
  AMD_conservative_depth 3/12 3/12
  glsl-1.30 3/12 3/12
  compiler 3/10 3/10
  depth-any-01.frag fail fail
  depth-greater-01.frag fail fail
  depth-less-01.frag fail fail
  depth-unchanged-01.frag fail fail
  invalid-layout-01.frag pass pass
  late-redeclaration-01.frag pass pass
  no-layout-01.frag fail fail
  no-redeclaration-01.frag fail fail
  no-redeclaration-01.vert fail fail
  vs-redeclaration-01.vert pass pass
  preprocessor 0/2 0/2
  feature-macro.frag fail fail
  feature-macro.vert fail fail
  AMD_seamless_cubemap_per_texture 0/0 0/0
  amd_seamless_cubemap_per_texture skip skip
  AMD_shader_stencil_export 1/1 1/1
  arb-undefined.frag pass pass
  ARB_ES2_compatibility 6/10 7/10
  FBO blit from missing attachment (ES2 completeness rules) fail fail
  FBO blit to missing attachment (ES2 completeness rules) fail fail
  arb_es2_compatibility-depthrangef fail pass
  arb_es2_compatibility-drawbuffers pass pass
  arb_es2_compatibility-fixed-type pass pass
  arb_es2_compatibility-getshaderprecisionformat pass pass
  arb_es2_compatibility-maxvectors pass pass
  arb_es2_compatibility-releaseshadercompiler pass pass
  arb_es2_compatibility-shadercompiler pass pass
  fbo-missing-attachment-clear fail fail
  ARB_blend_func_extended 1/6 2/6
  arb_blend_func_extended-bindfragdataindexed-invalid-parameters fail fail
  arb_blend_func_extended-blend-api fail fail
  arb_blend_func_extended-error-at-begin fail pass
  arb_blend_func_extended-fbo-extended-blend fail fail
  arb_blend_func_extended-fbo-extended-blend-explicit fail fail
  arb_blend_func_extended-getfragdataindex pass pass
  ARB_color_buffer_float 24/41 24/41
  GL_RGBA16F-clear pass pass
  GL_RGBA16F-drawpixels pass pass
  GL_RGBA16F-getteximage pass pass
  GL_RGBA16F-probepixel pass pass
  GL_RGBA16F-queries fail fail
  GL_RGBA16F-readpixels pass pass
  GL_RGBA16F-render pass pass
  GL_RGBA16F-render-fog pass pass
  GL_RGBA16F-render-sanity pass pass
  GL_RGBA16F-render-sanity-fog pass pass
  GL_RGBA32F-clear pass pass
  GL_RGBA32F-drawpixels pass pass
  GL_RGBA32F-getteximage pass pass
  GL_RGBA32F-probepixel fail fail
  GL_RGBA32F-queries fail fail
  GL_RGBA32F-readpixels pass pass
  GL_RGBA32F-render pass pass
  GL_RGBA32F-render-fog pass pass
  GL_RGBA32F-render-sanity pass pass
  GL_RGBA32F-render-sanity-fog pass pass
  GL_RGBA8-clear pass pass
  GL_RGBA8-drawpixels pass pass
  GL_RGBA8-getteximage pass pass
  GL_RGBA8-probepixel pass pass
  GL_RGBA8-queries fail fail
  GL_RGBA8-readpixels pass pass
  GL_RGBA8-render fail fail
  GL_RGBA8-render-fog fail fail
  GL_RGBA8-render-sanity fail fail
  GL_RGBA8-render-sanity-fog fail fail
  GL_RGBA8_SNORM-clear fail fail
  GL_RGBA8_SNORM-drawpixels fail fail
  GL_RGBA8_SNORM-getteximage pass pass
  GL_RGBA8_SNORM-probepixel fail fail
  GL_RGBA8_SNORM-queries fail fail
  GL_RGBA8_SNORM-readpixels fail fail
  GL_RGBA8_SNORM-render fail fail
  GL_RGBA8_SNORM-render-fog fail fail
  GL_RGBA8_SNORM-render-sanity fail fail
  GL_RGBA8_SNORM-render-sanity-fog fail fail
  mixed-mrt pass pass
  ARB_copy_buffer 8/9 8/9
  copy_buffer_coherency pass pass
  copybuffersubdata pass pass
  dlist pass pass
  get pass pass
  negative-bound-zero pass pass
  negative-bounds pass pass
  negative-mapped pass pass
  overlap fail fail
  targets pass pass
  ARB_debug_output 0/0 0/0
  arb_debug_output-api_error skip skip
  ARB_depth_buffer_float 18/32 18/32
  fbo-clear-formats fail fail
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-blit fail fail
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-clear pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-copypixels fail fail
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-drawpixels pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-readpixels pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-tex1d pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32F-blit pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32F-clear pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32F-copypixels pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32F-drawpixels pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32F-readpixels pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32F-tex1d pass pass
  fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-blit fail fail
  fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-clear pass pass
  fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-copypixels fail fail
  fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-drawpixels-24_8 fail fail
  fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-drawpixels-32F_24_8_REV fail fail
  fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-drawpixels-FLOAT-and-USHORT fail fail
  fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-readpixels-24_8 pass pass
  fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-readpixels-32F_24_8_REV pass pass
  fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-readpixels-FLOAT-and-USHORT pass pass
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats fail fail
  fbo-stencil-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-blit fail fail
  fbo-stencil-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-clear pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-copypixels fail fail
  fbo-stencil-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-drawpixels fail pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-readpixels pass fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8 fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32F pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32F-bordercolor pass pass
  ARB_depth_texture 25/26 26/26
  fbo-clear-formats pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT16-blit pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT16-clear pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT16-copypixels pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT16-drawpixels pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT16-readpixels pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT16-tex1d pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT24-blit pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT24-clear pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT24-copypixels pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT24-drawpixels pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT24-readpixels pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT24-tex1d pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32-blit pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32-clear pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32-copypixels pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32-drawpixels pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32-readpixels pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32-tex1d pass pass
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats fail pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT16 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT16-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT24 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT24-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32-bordercolor pass pass
  ARB_draw_buffers 1/1 1/1
  arb_draw_buffers-state_change pass pass
  ARB_draw_elements_base_vertex 8/8 8/8
  dlist-arb_draw_instanced pass pass
  draw-elements-base-vertex pass pass
  draw-elements-base-vertex-bounds pass pass
  draw-elements-base-vertex-neg pass pass
  draw-elements-base-vertex-neg-user_varrays pass pass
  draw-elements-base-vertex-user_varrays pass pass
  draw-elements-instanced-base-vertex pass pass
  draw-elements-instanced-base-vertex-user_varrays pass pass
  ARB_draw_instanced 9/13 9/13
  compiler 3/5 3/5
  instanceidarb-disabled.frag pass pass
  instanceidarb-disabled.vert fail fail
  instanceidarb-enabled.frag pass pass
  instanceidarb-enabled.vert pass pass
  negative-instanceidarb-write.vert fail fail
  dlist pass pass
  draw-non-instanced pass pass
  elements pass pass
  instance-array-dereference pass pass
  negative-arrays-first-negative fail fail
  negative-elements-type fail fail
  preprocessor 2/2 2/2
  feature-macro-disabled.frag skip skip
  feature-macro-disabled.vert skip skip
  feature-macro-enabled.frag pass pass
  feature-macro-enabled.vert pass pass
  ARB_explicit_attrib_location 73/90 68/90
  1.10 31/39 29/39
  compiler 29/37 27/37
  attribute-01.vert pass fail
  in-01.frag pass pass
  in-01.vert pass pass
  in-02.frag pass pass
  in-02.vert pass pass
  in-03.frag fail fail
  in-04.frag fail fail
  layout-01.frag pass pass
  layout-01.vert pass pass
  layout-02.frag pass pass
  layout-02.vert pass pass
  layout-03.frag pass pass
  layout-03.vert pass pass
  layout-04.frag pass pass
  layout-04.vert pass pass
  layout-05.frag pass fail
  layout-05.vert pass fail
  layout-06.frag pass pass
  layout-06.vert pass pass
  layout-07.frag pass pass
  layout-07.vert pass pass
  layout-08.frag pass pass
  layout-08.vert pass pass
  layout-09.frag crash pass
  layout-09.vert crash crash
  layout-10.frag pass pass
  layout-10.vert pass pass
  layout-11.frag pass pass
  layout-11.vert pass pass
  layout-12.frag skip skip
  layout-13.frag skip skip
  out-01.frag pass pass
  out-01.vert pass pass
  out-02.frag pass pass
  out-02.vert pass pass
  out-03.vert fail fail
  out-04.vert fail fail
  varying-01.frag fail fail
  varying-01.vert fail fail
  preprocessor 2/2 2/2
  define.frag pass pass
  define.vert pass pass
  1.20 37/44 34/44
  compiler 35/42 32/42
  attribute-01.vert pass fail
  in-01.frag pass pass
  in-01.vert pass pass
  in-02.frag pass pass
  in-02.vert pass pass
  in-03.frag pass pass
  in-04.frag fail fail
  in-05.frag pass fail
  index-01.frag fail pass
  layout-01.frag pass pass
  layout-01.vert pass pass
  layout-02.frag pass pass
  layout-02.vert pass pass
  layout-03.frag pass pass
  layout-03.vert pass pass
  layout-04.frag pass pass
  layout-04.vert pass pass
  layout-05.frag pass fail
  layout-05.vert pass fail
  layout-06.frag pass pass
  layout-06.vert pass pass
  layout-07.frag pass pass
  layout-07.vert pass pass
  layout-08.frag pass pass
  layout-08.vert pass pass
  layout-09.frag crash pass
  layout-09.vert crash crash
  layout-10.frag pass pass
  layout-10.vert pass pass
  layout-11.frag pass pass
  layout-11.vert pass pass
  layout-12.frag pass pass
  layout-13.frag pass pass
  out-01.frag pass pass
  out-01.vert pass pass
  out-02.frag pass pass
  out-02.vert pass pass
  out-03.vert pass pass
  out-04.vert fail fail
