Results for glean/readPixSanity


Status: pass
Result: pass

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Detail Value
returncode 0
time 1.13524079323
/home/airlied/piglit/framework/../bin/glean -r /home/airlied/piglit/results/fglrx-r600/glean/readPixSanity -o -v -v -v -t +readPixSanity --quick
Returncode: 0


This test performs a sanity check of glReadPixels, using as
few other portions of the GL as possible.  If this test fails,
it may be pointless to run other tests, since so many of them
depend on reading the contents of the framebuffer to determine
if they pass.

The test works by using glClear to fill the framebuffer with a
randomly-chosen value, reading the contents of the
framebuffer, and comparing the actual contents with the
expected contents.  RGB, RGBA, color index, stencil, and depth
buffers (whichever are applicable to the current rendering
context) are checked.  The test passes if the actual contents
are within 1 LSB of the expected contents.

readPixSanity:  PASS rgba8, db, z24, s8, accrgba16, win+pmap, id 35
	RGBA largest readback error was 0 bits
	Depth largest readback error was 0 bits

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