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07:32 #dri-devel: < EdB> how do you efficiently copy data between 2 cards, by using dma_buf?
07:36 #dri-devel: < tagr> EdB: DMA-BUF doesn't actually do any copying, instead you use it to share the same physical memory between two devices
07:38 #dri-devel: < EdB> tagr: ok thanks for the clarification
07:56 #dri-devel: < tagr> danvet: I've been looking at various bits of code that need a struct edid, and it seems like that's mostly racy because nothing ever takes a reference to the EDID blob property
07:56 #dri-devel: < tagr> should we be adding helpers to make that easier? drm_mode_connector_get_edid()/drm_mode_connector_put_edid() perhaps?
10:06 #dri-devel: < marcosps1> Hi guys, I'm getting a compilation error since my last pull:
10:07 #dri-devel: < marcosps1> I'm already trying to verify it, but if you could give me a hint :)
10:13 #dri-devel: < imirkin> mattst88: --^
10:13 #dri-devel: < imirkin> looks like may be at fault
10:14 #dri-devel: < imirkin> marcosps1: can you provide your configure line?
10:14 #dri-devel: < imirkin> actually that commit is probably not it
10:15 #dri-devel: < imirkin> marcosps1: are you trying to cross-compile to 32-bit?
10:15 #dri-devel: < marcosps1> imirkin: Hum, I tried to cross compile, so it could be realted...
10:15 #dri-devel: < imirkin> try 'make clean'?
10:15 #dri-devel: < marcosps1> imirkin: a lot of times...
10:15 #dri-devel: < imirkin> and provide your full configure line
10:15 #dri-devel: < marcosps1> imirkin:
10:15 #dri-devel: < marcosps1> I tried make clean a bunch of times hehe
10:15 #dri-devel: < imirkin> yeah that won't work
10:16 #dri-devel: < imirkin> see for the cross-compilation advice
10:17 #dri-devel: < marcosps1> imirkin: hum... this helps a lot...
10:17 #dri-devel: < imirkin> mesa doesn't auto-figure-out that it needs to stick -m32's in, so you have to help it out
10:18 #dri-devel: < marcosps1> imirkin: worked like a charm. Thanks a lot!
18:28 #dri-devel: < yuriks> looks like libepoxy crashes in MSVC if you compile it with optimizations. The constructor gets removed

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