  out-05.vert pass fail
  varying-01.frag fail fail
  varying-01.vert fail fail
  preprocessor 2/2 2/2
  define.frag pass pass
  define.vert pass pass
  1.30 2/2 2/2
  preprocessor 2/2 2/2
  define-130.frag pass pass
  define-130.vert pass pass
  glsl-explicit-location-01 pass pass
  glsl-explicit-location-02 pass pass
  glsl-explicit-location-03 pass pass
  glsl-explicit-location-04 fail crash
  glsl-explicit-location-05 fail fail
  ARB_fragment_program 3/4 3/4
  dph pass pass
  kil-swizzle pass pass
  lrp_sat pass pass
  minmax fail fail
  ARB_fragment_program_shadow 0/1 1/1
  masked fail pass
  ARB_framebuffer_object 0/2 0/2
  same-attachment-glFramebufferRenderbuffer-GL_DEPTH_STENCIL_ATTACHMENT fail fail
  same-attachment-glFramebufferTexture2D-GL_DEPTH_STENCIL_ATTACHMENT fail fail
  ARB_instanced_arrays 1/1 1/1
  instanced_arrays pass pass
  ARB_map_buffer_range 1/2 1/2
  map_buffer_range_error_check fail fail
  map_buffer_range_test pass pass
  ARB_multisample 2/2 2/2
  beginend pass pass
  pushpop pass pass
  ARB_robustness 0/0 0/0
  arb_robustness_client-mem-bounds skip skip
  ARB_sampler_objects 0/2 0/2
  sampler-incomplete fail fail
  sampler-objects fail fail
  ARB_seamless_cube_map 0/1 0/1
  arb_seamless_cubemap fail fail
  ARB_shader_objects 3/5 4/5
  bindattriblocation-scratch-name pass pass
  clear-with-deleted pass pass
  delete-repeat pass pass
  getuniform fail fail
  getuniformlocation-array-of-struct-of-array fail pass
  ARB_shader_stencil_export 1/1 1/1
  amd-undefined.frag pass pass
  ARB_shader_texture_lod 59/61 59/61
  compiler 47/47 47/47
  tex_grad-01.frag pass pass
  tex_grad-02.frag pass pass
  tex_grad-03.frag pass pass
  tex_grad-04.frag pass pass
  tex_grad-05.frag pass pass
  tex_grad-06.frag pass pass
  tex_grad-07.frag pass pass
  tex_grad-08.frag pass pass
  tex_grad-09.frag pass pass
  tex_grad-10.frag pass pass
  tex_grad-11.frag pass pass
  tex_grad-12.frag pass pass
  tex_grad-13.frag pass pass
  tex_grad-14.frag pass pass
  tex_grad-15.frag pass pass
  tex_grad-16.frag pass pass
  tex_grad-17.frag pass pass
  tex_grad-18.vert pass pass
  tex_grad-19.vert pass pass
  tex_grad-20.vert pass pass
  tex_grad-21.vert pass pass
  tex_grad-22.vert pass pass
  tex_grad-23.vert pass pass
  tex_grad-24.vert pass pass
  tex_grad-25.vert pass pass
  tex_grad-26.vert pass pass
  tex_grad-27.vert pass pass
  tex_grad-28.vert pass pass
  tex_grad-29.vert pass pass
  tex_grad-30.vert pass pass
  tex_grad-31.vert pass pass
  tex_grad-32.vert pass pass
  tex_grad-33.vert pass pass
  tex_grad-34.vert pass pass
  tex_lod-01.frag pass pass
  tex_lod-02.frag pass pass
  tex_lod-03.frag pass pass
  tex_lod-04.frag pass pass
  tex_lod-05.frag pass pass
  tex_lod-06.frag pass pass
  tex_lod-07.frag pass pass
  tex_lod-08.frag pass pass
  tex_lod-09.frag pass pass
  tex_lod-10.frag pass pass
  tex_lod-11.frag pass pass
  tex_lod-12.frag pass pass
  tex_lod-13.frag pass pass
  execution 12/14 12/14
  arb_shader_texture_lod-texgrad pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DGradARB-01 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DGradARB-02 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DGradARB-03 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DGradARB-04 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DGradARB-05 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DGradARB-06 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DGradARB-07 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DGradARB-08 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DGradARB-09 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DGradARB-cumulative pass pass
  tex-miplevel-selection-texture2DLod pass pass
  tex-miplevel-selection-texture2DLod-lod fail fail
  tex-miplevel-selection-texture2DLod-lod-bias fail fail
  ARB_texture_buffer_object 6/11 6/11
  dlist pass pass
  formats (FS, 3.1 core) fail fail
  formats (FS, ARB) fail fail
  formats (VS, 3.1 core) fail fail
  formats (VS, ARB) fail fail
  get fail fail
  minmax pass pass
  negative-bad-bo pass pass
  negative-bad-format pass pass
  negative-bad-target pass pass
  unused-name pass pass
  ARB_texture_compression 12/15 11/15
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_ALPHA pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_ALPHA-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_INTENSITY pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_INTENSITY-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_LUMINANCE pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_LUMINANCE-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_LUMINANCE_ALPHA-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_RGB pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_RGB-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA-bordercolor fail fail
  unknown formats pass fail
  ARB_texture_compression_bptc 1/1 1/1
  invalid formats pass pass
  ARB_texture_float 23/29 23/29
  arb_texture_float-texture-float-formats pass pass
  fbo-alphatest-formats fail fail
  fbo-blending-formats fail fail
  fbo-clear-formats pass pass
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_ALPHA16F pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_ALPHA16F-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_ALPHA32F pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_ALPHA32F-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_INTENSITY16F pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_INTENSITY16F-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_INTENSITY32F pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_INTENSITY32F-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE16F pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE16F-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE32F pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE32F-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE_ALPHA16F pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE_ALPHA16F-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE_ALPHA32F pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE_ALPHA32F-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB16F pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB16F-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB32F pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB32F-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGBA16F pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGBA16F-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGBA32F pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGBA32F-bordercolor fail fail
  ARB_texture_rectangle 13/15 13/15
  glsl-fs-shadow2DRect pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DRect-01 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DRect-02 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DRect-03 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DRect-04 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DRect-05 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DRect-06 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DRect-07 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DRect-08 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DRect-09 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DRectProj pass pass
  texwrap-RECT pass pass
  texwrap-RECT-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-RECT-proj pass pass
  texwrap-RECT-proj-bordercolor fail fail
  ARB_texture_rg 21/27 21/27
  fbo-alphatest-formats fail fail
  fbo-alphatest-formats-float pass pass
  fbo-blending-formats fail fail
  fbo-blending-formats-float pass pass
  fbo-clear-formats pass pass
  fbo-clear-formats-float pass pass
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats pass pass
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats-float pass pass
  fs-shadow2d-red-01 pass pass
  fs-shadow2d-red-02 pass pass
  fs-shadow2d-red-03 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_R16 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_R16-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_R16F pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_R16F-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_R32F pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_R32F-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_R8 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_R8-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RG16 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RG16-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RG16F pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RG16F-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RG32F pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RG32F-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RG8 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RG8-bordercolor fail fail
  ARB_texture_storage 0/0 1/1
  texture-storage skip pass
  ARB_transform_feedback2 1/1 1/1
  draw-auto pass pass
  ARB_vertex_buffer_object 2/2 2/2
  elements-negative-offset pass pass
  mixed-immediate-and-vbo pass pass
  ARB_vertex_program 4/4 4/4
  clip-plane-transformation arb pass pass
  getenv4d-with-error pass pass
  getlocal4d-with-error pass pass
  minmax pass pass
  ARB_vertex_type_2_10_10_10_rev 1/1 1/1
  draw-vertices-2101010 pass pass
  ATI_draw_buffers 2/3 2/3
  arbfp-no-index pass pass
  arbfp-no-option fail fail
  ati_draw_buffers-arbfp pass pass
  ATI_envmap_bumpmap 0/1 0/1
  ati_envmap_bumpmap-bump crash crash
  ATI_texture_compression_3dc 2/4 2/4
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats fail fail
  invalid formats pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_LUMINANCE_ALPHA_3DC-bordercolor fail fail
  EXT_fog_coord 1/1 1/1
  ext_fog_coord-modes pass pass
  EXT_framebuffer_multisample 28/30 28/30
  accuracy 16 color skip skip
  accuracy 16 color depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 16 color small skip skip
  accuracy 16 color small depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 16 depth_draw skip skip
  accuracy 16 depth_draw depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 16 depth_draw small skip skip
  accuracy 16 depth_draw small depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 16 depth_resolve skip skip
  accuracy 16 depth_resolve depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 16 depth_resolve small skip skip
  accuracy 16 depth_resolve small depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 16 stencil_draw skip skip
