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Status: pass
Result: pass

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Detail Value
returncode 0
time 1.11396098137
/home/airlied/piglit/framework/../bin/glean -r /home/airlied/piglit/results/fglrx-r600/glean/orthoPosRandTris -o -v -v -v -t +orthoPosRandTris --quick
Returncode: 0


This test checks the positioning of random triangles under
orthographic projection.  (This is important for apps that
want to use OpenGL for precise 2D drawing.)  It fills in an
entire rectangle with an array of randomly-generated triangles,
drawing adjacent triangles with different colors and with blending
enabled.  If there are gaps (pixels that are the background color,
and thus haven't been filled), overlaps (pixels that show a blend
of more than one color), or improper edges (pixels around the
edge of the rectangle that haven't been filled, or pixels just
outside the edge that have), then the test fails.

This test generally fails for one of several reasons.  First,
the coordinate transformation process may have an incorrect bias;
this usually will cause a bad edge.  Second, the coordinate
transformation process may round pixel coordinates incorrectly;
this will usually cause gaps and/or overlaps.  Third, the
triangle rasterization process may not be filling the correct
pixels; this can cause gaps, overlaps, or bad edges.

orthoPosRandTris:  PASS rgba8, db, z24, s8, accrgba16, win+pmap, id 35
	Immediate-mode triangles:  No gaps, overlaps, or incorrect edges.

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