  accuracy 16 stencil_draw depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 16 stencil_draw small skip skip
  accuracy 16 stencil_draw small depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 16 stencil_resolve skip skip
  accuracy 16 stencil_resolve depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 16 stencil_resolve small skip skip
  accuracy 16 stencil_resolve small depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 2 color skip skip
  accuracy 2 color depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 2 color small skip skip
  accuracy 2 color small depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 2 depth_draw skip skip
  accuracy 2 depth_draw depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 2 depth_draw small skip skip
  accuracy 2 depth_draw small depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 2 depth_resolve skip skip
  accuracy 2 depth_resolve depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 2 depth_resolve small skip skip
  accuracy 2 depth_resolve small depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 2 stencil_draw skip skip
  accuracy 2 stencil_draw depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 2 stencil_draw small skip skip
  accuracy 2 stencil_draw small depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 2 stencil_resolve skip skip
  accuracy 2 stencil_resolve depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 2 stencil_resolve small skip skip
  accuracy 2 stencil_resolve small depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 32 color skip skip
  accuracy 32 color depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 32 color small skip skip
  accuracy 32 color small depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 32 depth_draw skip skip
  accuracy 32 depth_draw depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 32 depth_draw small skip skip
  accuracy 32 depth_draw small depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 32 depth_resolve skip skip
  accuracy 32 depth_resolve depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 32 depth_resolve small skip skip
  accuracy 32 depth_resolve small depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 32 stencil_draw skip skip
  accuracy 32 stencil_draw depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 32 stencil_draw small skip skip
  accuracy 32 stencil_draw small depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 32 stencil_resolve skip skip
  accuracy 32 stencil_resolve depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 32 stencil_resolve small skip skip
  accuracy 32 stencil_resolve small depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 4 color skip skip
  accuracy 4 color depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 4 color small skip skip
  accuracy 4 color small depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 4 depth_draw skip skip
  accuracy 4 depth_draw depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 4 depth_draw small skip skip
  accuracy 4 depth_draw small depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 4 depth_resolve skip skip
  accuracy 4 depth_resolve depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 4 depth_resolve small skip skip
  accuracy 4 depth_resolve small depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 4 stencil_draw skip skip
  accuracy 4 stencil_draw depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 4 stencil_draw small skip skip
  accuracy 4 stencil_draw small depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 4 stencil_resolve skip skip
  accuracy 4 stencil_resolve depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 4 stencil_resolve small skip skip
  accuracy 4 stencil_resolve small depthstencil pass pass
  accuracy 8 color skip skip
  accuracy 8 color depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 8 color small skip skip
  accuracy 8 color small depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 8 depth_draw skip skip
  accuracy 8 depth_draw depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 8 depth_draw small skip skip
  accuracy 8 depth_draw small depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 8 depth_resolve skip skip
  accuracy 8 depth_resolve depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 8 depth_resolve small skip skip
  accuracy 8 depth_resolve small depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 8 stencil_draw skip skip
  accuracy 8 stencil_draw depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 8 stencil_draw small skip skip
  accuracy 8 stencil_draw small depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 8 stencil_resolve skip skip
  accuracy 8 stencil_resolve depthstencil skip skip
  accuracy 8 stencil_resolve small skip skip
  accuracy 8 stencil_resolve small depthstencil skip skip
  dlist pass pass
  minmax pass pass
  negative-copypixels fail fail
  negative-copyteximage fail fail
  negative-max-samples pass pass
  negative-mismatched-samples pass pass
  negative-readpixels pass pass
  renderbuffer-samples pass pass
  renderbufferstorage-samples pass pass
  samples pass pass
  EXT_framebuffer_object 21/21 21/21
  fbo-generatemipmap-noimage pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX1-blit pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX1-clear pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX1-copypixels pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX1-drawpixels pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX1-readpixels pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX16-blit pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX16-clear pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX16-copypixels pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX16-drawpixels pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX16-readpixels pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX4-blit pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX4-clear pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX4-copypixels pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX4-drawpixels pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX4-readpixels pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX8-blit pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX8-clear pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX8-copypixels pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX8-drawpixels pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX8-readpixels pass pass
  EXT_packed_depth_stencil 20/25 20/25
  fbo-clear-formats pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-blit pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-clear pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-copypixels pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-drawpixels pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-readpixels pass pass
  fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-tex1d pass pass
  fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-blit fail pass
  fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-clear pass pass
  fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-copypixels pass pass
  fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-drawpixels-24_8 fail fail
  fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-drawpixels-32F_24_8_REV fail fail
  fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-drawpixels-FLOAT-and-USHORT fail fail
  fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-readpixels-24_8 pass pass
  fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-readpixels-32F_24_8_REV pass pass
  fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-readpixels-FLOAT-and-USHORT pass pass
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats pass fail
  fbo-stencil-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-blit pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-clear pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-copypixels pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-drawpixels pass pass
  fbo-stencil-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-readpixels pass pass
  readpixels-24_8 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-bordercolor fail fail
  EXT_packed_float 7/8 7/8
  fbo-alphatest-formats pass pass
  fbo-blending-formats pass pass
  fbo-clear-formats pass pass
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats pass pass
  getteximage-invalid-format-for-packed-type pass pass
  pack pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_R11F_G11F_B10F pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_R11F_G11F_B10F-bordercolor fail fail
  EXT_texture_array 21/23 22/23
  fbo-generatemipmap-array pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow1DArray pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow1DArray-01 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow1DArray-02 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow1DArray-03 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow1DArray-04 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow1DArray-05 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow1DArray-06 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow1DArray-07 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow1DArray-08 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow1DArray-09 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow1DArray-bias fail pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DArray pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DArray-01 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DArray-02 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DArray-03 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DArray-04 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DArray-05 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DArray-06 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DArray-07 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DArray-08 pass pass
  glsl-fs-shadow2DArray-09 pass pass
  maxlayers fail fail
  EXT_texture_compression_latc 8/11 8/11
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats pass pass
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats-signed fail fail
  invalid formats pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_LUMINANCE_ALPHA_LATC2-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_LUMINANCE_LATC1 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_LUMINANCE_LATC1-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_SIGNED_LUMINANCE_ALPHA_LATC2-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_SIGNED_LUMINANCE_LATC1-bordercolor pass pass
  EXT_texture_compression_rgtc 12/15 12/15
  compressedteximage GL_COMPRESSED_RED_GREEN_RGTC2_EXT pass pass
  compressedteximage GL_COMPRESSED_RED_RGTC1_EXT pass pass
  compressedteximage GL_COMPRESSED_SIGNED_RED_GREEN_RGTC2_EXT pass pass
  compressedteximage GL_COMPRESSED_SIGNED_RED_RGTC1_EXT pass pass
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats pass pass
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats-signed fail fail
  invalid formats pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_RED_RGTC1 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_RED_RGTC1-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_RG_RGTC2 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_RG_RGTC2-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_SIGNED_RED_RGTC1 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_SIGNED_RED_RGTC1-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_SIGNED_RG_RGTC2 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_SIGNED_RG_RGTC2-bordercolor fail fail
  EXT_texture_compression_s3tc 12/18 12/18
  compressedteximage GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA_S3TC_DXT1_EXT pass pass
  compressedteximage GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA_S3TC_DXT3_EXT pass pass
  compressedteximage GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA_S3TC_DXT5_EXT pass pass
  compressedteximage GL_COMPRESSED_RGB_S3TC_DXT1_EXT pass pass
  compressedteximage GL_COMPRESSED_SRGB_ALPHA_S3TC_DXT1_EXT pass pass
  compressedteximage GL_COMPRESSED_SRGB_ALPHA_S3TC_DXT3_EXT pass pass
  compressedteximage GL_COMPRESSED_SRGB_ALPHA_S3TC_DXT5_EXT pass pass
  compressedteximage GL_COMPRESSED_SRGB_S3TC_DXT1_EXT pass pass
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats fail fail
  invalid formats fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA_S3TC_DXT1 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA_S3TC_DXT1-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA_S3TC_DXT3 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA_S3TC_DXT3-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA_S3TC_DXT5 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA_S3TC_DXT5-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_RGB_S3TC_DXT1 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_COMPRESSED_RGB_S3TC_DXT1-bordercolor fail fail
  EXT_texture_integer 2/10 2/10
  api-drawpixels pass pass
  api-readpixels pass pass
  api-teximage fail fail
  fbo-blending fail fail
  fbo-blending GL_ARB_texture_rg fail fail
  fbo_integer_precision_clear fail fail
  fbo_integer_readpixels_sint_uint fail fail
  getteximage-clamping fail fail
  getteximage-clamping GL_ARB_texture_rg fail fail
  texture_integer_glsl130 fail fail
  EXT_texture_rgb10_a2ui 0/0 0/1
  fbo-blending skip fail
  EXT_texture_sRGB 1/4 0/4
  fbo-alphatest-formats fail fail
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats fail fail
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats-s3tc fail fail
  invalid formats pass fail
  EXT_texture_shared_exponent 2/5 2/5
  fbo-alphatest-formats crash crash
  fbo-blending-formats crash crash
  fbo-clear-formats skip skip
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB9_E5 pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB9_E5-bordercolor fail fail
  EXT_texture_snorm 26/36 26/36
  fbo-alphatest-formats fail fail
  fbo-blending-formats fail fail
  fbo-clear-formats fail fail
  fbo-generatemipmap-formats fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_ALPHA16_SNORM pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_ALPHA16_SNORM-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_ALPHA8_SNORM pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_ALPHA8_SNORM-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_INTENSITY16_SNORM pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_INTENSITY16_SNORM-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_INTENSITY8_SNORM pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_INTENSITY8_SNORM-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE16_ALPHA16_SNORM pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE16_ALPHA16_SNORM-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE16_SNORM pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE16_SNORM-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE8_ALPHA8_SNORM pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE8_ALPHA8_SNORM-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE8_SNORM pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_LUMINANCE8_SNORM-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_R16_SNORM pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_R16_SNORM-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_R8_SNORM pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_R8_SNORM-bordercolor pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RG16_SNORM pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RG16_SNORM-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RG8_SNORM pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RG8_SNORM-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB16_SNORM pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB16_SNORM-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB8_SNORM pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGB8_SNORM-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGBA16_SNORM pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGBA16_SNORM-bordercolor fail fail
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGBA8_SNORM pass pass
  texwrap-2D-GL_RGBA8_SNORM-bordercolor fail fail
  EXT_timer_query 1/1 1/1
  time-elapsed pass pass
  EXT_transform_feedback 159/221 165/221
  alignment 0 pass pass
  alignment 12 pass pass
  alignment 4 pass pass
  alignment 8 pass pass
  api-errors begin_active pass pass
  api-errors bind_base_active pass pass
  api-errors bind_base_max pass pass
  api-errors bind_offset_active pass pass
  api-errors bind_offset_max pass pass
  api-errors bind_offset_offset_1 pass pass
  api-errors bind_offset_offset_2 pass pass
  api-errors bind_offset_offset_3 pass pass
  api-errors bind_offset_offset_5 pass pass
  api-errors bind_range_active pass pass
  api-errors bind_range_max pass pass
  api-errors bind_range_offset_1 pass pass
  api-errors bind_range_offset_2 pass pass
  api-errors bind_range_offset_3 pass pass
  api-errors bind_range_offset_5 pass pass
  api-errors bind_range_size_0 pass pass
  api-errors bind_range_size_1 fail fail
  api-errors bind_range_size_2 fail fail
  api-errors bind_range_size_3 fail fail
  api-errors bind_range_size_5 fail fail
  api-errors bind_range_size_m4 pass pass
  api-errors end_inactive pass pass
  api-errors interleaved_no_varyings pass pass
  api-errors interleaved_ok_base pass pass
  api-errors interleaved_ok_offset pass pass
  api-errors interleaved_ok_range pass pass
  api-errors interleaved_unbound pass pass
  api-errors link_current_active fail fail
  api-errors link_other_active pass pass
  api-errors no_prog_active pass pass
  api-errors not_a_program pass pass
  api-errors separate_no_varyings pass pass
  api-errors separate_ok_1 pass pass
  api-errors separate_ok_2 pass pass
  api-errors separate_unbound_0_1 pass pass
  api-errors separate_unbound_0_2 fail fail
  api-errors separate_unbound_1_2 fail fail
  api-errors useprog_active pass pass
  buffer-usage fail fail
  builtin-varyings gl_ClipDistance fail fail
  builtin-varyings gl_ClipDistance[1]-no-subscript fail fail
  builtin-varyings gl_ClipDistance[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  builtin-varyings gl_ClipDistance[3]-no-subscript fail fail
  builtin-varyings gl_ClipDistance[4]-no-subscript fail fail
  builtin-varyings gl_ClipDistance[5]-no-subscript fail fail
  builtin-varyings gl_ClipDistance[6]-no-subscript fail fail
  builtin-varyings gl_ClipDistance[7]-no-subscript fail fail
  builtin-varyings gl_ClipDistance[8]-no-subscript fail fail
  builtin-varyings gl_ClipVertex fail pass
  builtin-varyings gl_Color fail pass
  builtin-varyings gl_FogFragCoord pass pass
  builtin-varyings gl_PointSize fail pass
  builtin-varyings gl_Position fail pass
  builtin-varyings gl_SecondaryColor fail pass
  builtin-varyings gl_TexCoord fail pass
  discard-api pass pass
  discard-bitmap pass pass
  discard-clear fail fail
  discard-copypixels pass pass
  discard-drawarrays pass pass
  discard-drawpixels pass pass
  generatemipmap buffer pass pass
  generatemipmap discard pass pass
  generatemipmap prims_generated pass pass
  generatemipmap prims_written pass pass
  get-buffer-state buffer_size pass pass
  get-buffer-state buffer_start pass pass
  get-buffer-state indexed_binding pass pass
  get-buffer-state main_binding pass pass
  immediate-reuse fail fail
  interleaved-attribs pass pass
  intervening-read output pass pass
  intervening-read prims_generated pass pass
  intervening-read prims_written pass pass
  max-varyings fail fail
  negative-prims fail fail
  order arrays lines pass pass
  order arrays points pass pass
  order arrays triangles pass pass
  order elements lines pass pass
  order elements points pass pass
  order elements triangles pass pass
  output-type float pass pass
  output-type float[2] pass pass
  output-type float[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type int pass pass
  output-type int[2] pass pass
  output-type int[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type ivec2 pass pass
  output-type ivec2[2] pass pass
  output-type ivec2[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type ivec3 pass pass
  output-type ivec3[2] pass pass
  output-type ivec3[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type ivec4 pass pass
  output-type ivec4[2] pass pass
  output-type ivec4[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type mat2 pass pass
  output-type mat2[2] fail fail
  output-type mat2[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type mat2x3 pass pass
  output-type mat2x3[2] fail fail
  output-type mat2x3[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type mat2x4 pass pass
  output-type mat2x4[2] fail fail
  output-type mat2x4[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type mat3 pass pass
  output-type mat3[2] fail fail
  output-type mat3[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type mat3x2 pass pass
  output-type mat3x2[2] fail fail
  output-type mat3x2[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type mat3x4 pass pass
  output-type mat3x4[2] fail fail
  output-type mat3x4[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type mat4 pass pass
  output-type mat4[2] fail fail
  output-type mat4[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type mat4x2 pass pass
  output-type mat4x2[2] fail fail
  output-type mat4x2[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type mat4x3 pass pass
  output-type mat4x3[2] fail fail
  output-type mat4x3[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type uint pass pass
  output-type uint[2] pass pass
  output-type uint[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type uvec2 pass pass
  output-type uvec2[2] pass pass
  output-type uvec2[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type uvec3 pass pass
  output-type uvec3[2] pass pass
  output-type uvec3[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type uvec4 pass pass
  output-type uvec4[2] pass pass
  output-type uvec4[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type vec2 pass pass
  output-type vec2[2] pass pass
  output-type vec2[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type vec3 pass pass
  output-type vec3[2] pass pass
  output-type vec3[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  output-type vec4 pass pass
  output-type vec4[2] pass pass
  output-type vec4[2]-no-subscript fail fail
  overflow-edge-cases pass pass
  position-readback-bufferbase pass pass
  position-readback-bufferbase-discard pass pass
  position-readback-bufferoffset pass pass
  position-readback-bufferoffset-discard pass pass
  position-readback-bufferrange pass pass
  position-readback-bufferrange-discard pass pass
  position-render-bufferbase pass pass
  position-render-bufferbase-discard pass pass
  position-render-bufferoffset pass pass
  position-render-bufferoffset-discard pass pass
  position-render-bufferrange pass pass
  position-render-bufferrange-discard pass pass
  query-primitives_generated-bufferbase pass pass
  query-primitives_generated-bufferbase-discard pass pass
  query-primitives_generated-bufferoffset pass pass
  query-primitives_generated-bufferoffset-discard pass pass
  query-primitives_generated-bufferrange pass pass
  query-primitives_generated-bufferrange-discard pass pass
  query-primitives_written-bufferbase pass pass
  query-primitives_written-bufferbase-discard pass pass
  query-primitives_written-bufferoffset pass pass
  query-primitives_written-bufferoffset-discard pass pass
  query-primitives_written-bufferrange pass pass
  query-primitives_written-bufferrange-discard pass pass
  separate-attribs pass pass
  tessellation line_loop flat_first pass pass
  tessellation line_loop flat_last pass pass
  tessellation line_loop monochrome pass pass
  tessellation line_loop smooth pass pass
  tessellation line_strip flat_first pass pass
  tessellation line_strip flat_last pass pass
  tessellation line_strip monochrome pass pass
  tessellation line_strip smooth pass pass
  tessellation lines flat_first pass pass
  tessellation lines flat_last pass pass
  tessellation lines monochrome pass pass
  tessellation lines smooth pass pass
  tessellation points flat_first pass pass
  tessellation points flat_last pass pass
  tessellation points monochrome pass pass
  tessellation points smooth pass pass
  tessellation polygon flat_first fail fail
  tessellation polygon flat_last fail fail
  tessellation polygon monochrome fail fail
  tessellation polygon smooth fail fail
  tessellation polygon wireframe fail fail
  tessellation quad_strip flat_first pass pass
  tessellation quad_strip flat_last pass pass
  tessellation quad_strip monochrome pass pass
  tessellation quad_strip smooth pass pass
  tessellation quad_strip wireframe pass pass
  tessellation quads flat_first pass pass
  tessellation quads flat_last pass pass
  tessellation quads monochrome pass pass
  tessellation quads smooth pass pass
  tessellation quads wireframe pass pass
  tessellation triangle_fan flat_first pass pass
  tessellation triangle_fan flat_last pass pass
  tessellation triangle_fan monochrome pass pass
  tessellation triangle_fan smooth pass pass
  tessellation triangle_fan wireframe pass pass
  tessellation triangle_strip flat_first pass pass
  tessellation triangle_strip flat_last pass pass
  tessellation triangle_strip monochrome pass pass
  tessellation triangle_strip smooth pass pass
  tessellation triangle_strip wireframe pass pass
  tessellation triangles flat_first pass pass
  tessellation triangles flat_last pass pass
  tessellation triangles monochrome pass pass
  tessellation triangles smooth pass pass
  tessellation triangles wireframe pass pass
  NV_conditional_render 11/12 11/12
  begin-while-active pass pass
  begin-zero fail fail
  bitmap pass pass
  blitframebuffer pass pass
  clear pass pass
  copypixels pass pass
  copyteximage pass pass
  copytexsubimage pass pass
  dlist pass pass
  drawpixels pass pass
  generatemipmap pass pass
  vertex_array pass pass
  NV_texture_barrier 1/1 1/1
  blending-in-shader pass pass
  OES_compressed_paletted_texture 1/1 1/1
  invalid formats pass pass
  glsl-1.00 26/37 24/37
  compiler 26/37 24/37
  arithmetic-operators 2/3 2/3
  division-by-zero-01.frag pass pass
  division-by-zero-02.frag pass pass
  modulus-00.frag fail fail
  assignment-operators 0/3 0/3
  assign-array-prohibited.frag fail fail
  assign-array-prohibited.vert fail fail
  modulus-assign-00.frag fail fail
  precision-qualifiers 18/23 18/23
  default-precision-bool-01.frag pass pass
  default-precision-float-01.frag pass pass
  default-precision-int-01.frag pass pass
  default-precision-vec-01.frag pass pass
  precision-bool-01.frag fail fail
  precision-bool-02.frag fail fail
  precision-float-01.frag pass pass
  precision-float-02.frag pass pass
  precision-float-03.frag pass pass
  precision-float-04.frag pass pass
  precision-fs-highp-01.frag pass pass
  precision-fs-highp-02.frag fail fail
  precision-function-param-01.frag pass pass
  precision-global-01.frag pass pass
  precision-int-01.frag pass pass
  precision-int-02.frag pass pass
  precision-int-03.frag pass pass
  precision-literal-const-01.frag pass pass
  precision-literal-const-02.frag pass pass
  precision-local-01.frag pass pass
  precision-struct-01.frag fail fail
  precision-struct-02.frag fail fail
  precision-vs-highp-01.vert pass pass
  qualifiers 4/4 4/4
  fn-inout-array-allowed-cstyle.frag pass pass
  fn-inout-array-allowed-cstyle.vert pass pass
  fn-out-array-allowed-cstyle.frag pass pass
  fn-out-array-allowed-cstyle.vert pass pass
  storage-qualfiers 2/4 0/4
  static-write-attribute-01.vert fail fail
  static-write-attribute-02.vert fail fail
  static-write-varying-01.frag pass fail
  static-write-varying-02.frag pass fail
  glsl-1.10 1399/1566 1392/1566
  api 1/1 1/1
  getactiveattrib 110 pass pass
  compiler 165/207 157/207
  arithmetic-operators 2/3 2/3
  division-by-zero-01.frag pass pass
  division-by-zero-02.frag pass pass
  modulus-00.frag fail fail
  assignment-operators 0/3 0/3
  assign-array-prohibited.frag fail fail
  assign-array-prohibited.vert fail fail
  modulus-assign-00.frag fail fail
  constant-expressions 2/2 2/2
  sampler-array-index-01.frag pass pass
  sampler-array-index-02.frag pass pass
  declarations 6/6 6/6
  bad-array-type-global.frag pass pass
  bad-array-type-global.vert pass pass
  bad-array-type-parameter.frag pass pass
  bad-array-type-parameter.vert pass pass
  bad-array-type-struct-member.frag pass pass
  bad-array-type-struct-member.vert pass pass
  expressions 134/139 133/139
  invalid-equality-01.vert pass pass
  invalid-equality-02.vert pass pass
  invalid-equality-03.vert pass pass
  invalid-equality-04.vert pass pass
  invalid-logic-not-01.vert pass fail
  invalid-logic-not-02.vert fail fail
  invalid-logic-not-03.vert fail fail
  invalid-logic-not-04.vert pass pass
  invalid-logic-not-05.vert fail fail
  invalid-logic-not-06.vert fail fail
  postdecrement-float-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  postdecrement-float-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  postdecrement-float-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  postdecrement-float-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  postdecrement-int-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  postdecrement-int-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  postdecrement-int-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  postdecrement-int-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  postdecrement-ivec2-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  postdecrement-ivec2-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  postdecrement-ivec2-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  postdecrement-ivec2-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  postdecrement-ivec3-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  postdecrement-ivec3-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  postdecrement-ivec3-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  postdecrement-ivec3-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  postdecrement-ivec4-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  postdecrement-ivec4-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  postdecrement-ivec4-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  postdecrement-ivec4-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  postdecrement-vec2-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  postdecrement-vec2-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  postdecrement-vec2-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  postdecrement-vec2-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  postdecrement-vec3-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  postdecrement-vec3-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  postdecrement-vec3-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  postdecrement-vec3-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  postdecrement-vec4-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  postdecrement-vec4-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  postdecrement-vec4-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  postdecrement-vec4-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  postincrement-float-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  postincrement-float-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  postincrement-float-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  postincrement-float-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  postincrement-int-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  postincrement-int-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  postincrement-int-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  postincrement-int-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  postincrement-ivec2-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  postincrement-ivec2-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  postincrement-ivec2-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  postincrement-ivec2-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  postincrement-ivec3-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  postincrement-ivec3-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  postincrement-ivec3-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  postincrement-ivec3-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  postincrement-ivec4-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  postincrement-ivec4-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  postincrement-ivec4-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  postincrement-ivec4-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  postincrement-vec2-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  postincrement-vec2-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  postincrement-vec2-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  postincrement-vec2-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  postincrement-vec3-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  postincrement-vec3-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  postincrement-vec3-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  postincrement-vec3-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  postincrement-vec4-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  postincrement-vec4-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  postincrement-vec4-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  postincrement-vec4-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  predecrement-float-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  predecrement-float-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  predecrement-float-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  predecrement-float-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  predecrement-int-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  predecrement-int-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  predecrement-int-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  predecrement-int-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  predecrement-ivec2-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  predecrement-ivec2-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  predecrement-ivec2-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  predecrement-ivec2-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  predecrement-ivec3-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  predecrement-ivec3-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  predecrement-ivec3-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  predecrement-ivec3-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  predecrement-ivec4-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  predecrement-ivec4-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  predecrement-ivec4-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  predecrement-ivec4-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  predecrement-vec2-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  predecrement-vec2-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  predecrement-vec2-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  predecrement-vec2-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  predecrement-vec3-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  predecrement-vec3-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  predecrement-vec3-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  predecrement-vec3-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  predecrement-vec4-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  predecrement-vec4-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  predecrement-vec4-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  predecrement-vec4-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  preincrement-float-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  preincrement-float-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  preincrement-float-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  preincrement-float-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  preincrement-int-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  preincrement-int-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  preincrement-int-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  preincrement-int-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  preincrement-ivec2-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  preincrement-ivec2-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  preincrement-ivec2-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  preincrement-ivec2-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  preincrement-ivec3-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  preincrement-ivec3-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  preincrement-ivec3-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  preincrement-ivec3-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  preincrement-ivec4-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  preincrement-ivec4-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  preincrement-ivec4-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  preincrement-ivec4-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  preincrement-vec2-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  preincrement-vec2-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  preincrement-vec2-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  preincrement-vec2-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  preincrement-vec3-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  preincrement-vec3-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  preincrement-vec3-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  preincrement-vec3-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  preincrement-vec4-non-lvalue-for-assignment.frag pass pass
  preincrement-vec4-non-lvalue-for-assignment.vert pass pass
  preincrement-vec4-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.frag pass pass
  preincrement-vec4-non-lvalue-for-out-parameter.vert pass pass
  return-01.vert fail fail
  fragment-outputs 0/3 0/3
  write-gl_FragColor-and-gl_FragData-dead.frag fail fail
  write-gl_FragColor-and-gl_FragData.frag fail fail
  write-gl_FragColor-dead-and-gl_FragData.frag fail fail
  qualifiers 3/11 3/11
  centroid-01.vert fail fail
  fn-inout-array-prohibited-cstyle.frag fail fail
  fn-inout-array-prohibited-cstyle.vert fail fail
  fn-out-array-prohibited-cstyle.frag fail fail
  fn-out-array-prohibited-cstyle.vert fail fail
  in-01.vert fail fail
  in-02.vert pass pass
  inout-01.vert pass pass
  invariant-01.vert fail fail
  out-01.vert fail fail
  out-02.vert pass pass
  reserved 3/3 3/3
  double-underscore-01.frag pass pass
  double-underscore-02.frag pass pass
  double-underscore-03.frag pass pass
  samplers 4/8 4/8
  inout-struct.frag fail fail
  inout.frag pass pass
  nonuniform-struct.frag fail fail
  nonuniform.frag pass pass
  out-struct.frag fail fail
  out.frag pass pass
  return-struct.frag fail fail
  return.frag pass pass
  special-characters 0/4 0/4
  digraph-close-bracket.frag fail fail
  digraph-close-bracket.vert fail fail
  digraph-open-bracket.frag fail fail
  digraph-open-bracket.vert fail fail
  storage-qualfiers 9/23 2/23
  static-write-attribute-01.vert fail fail
  static-write-attribute-02.vert fail fail
  static-write-color.frag pass fail
  static-write-color.vert fail fail
  static-write-fog-coord.vert fail fail
  static-write-fog-frag-coord.frag pass fail
  static-write-frag-coord.frag pass pass
  static-write-front-facing.frag pass pass
  static-write-multitexcoord0.vert fail fail
  static-write-multitexcoord1.vert fail fail
  static-write-multitexcoord2.vert fail fail
  static-write-multitexcoord3.vert fail fail
  static-write-multitexcoord4.vert fail fail
  static-write-multitexcoord5.vert fail fail
  static-write-multitexcoord6.vert fail fail
  static-write-multitexcoord7.vert fail fail
  static-write-normal.vert pass fail
  static-write-secondary-color.frag pass fail
  static-write-secondary-color.vert fail fail
  static-write-tex-coord.frag pass fail
  static-write-varying-01.frag pass fail
  static-write-varying-02.frag pass fail
  static-write-vertex.vert fail fail
  texcoord 2/2 2/2
  implicit-access-max.frag pass pass
  implicit-access-max.vert pass pass
  execution 1214/1335 1215/1335
  built-in-functions 914/932 914/932
  fs-abs-float pass pass
  fs-abs-vec2 pass pass
  fs-abs-vec3 pass pass
  fs-abs-vec4 pass pass
  fs-acos-float pass pass
  fs-acos-vec2 pass pass
  fs-acos-vec3 pass pass
  fs-acos-vec4 pass pass
  fs-all-bvec2 pass pass
  fs-all-bvec2-using-if pass pass
  fs-all-bvec3 pass pass
  fs-all-bvec3-using-if pass pass
  fs-all-bvec4 pass pass
  fs-all-bvec4-using-if pass pass
  fs-any-bvec2 pass pass
  fs-any-bvec2-using-if pass pass
  fs-any-bvec3 pass pass
  fs-any-bvec3-using-if pass pass
  fs-any-bvec4 pass pass
  fs-any-bvec4-using-if pass pass
  fs-asin-float pass pass
  fs-asin-vec2 pass pass
  fs-asin-vec3 pass pass
  fs-asin-vec4 pass pass
  fs-atan-float pass pass
  fs-atan-float-float pass pass
  fs-atan-vec2 pass pass
  fs-atan-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-atan-vec3 pass pass
  fs-atan-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-atan-vec4 pass pass
  fs-atan-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-ceil-float pass pass
  fs-ceil-vec2 pass pass
  fs-ceil-vec3 pass pass
  fs-ceil-vec4 pass pass
  fs-clamp-float-float-float pass pass
  fs-clamp-vec2-float-float pass pass
  fs-clamp-vec2-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-clamp-vec3-float-float pass pass
  fs-clamp-vec3-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-clamp-vec4-float-float pass pass
  fs-clamp-vec4-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-cos-float pass pass
  fs-cos-vec2 pass pass
  fs-cos-vec3 pass pass
  fs-cos-vec4 pass pass
  fs-cross-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-degrees-float pass pass
  fs-degrees-vec2 pass pass
  fs-degrees-vec3 pass pass
  fs-degrees-vec4 pass pass
  fs-distance-float-float pass pass
  fs-distance-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-distance-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-distance-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-dot-float-float pass pass
  fs-dot-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-dot-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-dot-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-equal-bvec2-bvec2 pass pass
  fs-equal-bvec3-bvec3 pass pass
  fs-equal-bvec4-bvec4 pass pass
  fs-equal-ivec2-ivec2 pass pass
  fs-equal-ivec3-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-equal-ivec4-ivec4 pass pass
  fs-equal-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-equal-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-equal-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-exp-float pass pass
  fs-exp-vec2 pass pass
  fs-exp-vec3 pass pass
  fs-exp-vec4 pass pass
  fs-exp2-float pass pass
  fs-exp2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-exp2-vec3 pass pass
  fs-exp2-vec4 pass pass
  fs-faceforward-float-float-float pass pass
  fs-faceforward-vec2-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-faceforward-vec3-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-faceforward-vec4-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-floor-float pass pass
  fs-floor-vec2 pass pass
  fs-floor-vec3 pass pass
  fs-floor-vec4 pass pass
  fs-fract-float pass pass
  fs-fract-vec2 pass pass
  fs-fract-vec3 pass pass
  fs-fract-vec4 pass pass
  fs-greaterThan-ivec2-ivec2 pass pass
  fs-greaterThan-ivec3-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-greaterThan-ivec4-ivec4 pass pass
  fs-greaterThan-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-greaterThan-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-greaterThan-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-greaterThanEqual-ivec2-ivec2 pass pass
  fs-greaterThanEqual-ivec3-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-greaterThanEqual-ivec4-ivec4 pass pass
  fs-greaterThanEqual-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-greaterThanEqual-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-greaterThanEqual-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-inversesqrt-float pass pass
  fs-inversesqrt-vec2 pass pass
  fs-inversesqrt-vec3 pass pass
  fs-inversesqrt-vec4 pass pass
  fs-length-float pass pass
  fs-length-vec2 pass pass
  fs-length-vec3 pass pass
  fs-length-vec4 pass pass
  fs-lessThan-ivec2-ivec2 pass pass
  fs-lessThan-ivec3-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-lessThan-ivec4-ivec4 pass pass
  fs-lessThan-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-lessThan-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-lessThan-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-lessThanEqual-ivec2-ivec2 pass pass
  fs-lessThanEqual-ivec3-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-lessThanEqual-ivec4-ivec4 pass pass
  fs-lessThanEqual-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-lessThanEqual-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-lessThanEqual-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-log-float pass pass
  fs-log-vec2 pass pass
  fs-log-vec3 pass pass
  fs-log-vec4 pass pass
  fs-log2-float pass pass
  fs-log2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-log2-vec3 pass pass
  fs-log2-vec4 pass pass
  fs-matrixCompMult-mat2-mat2 pass pass
  fs-matrixCompMult-mat3-mat3 pass pass
  fs-matrixCompMult-mat4-mat4 pass pass
  fs-max-float-float pass pass
  fs-max-vec2-float pass pass
  fs-max-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-max-vec3-float pass pass
  fs-max-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-max-vec4-float pass pass
  fs-max-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-min-float-float pass pass
  fs-min-vec2-float pass pass
  fs-min-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-min-vec3-float pass pass
  fs-min-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-min-vec4-float pass pass
  fs-min-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-mix-float-float-float pass pass
  fs-mix-vec2-vec2-float pass pass
  fs-mix-vec2-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-mix-vec3-vec3-float pass pass
  fs-mix-vec3-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-mix-vec4-vec4-float pass pass
  fs-mix-vec4-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-mod-float-float pass pass
  fs-mod-vec2-float pass pass
  fs-mod-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-mod-vec3-float pass pass
  fs-mod-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-mod-vec4-float pass pass
  fs-mod-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-normalize-float pass pass
  fs-normalize-vec2 pass pass
  fs-normalize-vec3 pass pass
  fs-normalize-vec4 pass pass
  fs-not-bvec2 pass pass
  fs-not-bvec3 pass pass
  fs-not-bvec4 pass pass
  fs-notEqual-bvec2-bvec2 pass pass
  fs-notEqual-bvec3-bvec3 pass pass
  fs-notEqual-bvec4-bvec4 pass pass
  fs-notEqual-ivec2-ivec2 pass pass
  fs-notEqual-ivec3-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-notEqual-ivec4-ivec4 pass pass
  fs-notEqual-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-notEqual-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-notEqual-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-op-add-float-float pass pass
  fs-op-add-float-mat2 pass pass
  fs-op-add-float-mat3 pass pass
  fs-op-add-float-mat4 pass pass
  fs-op-add-float-vec2 pass pass
  fs-op-add-float-vec3 pass pass
  fs-op-add-float-vec4 pass pass
  fs-op-add-int-int pass pass
  fs-op-add-int-ivec2 pass pass
  fs-op-add-int-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-op-add-int-ivec4 pass pass
  fs-op-add-ivec2-int pass pass
  fs-op-add-ivec2-ivec2 pass pass
  fs-op-add-ivec3-int pass pass
  fs-op-add-ivec3-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-op-add-ivec4-int pass pass
  fs-op-add-ivec4-ivec4 pass pass
  fs-op-add-mat2-float pass pass
  fs-op-add-mat2-mat2 pass pass
  fs-op-add-mat3-float pass pass
  fs-op-add-mat3-mat3 pass pass
  fs-op-add-mat4-float pass pass
  fs-op-add-mat4-mat4 pass pass
  fs-op-add-vec2-float pass pass
  fs-op-add-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-op-add-vec3-float pass pass
  fs-op-add-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-op-add-vec4-float pass pass
  fs-op-add-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-op-and-bool-bool pass pass
  fs-op-and-bool-bool-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-div-float-float pass pass
  fs-op-div-float-mat2 pass pass
  fs-op-div-float-mat3 pass pass
  fs-op-div-float-mat4 pass pass
  fs-op-div-float-vec2 pass pass
  fs-op-div-float-vec3 pass pass
  fs-op-div-float-vec4 pass pass
  fs-op-div-int-int pass pass
  fs-op-div-int-ivec2 pass pass
  fs-op-div-int-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-op-div-int-ivec4 pass pass
  fs-op-div-ivec2-int pass pass
  fs-op-div-ivec2-ivec2 pass pass
  fs-op-div-ivec3-int pass pass
  fs-op-div-ivec3-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-op-div-ivec4-int pass pass
  fs-op-div-ivec4-ivec4 pass pass
  fs-op-div-mat2-float pass pass
  fs-op-div-mat2-mat2 pass pass
  fs-op-div-mat3-float pass pass
  fs-op-div-mat3-mat3 pass pass
  fs-op-div-mat4-float pass pass
  fs-op-div-mat4-mat4 pass pass
  fs-op-div-vec2-float pass pass
  fs-op-div-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-op-div-vec3-float pass pass
  fs-op-div-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-op-div-vec4-float pass pass
  fs-op-div-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-op-eq-bool-bool pass pass
  fs-op-eq-bool-bool-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-eq-bvec2-bvec2 fail fail
  fs-op-eq-bvec2-bvec2-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-eq-bvec3-bvec3 pass pass
  fs-op-eq-bvec3-bvec3-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-eq-bvec4-bvec4 fail fail
  fs-op-eq-bvec4-bvec4-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-eq-float-float pass pass
  fs-op-eq-float-float-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-eq-int-int pass pass
  fs-op-eq-int-int-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-eq-ivec2-ivec2 fail fail
  fs-op-eq-ivec2-ivec2-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-eq-ivec3-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-op-eq-ivec3-ivec3-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-eq-ivec4-ivec4 fail fail
  fs-op-eq-ivec4-ivec4-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-eq-mat2-mat2 fail fail
  fs-op-eq-mat2-mat2-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-eq-mat3-mat3 fail fail
  fs-op-eq-mat3-mat3-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-eq-mat4-mat4 fail fail
  fs-op-eq-mat4-mat4-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-eq-vec2-vec2 fail fail
  fs-op-eq-vec2-vec2-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-eq-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-op-eq-vec3-vec3-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-eq-vec4-vec4 fail fail
  fs-op-eq-vec4-vec4-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-ge-float-float pass pass
  fs-op-ge-float-float-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-ge-int-int pass pass
  fs-op-ge-int-int-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-gt-float-float pass pass
  fs-op-gt-float-float-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-gt-int-int pass pass
  fs-op-gt-int-int-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-le-float-float pass pass
  fs-op-le-float-float-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-le-int-int pass pass
  fs-op-le-int-int-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-lt-float-float pass pass
  fs-op-lt-float-float-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-lt-int-int pass pass
  fs-op-lt-int-int-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-mult-float-float pass pass
  fs-op-mult-float-mat2 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-float-mat3 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-float-mat4 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-float-vec2 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-float-vec3 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-float-vec4 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-int-int pass pass
  fs-op-mult-int-ivec2 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-int-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-int-ivec4 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-ivec2-int pass pass
  fs-op-mult-ivec2-ivec2 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-ivec3-int pass pass
  fs-op-mult-ivec3-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-ivec4-int pass pass
  fs-op-mult-ivec4-ivec4 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-mat2-float pass pass
  fs-op-mult-mat2-mat2 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-mat2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-mat3-float pass pass
  fs-op-mult-mat3-mat3 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-mat3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-mat4-float pass pass
  fs-op-mult-mat4-mat4 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-mat4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-vec2-float pass pass
  fs-op-mult-vec2-mat2 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-vec3-float pass pass
  fs-op-mult-vec3-mat3 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-vec4-float pass pass
  fs-op-mult-vec4-mat4 pass pass
  fs-op-mult-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-op-ne-bool-bool pass pass
  fs-op-ne-bool-bool-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-ne-bvec2-bvec2 pass pass
  fs-op-ne-bvec2-bvec2-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-ne-bvec3-bvec3 pass pass
  fs-op-ne-bvec3-bvec3-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-ne-bvec4-bvec4 pass pass
  fs-op-ne-bvec4-bvec4-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-ne-float-float pass pass
  fs-op-ne-float-float-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-ne-int-int pass pass
  fs-op-ne-int-int-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-ne-ivec2-ivec2 pass pass
  fs-op-ne-ivec2-ivec2-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-ne-ivec3-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-op-ne-ivec3-ivec3-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-ne-ivec4-ivec4 pass pass
  fs-op-ne-ivec4-ivec4-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-ne-mat2-mat2 pass pass
  fs-op-ne-mat2-mat2-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-ne-mat3-mat3 pass pass
  fs-op-ne-mat3-mat3-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-ne-mat4-mat4 pass pass
  fs-op-ne-mat4-mat4-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-ne-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-op-ne-vec2-vec2-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-ne-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-op-ne-vec3-vec3-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-ne-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-op-ne-vec4-vec4-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-neg-float pass pass
  fs-op-neg-int pass pass
  fs-op-neg-ivec2 pass pass
  fs-op-neg-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-op-neg-ivec4 pass pass
  fs-op-neg-mat2 pass pass
  fs-op-neg-mat3 pass pass
  fs-op-neg-mat4 pass pass
  fs-op-neg-vec2 pass pass
  fs-op-neg-vec3 pass pass
  fs-op-neg-vec4 pass pass
  fs-op-not-bool pass pass
  fs-op-not-bool-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-or-bool-bool pass pass
  fs-op-or-bool-bool-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-selection-bool-bool-bool pass pass
  fs-op-selection-bool-bool-bool-using-if pass pass
  fs-op-selection-bool-bvec2-bvec2 pass pass
  fs-op-selection-bool-bvec3-bvec3 pass pass
  fs-op-selection-bool-bvec4-bvec4 pass pass
  fs-op-selection-bool-float-float pass pass
  fs-op-selection-bool-int-int pass pass
  fs-op-selection-bool-ivec2-ivec2 pass pass
  fs-op-selection-bool-ivec3-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-op-selection-bool-ivec4-ivec4 pass pass
  fs-op-selection-bool-mat2-mat2 pass pass
  fs-op-selection-bool-mat3-mat3 pass pass
  fs-op-selection-bool-mat4-mat4 pass pass
  fs-op-selection-bool-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-op-selection-bool-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-op-selection-bool-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-op-sub-float-float pass pass
  fs-op-sub-float-mat2 pass pass
  fs-op-sub-float-mat3 pass pass
  fs-op-sub-float-mat4 pass pass
  fs-op-sub-float-vec2 pass pass
  fs-op-sub-float-vec3 pass pass
  fs-op-sub-float-vec4 pass pass
  fs-op-sub-int-int pass pass
  fs-op-sub-int-ivec2 pass pass
  fs-op-sub-int-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-op-sub-int-ivec4 pass pass
  fs-op-sub-ivec2-int pass pass
  fs-op-sub-ivec2-ivec2 pass pass
  fs-op-sub-ivec3-int pass pass
  fs-op-sub-ivec3-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-op-sub-ivec4-int pass pass
  fs-op-sub-ivec4-ivec4 pass pass
  fs-op-sub-mat2-float pass pass
  fs-op-sub-mat2-mat2 pass pass
  fs-op-sub-mat3-float pass pass
  fs-op-sub-mat3-mat3 pass pass
  fs-op-sub-mat4-float pass pass
  fs-op-sub-mat4-mat4 pass pass
  fs-op-sub-vec2-float pass pass
  fs-op-sub-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-op-sub-vec3-float pass pass
  fs-op-sub-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-op-sub-vec4-float pass pass
  fs-op-sub-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-op-uplus-float pass pass
  fs-op-uplus-int pass pass
  fs-op-uplus-ivec2 pass pass
  fs-op-uplus-ivec3 pass pass
  fs-op-uplus-ivec4 pass pass
  fs-op-uplus-mat2 pass pass
  fs-op-uplus-mat3 pass pass
  fs-op-uplus-mat4 pass pass
  fs-op-uplus-vec2 pass pass
  fs-op-uplus-vec3 pass pass
  fs-op-uplus-vec4 pass pass
  fs-op-xor-bool-bool pass pass
  fs-op-xor-bool-bool-using-if pass pass
  fs-pow-float-float pass pass
  fs-pow-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-pow-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-pow-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-radians-float pass pass
  fs-radians-vec2 pass pass
  fs-radians-vec3 pass pass
  fs-radians-vec4 pass pass
  fs-reflect-float-float pass pass
  fs-reflect-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-reflect-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-reflect-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-refract-float-float-float pass pass
  fs-refract-vec2-vec2-float pass pass
  fs-refract-vec3-vec3-float pass pass
  fs-refract-vec4-vec4-float pass pass
  fs-sign-float pass pass
  fs-sign-vec2 pass pass
  fs-sign-vec3 pass pass
  fs-sign-vec4 pass pass
  fs-sin-float pass pass
  fs-sin-vec2 pass pass
  fs-sin-vec3 pass pass
  fs-sin-vec4 pass pass
  fs-smoothstep-float-float-float pass pass
  fs-smoothstep-float-float-vec2 pass pass
  fs-smoothstep-float-float-vec3 pass pass
  fs-smoothstep-float-float-vec4 pass pass
  fs-smoothstep-vec2-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-smoothstep-vec3-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-smoothstep-vec4-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-sqrt-float pass pass
  fs-sqrt-vec2 pass pass
  fs-sqrt-vec3 pass pass
  fs-sqrt-vec4 pass pass
  fs-step-float-float pass pass
  fs-step-float-vec2 pass pass
  fs-step-float-vec3 pass pass
  fs-step-float-vec4 pass pass
  fs-step-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  fs-step-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  fs-step-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  fs-tan-float pass pass
  fs-tan-vec2 pass pass
  fs-tan-vec3 pass pass
  fs-tan-vec4 pass pass
  vs-abs-float pass pass
  vs-abs-vec2 pass pass
  vs-abs-vec3 pass pass
  vs-abs-vec4 pass pass
  vs-acos-float pass pass
  vs-acos-vec2 pass pass
  vs-acos-vec3 pass pass
  vs-acos-vec4 pass pass
  vs-all-bvec2 pass pass
  vs-all-bvec2-using-if pass pass
  vs-all-bvec3 pass pass
  vs-all-bvec3-using-if pass pass
  vs-all-bvec4 pass pass
  vs-all-bvec4-using-if pass pass
  vs-any-bvec2 pass pass
  vs-any-bvec2-using-if pass pass
  vs-any-bvec3 pass pass
  vs-any-bvec3-using-if pass pass
  vs-any-bvec4 pass pass
  vs-any-bvec4-using-if pass pass
  vs-asin-float pass pass
  vs-asin-vec2 pass pass
  vs-asin-vec3 pass pass
  vs-asin-vec4 pass pass
  vs-atan-float pass pass
  vs-atan-float-float pass pass
  vs-atan-vec2 pass pass
  vs-atan-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  vs-atan-vec3 pass pass
  vs-atan-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  vs-atan-vec4 pass pass
  vs-atan-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  vs-ceil-float pass pass
  vs-ceil-vec2 pass pass
  vs-ceil-vec3 pass pass
  vs-ceil-vec4 pass pass
  vs-clamp-float-float-float pass pass
  vs-clamp-vec2-float-float pass pass
  vs-clamp-vec2-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  vs-clamp-vec3-float-float pass pass
  vs-clamp-vec3-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  vs-clamp-vec4-float-float pass pass
  vs-clamp-vec4-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  vs-cos-float pass pass
  vs-cos-vec2 pass pass
  vs-cos-vec3 pass pass
  vs-cos-vec4 pass pass
  vs-cross-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  vs-degrees-float pass pass
  vs-degrees-vec2 pass pass
  vs-degrees-vec3 pass pass
  vs-degrees-vec4 pass pass
  vs-distance-float-float pass pass
  vs-distance-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  vs-distance-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  vs-distance-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  vs-dot-float-float pass pass
  vs-dot-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  vs-dot-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  vs-dot-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  vs-equal-bvec2-bvec2 pass pass
  vs-equal-bvec3-bvec3 pass pass
  vs-equal-bvec4-bvec4 pass pass
  vs-equal-ivec2-ivec2 pass pass
  vs-equal-ivec3-ivec3 pass pass
  vs-equal-ivec4-ivec4 pass pass
  vs-equal-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  vs-equal-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  vs-equal-vec4-vec4 pass pass
  vs-exp-float pass pass
  vs-exp-vec2 pass pass
  vs-exp-vec3 pass pass
  vs-exp-vec4 pass pass
  vs-exp2-float pass pass
  vs-exp2-vec2 pass pass
  vs-exp2-vec3 pass pass
  vs-exp2-vec4 pass pass
  vs-faceforward-float-float-float pass pass
  vs-faceforward-vec2-vec2-vec2 pass pass
  vs-faceforward-vec3-vec3-vec3 pass pass
  vs-faceforward-vec4-vec4-vec4 pass pass